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Improve YouTube click through rate

improve YouTube CTR

Rank Your YouTube Content

Quickly find your top-performing content and dig in to uncover where views are coming from. See how your videos stack up against the competition with a simple red, yellow, green scheme and percentile ranking.

Optimize YouTube Content

Unlock and understand simple optimizations you can use to drive CTR, watch time, views, and more to turn your videos into click magnets that drive every metric that matters to creators.

Advanced Analytics

Dig deep into your channel analytics with data that even YouTube doesn’t provide. Build customized reports to review or export as CSV to bring into your preferred data studio.

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Play Video

step 1

Select Click Magnet from the TubeBuddy dropdown menu.

Play Video

step 2

Select which Click Magnet feature you would like to use.

step 1

Select Click Magnet from the TubeBuddy dropdown menu.

step 2

Select which Click Magnet feature you want to use from the 4 available.

how to access feature

Play Video

Step 1

While viewing a YouTube video locate the list of Tags from the Tubebuddy menu on the right.

Play Video

Step 2

You can copy tags, view their rankings, and more from the video viewing screen.

step 1

While viewing a YouTube video locate the list of Tags from the Tubebuddy menu on the right.

step 2

You can copy tags, view their rankings and more all from the video viewing screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TubeBuddy Click Magnet?

Click Magnet is one of over 70 TubeBuddy tools that help creators blow up on YouTube.

TubeBuddy Click Magnet helps YouTube creators hone in on which of their videos get the most love and, more importantly, figure out why. In addition, Click Magnet lets YouTubers see how they stack up against the competition.

How do I use TubeBuddy Click Magnet?

Click Magnet is made up of a few key elements:

Power Rankings
See your top videos in descending order, along with an easy to understand red, yellow, green “relative strength” ranking, comparing to other creator videos in your niche.

Element Inspector
Determine which elements — thumbnails, titles, descriptions, etc. — of your videos are driving viewer action and racking up the all-important clicks, views, watch time, and subs.

CTR Opportunities
See where to spend your time and effort for the most reward. CTR Opportunities will tell you which videos need a new title, thumbnail, or description in order to get noticed or keep the momentum going.

Advanced Analytics
Goes beyond the capabilities of YouTube analytics with the ability to sort, group, view, and export the video performance data that can make a difference for every YouTube metric that matters.

What TubeBuddy license includes Click Magnet?

TubeBuddy Click Magnet is available to all TubeBuddy users.
Free: Experiment by using Click Magnet TKTK times
Pro: Unlimited
Legend: Unlimited

How does Click Magnet help?

Click Magnet provides a depth of analytic data and insight you can’t get from standard YouTube analytics. Click Magnet ranks your most successful videos on way more than just number of views. It also highlights what it is about your successful videos that made them so… well, successful. Was it the YouTube title? The description? The thumbnail? The length? The timing?

Successful Click Magnet users take this information and turn it into a winning strategy to consistently improve their new uploads as well as to optimize their existing videos.

Is Click Magnet free?

TubeBuddy users on a free license can use Click Magnet TKTK times to see how TKTK videos stack up. Beyond that, a TubeBuddy Pro or TubeBuddy Legend license is required. Upgrade here.

Is Click Magnet the best TubeBuddy tool?

I mean, it’s great but with over 70 awesome tools made just for YouTube creators, there’s some stiff competition. TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer, which is part of the powerful TubeBuddy SEO Studio, is the most used TubeBuddy tool. And we’re pretty proud of our AI tools including AI YouTube Title Generator, AI YouTube Suggested Shorts, and AI YouTube Thumbnail Analyzer.

Can I get Click Magnet as a stand-alone app?

No, Click Magnet is part of the TubeBuddy suite of over 70 AI, SEO, and analytics tools designed by YouTube creators, for YouTube creators. That said a TubeBuddyPro or TubeBuddy Legend license can easily pay for itself in time saved with YouTube workflow automations, improved CTR, and increased watch time on your videos.

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