10 Tips For Starting Out On YouTube | Reddit Questions Edition

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Carla Marshall
March 2, 2023
11 Tips For Starting Out On YouTube Reddit Questions Edition

In this post, we’re going to answer some of the Internet’s most urgent questions about starting out on YouTube – specifically creators from Reddit. Read through our ten questions and answers for the most requested tips, or check out our video below for the full explanations:

Creator Question #1: Will YouTube Recommend My Content?

The next video you upload has to be a banger if you want more banger results. Study the data from the video that did well and use that information to make decisions on your future uploads.

Creator Question #2: Does YouTube Push Good Content?

If you make engaging content people want to watch, you have just as much chance of winning as anybody else

Creator Question #3: Where Do You Find Thumbnail Artists?

If you don’t have design skills, you can find thumbnail artists on or Twitter. They are not that expensive, and the return on investment is nutty.

Creator Question #4: What is the Best Budget Mic For YouTube?

The user recommends the 60 Rode video mic because 99.99999 Percent of people will not notice the difference.

Creator Question #5: How Many YouTube Views A Month Do You Need to Earn Revenue?

For most creators, ad revenue isn’t enough to make YouTube a full-time job. They need to supplement it with other forms of income.

Creator Question #6: What’s a Good Audience Retention Rate?

YouTube shared what amount of audience retention is considered good – see the graph below. You can use that as a general guide, but soon Studio will add data on retention. Also, check out TubeBuddy’s Retention Analyzer tool, which works to improve overall retention on your videos by identifying trends in audience viewership.

Creator Question #7: Do I Learn about YouTube Analytics?

Get comfortable with your Youtube analytics. Use data to make your decisions, not feelings, and subscribe to TubeBuddy’s YouTube Channel for all the tips and tricks you need.

Creator Question #8: What Are the Pros and Cons of Going Viral? 

Money, views, subscribers, and momentum, but the biggest con might be going viral before you’re fully committed to the genre that you went viral for

Creator Question #9: Can I Get Away with Using Just Stock Footage?

If the engagement is negative, you might want to worry because YouTube will figure out that the video was clickbait, and you won’t get many more impressions.

Creator Question #10: How do Impressions Work?

YouTube shows your new video to your subscribers at first, and if they respond well to it, they feel safe to share it with the world.

Please tune into the video for the full answers and ten crucial tips for starting out on YouTube.