7 Ways to Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers Faster

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Carla Marshall
February 10, 2023
7 Ways to Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers Faster

Do you want to generate 1000 subscribers on YouTube as fast as possible? We have seven top tips to help you! Just read the following insights or watch our inspiring video:

7 Ways to Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers Now

#1 Create evergreen content that attracts new viewers regularly.

Content like this remains relevant and fresh long after it’s been posted. Typically, these are how-to guides, tutorials, or informational videos that have a long shelf life because this type of content will always be in demand. They’re videos that viewers will constantly be searching for in your niche leading to a steady stream of views and new subscribers over time. For example, how to get a six-pack, makeup tips for beginners, the top 10 best strategy games of all time, tips for studying. These types of videos are interesting today, tomorrow, and years from now. 

We knew that every year new creators wonder how the YouTube algorithm works, so we created a video explaining everything creators need to know about the YouTube algorithm. Although we posted that video over six months ago, it still brings us 700 new subscribers every single month. This is the power of creating evergreen content that people will continue to search for and be interested in over time. 

#2 Focus on creating videos that generate results. 

If you have several videos uploaded to your channel, take a look at their analytics. You’ll notice that some videos perform better than others in certain areas. Some videos might be great for getting views, while others might be better at earning you watch time, subscribers, or even revenue. Learn what works best for your goals, then create more videos that produce the results that you want. 

If reaching 1000 subscribers is your current goal, concentrate on the videos that are driving subscriptions to your channel but really look at the data. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the videos with the most views will get you the most subscribers because some of your less popular videos might actually be getting you more subscribers than some of your most popular videos. Knowing what each video is good at will help you focus your time and effort on creating videos that help you reach specific goals, like getting 1000 subscribers faster.

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#3 Optimize your channel page to attract new subscribers

For many viewers, the first impression of your channel is your actual channel page.  Unsubscribed viewers often go here after landing on one of your videos to learn what your channel is about and the kind of videos they can expect from you. This information will help them decide whether to subscribe or not.

You might be shocked by how much your channel page impacts your subscriber growth, but just take a look at your analytics for proof. On the TubeBuddy YouTube channel, our channel page has been our top source for new subscribers, probably because after viewers watch one of our videos, they go to our channel page and see what other things we have to offer before making the decision to subscribe. 

Our channel page earns more subscribers than our videos do directly. Your own channel page is one of the top sources for new subscribers, so make sure it’s optimized to attract them. Make sure your banner and About section clearly communicate what your channel is about, and use your featured videos and Playlists to showcase the best that your channel has to offer. Do this, and you’ll quickly see the impact it has on getting you 1000 subscribers.

#4 Strengthen existing content rather than starting over. 

There is plenty of content on your channel right now that can help you get more subscribers. Take advantage of your existing content rather than immediately creating a new video. You probably already have a video that viewers love on your channel. It may have great retention and positive comments, and overall, people are happy with it. The only problem is people aren’t clicking on it or watching it. That’s because while the content might be good, the click-through rate is weak, meaning that when viewers come across that video, they just aren’t clicking on it because the title and thumbnail aren’t enticing them to do so. 

You can solve this by simply creating a better title and thumbnail for that video. If it’s already a well-liked video, the improved click-through rate will lead to more views and, ultimately, more subscribers without having to create a new video. 

If you want to get 1000 subscribers fast, you’ve got to be smart. Go back and make sure you’ve done everything to strengthen your existing content before starting over. This is just going to save you a ton of time and get you more results with the content that you already have.

#5 Make subscribing to you more rewarding

Do you know what’s better than just asking people to subscribe? Asking them to subscribe so you can make a special video or do a collaboration that your viewers would love to see?

Using techniques like this can make subscribing to your channel more interesting and enjoyable.

#6 Use the Community tab to attract new subscribers. 

The Community tab is available to channels with at least 500 subs, and it’s gradually being rolled out to even more channels with fewer subscribers. So check to see if you have it. The Community tab is just a super easy, simple way to bring in new subscribers to your channel. 

Post polls, ask questions, share behind-the-scenes content, and share things that your ideal audience would find interesting because YouTube will show this both to your current subscribers and non-subscribers. 

This could be viewers who have never seen your channel before, or it could be longtime viewers who just haven’t subscribed yet. You can see exactly how many subscribers you’re getting from your community posts in YouTube Analytics. So try it and see how effective it is for you.

#7 Be strategic with the timing of your call to action. 

Your call to action or CTA is that moment in a video where you ask your subscribers to do something like subscribe to your channel, and the timing of this can either make or break the performance of that call to action. 

Many creators make the mistake of asking for the subscription far too early in their video when they’ve just started building up the relationship with the new viewer. We personally have seen better results by waiting until the end of a video after we’ve shown the viewer why they should subscribe to us and what kind of content they can expect. 

Viewers who make it close to the end of your video are the ones who are most engaged, most likely to subscribe, and most likely to come back for more. I appreciate the support, and if you want some more tips on how to get 1000 subscribers faster, watch this video next.

If you’re looking to smash the 1000 subscriber milestone, jump on these tips today and watch those numbers grow.