How to Increase YouTube Watch Time: Seven Proven Strategies

YouTube watch time is a critical metric for creators looking to grow their channels and engage their audience effectively. Understanding the factors that influence YouTube watch time can help creators optimize their content and improve their overall performance on the platform.  There’s a lot that goes into that all important YouTube watch time but it really boils down to one, very simple thing: Your videos must deliver value to viewers. That’s it. Deliver value and viewers will engage. They’ll watch more each video and they’ll watch more of your videos… and that’s all YouTube really cares about: keeping users on its platform. If you master watch time, you master YouTube. It requires a strategic approach and an understanding of your audience. By implementing the insights outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to maximize your watch time, grow your channel, and cultivate a loyal audience of engaged viewers.  So, let’s dive in and unlock the secrets of the YouTube watch time algorithm. But first, how do you find your watch time data for your own YouTube channel? How to Find YouTube Watch Time Data in YouTube Studio #1 YouTube Videos: Quality Over Quantity: The YouTube algorithm prioritizes quality (watch time)… Continue reading How to Increase YouTube Watch Time: Seven Proven Strategies

How to Protect Yourself Against ‘Hide YouTube Comments’ Malware

Malware. It’s the bane of any computer user’s life. If you’re a YouTube viewer you may have encountered a particularly nasty type of malware called ‘Hide YouTube Comments.’   ‘Hide YouTube Comments’ is a browser hijacker that forcefully injects ads into your browser’s search engine and sets a new starting page to promote sponsored sites. If you’re experiencing an influx of ads or pop-ups, you may have inadvertently installed ‘Hide YouTube Comments.’ Browser hijackers like these are designed for commercial purposes, often bundled with other software. ‘Hide YouTube Comments’ Malware poses a significant threat to internet users,. At the very least it is a massive nuisance, disrupting your browsing experience with aggressive ads and compromising your online privacy. Understanding Browser Hijackers Like Hide My YouTube Comments Malware: ‘Hide YouTube Comments’ Malware operates under the guise of a beneficial browser extension, promising an improved YouTube viewing experience. However, upon installation, it initiates intrusive ads, alters browser settings, and potentially exposes users to hacking attacks. Its sneaky nature makes it tough to spot and get rid of, so you’ve got to be proactive to fight its effects. This malware not only disrupts user experiences with unwanted ads but also undermines system performance… Continue reading How to Protect Yourself Against ‘Hide YouTube Comments’ Malware

How to Set Yourself Up for Your First YouTube Collaboration

A YouTube collaboration is a great way to grow your channel, and a great way to network with your fellow creators. YouTube collaborations come in two main flavors: We discuss brand deals elsewhere on the TubeBuddy blog. With this post, we’ll focus YouTube collaborations with your fellow creators; how content creators can set themselves up for success in their first YouTube creator collaboration and the value that collaborating with other creators can generate for both channels. The Benefits of Content Creator Collaboration for YouTubers Collaborating with another YouTuber can be a game-changer for your channel. Beyond just creating exciting content and connecting with your fellow creators, collaborations can significantly impact your channel’s growth and success. How?  1. Expand Your Audience Reach Collaborating with other YouTubers exposes your content to a broader audience. By tapping into each other’s subscriber bases, you can attract new viewers who may not have discovered your channel otherwise. This increased exposure can lead to a surge in subscribers, views, and overall engagement. 2. Boost Your Channel’s Engagement Collaborative videos can generate higher levels of engagement compared to solo content. Viewers are drawn to the dynamic interaction between creators, which can drive likes, comments, and shares. These… Continue reading How to Set Yourself Up for Your First YouTube Collaboration

YouTube CPM + RPM: How much can creators make with AdSense in 2024?

How much do YouTube creators make per view? What is the average CPM on YouTube? More important for creators, what’s the average YouTube RPM – revenue per mille (thousand)? Let’s break it down. Every YouTube creators wants to get access to the  YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Once creators reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time (or 10M shorts views in three month), they’re eligible for the YPP and a share of the revenue from all YouTube ads that run against their videos.  It’s the big question all aspiring creators ask:  How much money do you get paid per view on YouTube? In this post, we’ll break down the science behind the revenue share from AdSense. But first, let’s clarify some of the terms used about YouTube monetization that you may have heard: CTR – click through rate  The CTR refers to how many users view an ad versus how many users actually click on the ad.  CTR = (# of Clicks / # of Views/Impressions) x 100. CPM – cost per mille Mille is a Latin for thousand. Fancy! No one says “cost per mille” though. It’s just cost per thousand. CPM is what advertisers pay per 1,000… Continue reading YouTube CPM + RPM: How much can creators make with AdSense in 2024?

The Best Video Editing Software for Creators: Suggested By You

The best video editing software is the one that makes it as easy as possible to bring your vision—and raw footage—to life as a finished video. YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are powerful. They provide creators with an incredible platform to showcase their talents, ideas, and stories and potentially reach a global audience. With millions of hours of content uploaded each and every day, standing out in a vast sea of videos requires more than just a compelling script and a charismatic on-screen presence.  Editing is the often unsung hero of content creation. Whether you’re using free video editing software or the best paid video editing software, it’s the end result that people will see.   Skillful editing can make all the difference and like any other skill, video editing skill takes time and effort to develop.  Video editing is not just a technical skill. It is an art in its own right. Video editing allows creators to shape their narratives and enhance the visual appeal of their content. In other words, video editing matters. So with that in mind, we reached out to the TubeBuddy community to ask for their top picks for video editing software they’d recommend to other creators.… Continue reading The Best Video Editing Software for Creators: Suggested By You

The Ten Most Competitive YouTube Niches and How to Stand Out

The most competitive niches on YouTube by views over 12 months are: Over the last 12 months, videos published on YouTube have generated a staggering 25.2 Trillion views, according to video intelligence company Tubular Labs. In that time, just under 30M channels uploaded content to the platform to some 50 separate categories. If we look at the most competitive categories by views generated in the last 12 months, Pop Culture & Entertainment is the clear winner with an incredible 3 trillion views: Top 10 most competitive niches on YouTube by views If we break down the most competitive categories by videos uploaded to them in the last year, the numbers look like this: Top 10 most saturated niches on YouTube by videos uploaded  The categories in both charts mirror each other, which is no real surprise. As we can see, the most competitive categories on YouTube also attract the most views. The more views a topic, genre, or niche attracts, the higher the chance that creators can make money with YouTube content.  That sounds like a recipe for success, but as every creator on the platform knows, it’s not that simple. Speaking of recipes, let’s use the Food & Drink… Continue reading The Ten Most Competitive YouTube Niches and How to Stand Out

One Simple Trick For Getting MORE Views on YouTube!

Want to know the simplest way to dramatically increase views on your YouTube? It might seem unusual, but it’s insanely effective! We call it Reverse Content Creation. But first, let’s talk about why certain videos rack up views. Impressions Click-Through Rate The most significant factor determining how many views a video usually gets is the Impressions click-through rate. You’ll find those details in your Video Analytics data on YouTube Studio mobile and desktop. In super simple terms, a 10% Impressions Click-Through Rate means that out of everyone who saw your video, 10% actually clicked and watched it. So, let’s say YouTube showed your video 1,000 times on the platform, and 100 people clicked and watched it, then your Impressions Click-Through Rate (CTR) would be a respectable 10%. The higher this number, the more views your videos will usually receive. You boost this number by crafting irresistible thumbnails and titles around topics your audience finds interesting. We believe this is the most important metric for getting more views on YouTube. You’ve probably heard about the importance of retention, average view duration, and smashing the like button. However, those metrics come into play after someone clicks on your video. People click on… Continue reading One Simple Trick For Getting MORE Views on YouTube!

7 Painful Truths EVERY Small YouTube Creator Needs To Hear

These are seven painful truths you really need to learn as a YouTuber. You’ll progress faster if you do. Give them some thought so you can move forward with more success than you thought possible. Read ahead for our tips or watch the following video for more info: #1: YouTube’s Algorithm is NOT Responsible for the Failure of Your Low-quality Content Sorry, but poor-quality content will not gain traction no matter how hard YouTube pushes it. 99% of the time, if a video flops, there’s a legitimate reason why. Many creators attribute their video’s underperformance to YouTube’s algorithm without fully examining the analytics. The truth usually lies deeper in the data. Read The YouTube Algorithm Explained: Top 5 Things You NEED to Know to understand how the algorithm really works. #2: Content is Queen, and Thumbnails are King The best content in the world will always be held back by a poor title or thumbnail. Just like the tastiest food in the world won’t be eaten if it looks unappealing. Now, this is not giving you permission to make a garbage video and make a banger title and thumbnail for it. That’s not going to work. But don’t think that… Continue reading 7 Painful Truths EVERY Small YouTube Creator Needs To Hear