Generate Great YouTube Shorts Ideas with TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts

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Carla Marshall
November 2, 2023
How to Repurpose Long Form Content into YouTube Shorts

Good YouTube Shorts ideas can be the difference between racking up the views with short-form content or sitting on the sidelines and wondering “what if?”

Not only can YouTube Shorts drive views to your long-form videos, but you can also monetize short-form videos to cash in on your YouTube Shorts content.  

If your long-form video game is on point but you struggle to come up with good ideas for YouTube Shorts, AI-powered Suggested Shorts from TubeBuddy can help.

Why Create YouTube Shorts?

Short-form video has effectively turned the video landscape upside-down. If creators aren’t active on TikTok or YouTube Shorts, they’re missing an opportunity.

Short-form videos drive massive views and can surface your channel to an entirely new audience, driving views on your long-form videos, building your subscriber base, and giving existing subscribers and fun new way to engage your content.  

But quality short-form videos are as hard — some creators would argue even harder — to create than their long-form counterparts.

The key is to understand what your audience wants, then to find a ways to streamline the short-form video process.

TubeBuddy AI is here to help with Suggested Shorts.

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It Starts With Good YouTube Shorts Ideas

With Suggested Shorts, TubeBuddy AI mines your long-form videos to offer up YouTube Shorts ideas that are customized to your content and your audience… because they’re based on your content and how your audience responds to it.

Suggested Shorts It takes the guesswork out coming up with YouTube Shorts ideas. It identifies the most popular segments of your videos based on watch time and audience retention. It identifies the key clips that can be cut into YouTube Shorts or used as YouTube Shorts ideas to inspire new short-form content that fits your channel.

How Suggested Shorts Turns Videos into YouTube Shorts Ideas

  • Suggested Shorts scans your channel content to identify the most engaging segments
  • In TubeBuddy, you get time codes you can use to quickly clip a YouTube Short from a long-form video
  • Or, use the hottest moments in your long-form content to inspire new YouTube Shorts ideas
  • Create viral shorts in seconds from your existing content that your audience will love.
  • Receive valuable insights into short-form opportunities that will help grow your channel without having to invest all your resources.

To access TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts and unlock YouTube Shorts ideas tailored to your channel…

In YouTube Studio:

  1. Select Content in the left-hand menu
  2. Open any video
  3. Open the TubeBuddy Toolbox from the TB tab on the right
  4. Click on Suggested Shorts
YouTube Shorts ideas: A screenshot of the TubeBuddy Toolbox with the Suggested Shorts feature selected.

Scroll through your recent videos and choose you want to mine for YouTube Shorts ideas. Under the video thumbnail, you’ll see a timestamp. This is where TubeBuddy AI has identified the 15 seconds of that long-form video that has generated the highest audience retention rate. In other words, the part of your video that viewers found the most interesting and engaging.

YouTube Shorts ideas: A screenshot of the TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts interface, including a video explaining why creators should create YouTube Shorts.

Review this section of your video and clip it into a YouTube Short or use it as inspiration for content ideas that fit with your overall channel content.

Of course, you can use these AI-generated YouTube Shorts ideas to create short-form videos for TikTok, Instagram, or any other video platform.

Because these YouTube Shorts ideas are based on how your audience reacted to your content, you can be confident in your short-form video content strategy.  

Generate YouTube Shorts Ideas with TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts

Suggested Shorts is available to all TubeBuddy licensees. TubeBuddy Free users can use the tool to get five Suggested Shorts insights. TubeBuddy Pro users get unlimited Suggested shorts recommendations. TubeBuddy Legend and Enterprise users get unlimited access to over 70 TubeBuddy tools, including unlimited Suggested Shorts insights.

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Free feature: TubeBuddy AI Agents generate new video ideas, completely customized to you, then help you bring your ideas to life.

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