How to Earn Money on YouTube with Super Chat and Super Stickers

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Carla Marshall
May 17, 2022
How to Earn Money on YouTube with Super Chat and Super Stickers

In the latest in our series on how to make money from YouTube, our spotlight lands on Super Chat and Super Stickers. Two extra ways creators can earn money for their content if their channel has already been monetized.

Make Money From Super Chat

Creators have an opportunity to use YouTube Super Chat to monetize if they go live on the platform. Viewers can purchase a Super Chat message with a credit or debit card during your live stream. Once paid for, YouTube will highlight their message on the live chat screen.

If you have Super Chat turned on, viewers will see a dollar bill symbol on the chat screen. If they click on this button, a slider will appear, offering the chance to donate a dollar amount to the creator.  

The higher the amount, the longer that viewer’s comment stays pinned and highlighted at the top of the live chat. They can also use more characters in their message. See this example from TubeBuddy’s latest live stream, ‘International Creator Day Celebration:’

A Super Chat comment appears in a different color from other messages, so it pops out on the screen. Paid messages, including the amount donated, are visible to any viewer tuned into the live stream.

Super Chat is not available if live chat is turned off. You’ll also need to enable the feature on your channel. To do this:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studios
  2. Click on ‘Monetization’ in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Supers’ option.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions. 
  5. Once completed, you’ll have the opportunity to turn Super Chat on.

Now you’ve activated this monetization feature, it will be available on your next live stream. It’s also vital to know that Super Chat isn’t an option for creators under 18 and you need to reside in one of the available locations. In addition, there are further requirements for individual live streams – it won’t be an option for age-restricted or ‘Made for Kids’ content.

Enthusiastic viewers can donate anything from $1 to $500 per day (up to $2,000 per week) or the equivalent in their local currency, and YouTube keeps about 30% of the money earned from a Super Chat donation.

Generate Extra Revenue with Super Stickers

YouTube Super Stickers allow viewers to pay to use a special image to appear in a live stream chat. There’s a range of designs that fans can choose that cover gaming, music, fashion and beauty, food, and more. 

The stickers are also available to any eligible creators already using the Super Chat feature. They are active across 60 countries in at least four languages, but you’ll need to enable them in YouTube Studio. To enable Super Chat, just follow the instructions above.

As with Super Chat, viewers can purchase these stickers using their debit or credit card. It’s important to note that any purchase is non-refundable.

The Stickers come in a range of price points, from 99 cents to $50. YouTube keeps 30% of each donation. 

How to Attract Super Chat and Super Stickers from Fans

Since viewers can spend up to $500 per day on Super Chat and up to $100 a day on Super Stickers, it’s an excellent way for creators to generate additional income from top fans.

Both features are squarely aimed at viewers who want to show their support for, and connect with, their favorite creators.

 If you have a small channel, you may not reap the rewards of those donations just yet, but if you aim to build a solid and engaged audience, it’s certainly possible. Get more information straight from YouTube:

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