11 YouTube AI Prompts Every Video Creator Can Use Today

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Carla Marshall
March 20, 2024
11 generative AI prompts creators can use today

For a YouTuber or other video creator, a generative AI prompt is essentially a starting point or a creative seed generated by an artificial intelligence system. It’s intended to inspire or guide content creation and help spark original content ideas.

Using a Large Language Model (LLM) such as ChatGTP, Gemini, or Copilot, or specific AI video generators, creators can use generative AI prompts in several ways, for:

Video Idea Generation

AI prompts can help creators brainstorm new video ideas or explore unconventional topics they might not have considered otherwise.

Content Expansion

Creators can use AI prompts to expand on existing ideas or concepts, adding new layers of depth or complexity to their videos.

Creative Inspiration

AI prompts can inspire creators by providing fresh perspectives, unique angles, or unexpected twists that spark their imagination.

Content Workflow Efficiency

AI prompts can save time and effort by automating part of the brainstorming process, allowing creators to focus more on the creative execution of their ideas.

While LLM’s can seem overwhelming at first, they are easy to use and practice makes perfect. 

Just type in your topic and ask a site like ChatGPT to provide you with ideas. You can refine and edit the suggestion or list of suggestions until you’re satisfied with the answer.

Take a look at our video that introduces you to the wonders of ChatGTP, and how we implement it on TubeBuddy’s own YouTube channel:

So, generative AI can inspire original content, as well as existing content you can re-purpose. With a good prompt, it can tell you the content that’s working for other channels in your niche and apply those ideas to your own videos. Now let’s take a look at some prompts you can copy and paste into ChatGTP or another LLM:

Generative AI Prompts for YouTube Content

While creativity is key to content success on YouTube,  the platform is, at its core, a search engine. 

You need relevant and optimized titles, descriptions, and keyword-rich scripts to thrive. However, crafting such material takes time and effort. AI can help, doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you. 

generative AI prompts

11 AI Prompts for Video Content Creators

Copy and paste these prompts into ChatGPT, Gemini, or your AI platform of choice or adapt them to your needs. 

AI Prompt for YouTube Video Outlines

“You are a video content expert. Write an outline for an 8-minute video related to [insert topic]. Identify some key subtopics. For each subtopic, generate ideas for tips, and provide a specific example for each subtopic.”

AI Prompts for YouTube Titles and Descriptions

“You are a YouTube expert. Craft an optimized YouTube description for the keyword [keyword], maintaining a friendly yet assertive tone within a 200-word limit.”

“You are a YouTube expert. Generate an optimized video description that includes keywords [“Keyword 1,” “Keyword 2,”]. Also, recommend related videos from my YouTube channel [YouTube channel link] that I can include to provide the viewer with more value. Make it about 150 words and write in an enthusiastic and friendly tone of voice. 

“You are a YouTube expert. Generate 5 potential titles for a YouTube video about [topic]. Ensure the keyword either appears at or near the beginning of the title in at least 3 of the suggestions.”

AI Prompt for YouTube How To Video

“You are an education expert. Write a video script explaining how to [insert topic details] for complete beginners. The video length should be under 5 minutes. Include clear step-by-step details and proactively answer any questions the average beginner might have. Include resources where the beginner can learn more. Use clear and concise language that can be understood by native English speakers or translated easily by non-English native speakers. Be very literal and keep sentences short.”

AI Prompt for Brainstorming YouTube Video Titles

“You are a YouTube expert. Generate 10 potential titles for a YouTube video covering [topic], ensuring the inclusion of the keyword [keyword] in each option.”

generative ai prompts for brainstorming video ideas

AI Prompt for a Video Learning Series

“You are a YouTube expert. Generate an outline for a [insert number] chapter video series. Include video title, video description, and SEO keyword tags. Write a script for each chapter. Keep video length to 2 minutes. Use an explainer tone for the script aimed at beginners. Include clear step-by-step details and encourage viewers to follow each of the instructions. Use encouraging, accessible, person-first language.”

AI Prompt for Video Hooks

You are a viral video expert. Give me five of the best hooks you can come up with for a video on [topic]. Your goal is to grab the viewer’s attention in the first five seconds of the video.”

AI Prompt for Social Media Posts

You are a social media engagement expert. I am going to paste in the transcript for a video about [keyword]. Please review it then create social posts for the major social platforms that I can use to share my video. [transcript].

AI Prompt for YouTube Community Ideas

“You are a YouTube community and engagement expert. I’m going to share a video transcript. Please review it and give me 10 ideas for YouTube Community posts that will engage my audience and encourage them to comment.”

AI Prompt for a YouTube Growth Strategy

You are a YouTube growth expert. Create a 6-month plan for a [category or niche] YouTube channel to help reach maximum growth potential. Detail collaboration strategies, engagement methods, promotional strategies, and anything else that is relevant to the goal of growing my channel”

Overall, generative AI prompts can be valuable tools for YouTube creators looking to enhance their creativity, explore new avenues of content creation, and streamline their workflow.

Ready for some more inspiration? Check out another video from TubeBuddy on some amazing ChatGPT hacks for YouTubers:

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