Find Your Best Potential YouTube Shorts Content with TubeBuddy

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Carla Marshall
March 28, 2023
Find Your Best Potential YouTube Shorts Content with TubeBuddy

Over the last couple of years, short-form video has effectively turned the video landscape upside-down. If creators aren’t active on TikTok or YouTube Shorts, there’s no denying they are missing out on an opportunity to build a substantial subscriber base as well as generate massive views and engagement. 

But like any video content, quality short clips are equally as hard to create as longer videos. Creators still need to understand what their audience wants and need a way to streamline their creative process so they are publishing the most engaging content they can. We’re here to help.

Today, TubeBuddy launches our Suggested Shorts tool for creators, and it’s a total game-changer!

Our brand new feature allows you to repurpose your best long-form content that’s already proven successful for you into new Shorts. It takes the guesswork out of identifying the clips yourself and will save you hours of time that you can put to use elsewhere!

TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts is available NOW. Download TubeBuddy for FREE and test this feature out for yourself.

How Suggested Shorts Identifies Opportunities for Your YouTube Channel

Our groundbreaking tool allows TubeBuddy users to create viral Shorts from AI insights by: 

  • Scanning your content and identifying the most engaging parts for you, giving you the information you need to create successful shorts over and over again.
  • Helping you create viral shorts in seconds from your existing content that your audience will love.
  • Providing valuable insights into short-form opportunities that will help grow your channel without having to invest all your resources.

To get access, go to YouTube Studio > Content (from the left-hand menu) > click on any video > open up the TubeBuddy Toolbox tab on the right of the screen, and click on ‘Suggested Shorts’:

A new dashboard will open, which will allow you to scroll through your recent videos to choose the one you want to make a Short from. If you’d like to select an older video, click back to your video details page, and scroll down until you find the exact video you want. Then just click on the Toolbox Tab again, and your selected video will appear at the top of that dashboard screen.

Under the video thumbnail, you’ll see a timestamp. This is where our A.I. tool has identified the 15 seconds of that long-form video that has generated the highest audience retention rate. It’s the section that viewers found most interesting and engaging.

That’s it. It’s THAT easy! No more delving through your analytics to find the same information manually. It’s all at your fingertips within seconds, which means not only can you repurpose content quickly for Shorts (and other platforms like TitTok, but you can be confident those clips are going to work for you. 

See what we mean by game-changer?

With the latest update to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), the platform has kept its promise to creators that they can now get a cut of ad revenue for their Shorts content. If you’re not posting YouTube Shorts on a regular basis, you’re totally missing the boat when it comes to generating a huge number of additional views and subscribers. That’s just a fact.

With our new Suggested Shorts tool, you now have a seamless and innovative way to repurpose your already existing videos into Shorts content that can boost your channel, views, reach, subscribers, and engagement. Sign up for TubeBuddy today and try it for yourself!

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Carla Marshall

Carla Marshall is the Content Marketing Manager at TubeBuddy. She has 10+ years of experience in video marketing, social media management, content marketing, DRM, & SEO