3 Mind-Blowing Chat GPT Hacks for Small YouTubers!

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Carla Marshall
February 22, 2023
Chat GPT Hacks for Small YouTubers

Chat GPT has set the Internet on fire, and that’s fantastic news for smaller YouTube channels.

The power of Chat GPT is that it can help you generate creative and unique video ideas. The kind that can take you from just getting a few views to completely blowing up your channel. 

Read on to understand the power of artificial intelligence (AI), or take a look at our video, which will give you three fantastic hacks for the AI tool:

What is Chat GPT and Why Should YouTubers Care?

Chat GPT is a chatbot (or “bot”) powered by artificial intelligence (AI). You can prompt it to write essays or scripts, have a conversation with you on a specific subject, create recipes and resumes, and a thousand other things.

Best of all, Chat GPT is currently completely free and will 100% help you make videos that will earn you more money and subscribers while saving you a ton of time.

Three Insane Chat GPT Hacks for Small YouTubers

Want to know what to do when you need a killer YouTube video idea using Chat GPT? There are three methods here:

Want to know what to do when you need a killer YouTube video idea using Chat GPT? There are three methods here: 

#1 The first method is to take inspiration. 

Go and find the top creators in your niche or even just a few that inspire you. Then make a list of their top videos, or best videos from the last 30 to 90 days, to get an idea of what’s currently working for them. For this example, let’s pretend that you have a self-improvement adventure-style channel.

Look at some of the top favorites like Nathaniel Drew or Yes Theory. Then add five or so of their videos to a list. This list is important. This is what you’re going to feed Chat GPT to kind of guide it in the direction that you want to go. 

Then go to Chat GPT and talk to it like you’re talking to a friend. Use phrases such as “Hey, can you help me come up with ideas for videos like the ones on this list?” Chat GPT will respond with an answer like, “Sure, I’d be happy to help you come up with ideas for videos. Could you please provide me with the list you’re referring to, so I can get a better sense of the type of videos you’re interested in creating?” So, copy, paste, and hit enter. Chat GPT will start generating video ideas for you that are similar to the things that are already working in your niche but with a unique twist. How cool is that?

#2 Method two is to remix your existing videos:

Honestly, the existing content in your channel could be just a gold mine for ideas. Go through your library and look for the best-performing content. If you’re a smaller channel, specifically look at the videos that are attracting the newest subscribers and watch time hours. 

To find out this info, go to YouTube analytics, tap Advanced Mode, then change the date range to last 30 to 90 days. Then take a look at the top videos for either Watch Time or Subscribers. 

Now make a list of a few of them, and throw them into Chat GPT, but this time we’re just going to use them as inspiration to remix the videos that your subscribers are already falling in love with. Literally, ask Chat GTP, “My YouTube channel is doing well with these videos. Can you suggest new ones in the same style?” Copy and paste that list, then hit enter. This time Chat GPT will give you winning ideas personalized to your channel.

#3 Method three is just to freestyle:

We love giving Chat GPT examples from past videos that perform well just to give it some context and help guide it into the direction of video ideas that are already resonating with our audience. But sometimes, it’s just fun to freestyle. 

We make highly detailed requests like this, “Give me 10 video ideas for an entertainment YouTube channel about finance that would invoke the feeling of curiosity. Each title should be under 70 characters.” Or “I need 10 video ideas for a fitness channel that would invoke the sense of fear about workout mistakes. Each title should be under 70 characters long.” 

This time it gave us ideas such as “The Dangerous Consequences of Bad Form.” “Stop These Workout Mistakes Before It’s Too Late.” and “The Hidden Risk of Popular Exercises.” 

You can reverse engineer any successful content into new hits, Once you create your perfect video idea, start over with Chat GTP to repeat the winning process!

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