Super Thanks Now Open to All Monetized YouTube Channels

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Carla Marshall
April 27, 2022
Super Thanks Now Open to All YouTube Monetized Channels

With the creator economy booming across all social platforms, YouTube has raised its game when it comes to one form of monetization. 

The platform is expanding its Super Thanks feature to all channels currently enrolled in its YouTube Partner Program. Sixty-eight regions, including the U.S, the U.K, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Greece, Brazil,  India, and South Korea, now have access to the additional viewer donation option.

Super Thanks, which YouTube first introduced in July 2021, allows viewers to make quick and easy donations to their favorite creators. Viewers can purchase Super Thanks gifts ranging from $2 to $50. In return, they are rewarded with an animated gif that stands out in the comment section. Creators keep 70% of the amount a viewer chooses to contribute to them.

Previously launched as “Viewer Applause,” Super Thanks is a convenient way for viewers to support and connect with creators and show appreciation for published content.

YouTube announced the exciting news in a video published on its ‘YouTube Creators’ channel. You can watch that in full here:

Creators and viewers can learn more about the new Super Thanks expansion here. It’s a fast and effective way to say thank you to a favored creator and a way to support the red-hot creator economy.

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