This One YouTube SEO Hack Can Boost Your Rankings, Views, and Subscribers!

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Carla Marshall
May 3, 2023
This One YouTube SEO Hack Can Boost Your Rankings

YouTube SEO is more than just basic titles, descriptions, and tags. In this post, we focus on one of the most underrated forms of SEO that’s hiding in plain sight. Is there a secret YouTube SEO trick that’s allowing YouTubers to generate millions of views and crack the YouTube algorithm? We tested the theory and are passing the information on to you. 

First, let’s take a look at creator Matthew Beem. You may have seen him hiring real-life Spider-Man or building MrBeast Squid Games. Matthew does something with his YouTube content that allows him to show up in search results better than most other YouTubers, and we’ll discuss how. Take a look at Matthew’s latest YouTube video, “Overnight in the World’s Best Airport”:

There was something that stood out to us, not within his video itself, but within the description. Out of the 5,000 characters YouTube allows for a description, Matthew used 2032 of those characters. In the description, he has two separate blocks. One block is more of a recap/story about the video and everything that happened within it. The second block is where he leveraged more phrases and more keywords. Why would he do this?

We ran a test on some of the phrases that he was using in the description that related to the title. We copied and pasted a few of his keywords into the YouTube search bar on a private browser. We wanted to see if these keywords were actual phrases that people could be searching for and see if they were helping Matthew get more views. 

The first term we searched for was, “I lived in a luxury airport for 24 hours.” His was the third video in the results. to pop up. The next term was “living in the world’s best airport.” again, he was the third result to appear. The final term we searched for was “we lived in the Singapore airport”; again, he popped up third. 

However, viewers are also going to YouTube to search for content like “luxury airport” and “Singapore Airport.” These are all key phrases that Matthew uses to his advantage so his video will rank.

What does this all mean? For example, if you’re watching a similar video from Yes Theory, YouTube is more likely to recommend Matthew’s content to the viewer. This allows him to generate more views just by solely including the titles in his video.

How You Can Take Advantage of This YouTube SEO Hack

YouTube is using everything to index your video and to put it in front of the people that may be most interested in watching it.

If you’re looking to make a piece of content, research other content that is similar to yours, and see what’s out there on YouTube. If there are similar titles and tags within those videos, use those in the description of your content to be able to maximize the amount of reach that it can get.

Note: this doesn’t mean you keyword stuff your titles, tags, and descriptions with subjects that are not related to the actual video itself. Doing that opens you up to the risk of your video being taken down. Always make sure that you have the proper tags, titles, and the appropriate description that are related to the video.