Need a CapCut Tutorial? 9 Creators You Must Follow

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Carla Marshall
May 8, 2024
Capcut Tutorial for easy editing

Whether you’re a seasoned video editing pro or simply looking to spice up your social media presence, video editing apps are essential for crafting captivating content. Enter CapCut, the unsung hero in the realm of video editing, brought to you by ByteDance, the company behind TikTok.

CapCut stands out as a versatile online and desktop video editing software. It’s packed with an array of AI-driven features and preloaded assets. Oh, and it’s entirely free to download and use.

CapCut is free video editing software that helps creators of all stripes to transform their footage into engaging, pro-level content. We won’t say it’s easy but as video editing software goes (especially free video editing software) it’s as easy as it comes. 

Capcut tutorial for this free editing software

From basic editing functionality like cutting and speed adjustments to more advanced features like integrating music, graphics, motion effects, text overlays and more, CapCut caters to creators of all skill levels. Whether you’re editing on the go on mobile or on a desktop or laptop, CapCut offers a seamless experience. You can use CapCut in your browser, on your Mac or Windows computer, or on iOS or Android devices.

CapCut isn’t just for TikTok and can help tailor your content for Facebook, Instagram. YouTube, or elsewhere. 

In other words, CapCut is worth learning. There are thousands of tutorials online to help every creator, whether you’re a beginner or you have some experience using video-editing apps. Here are nine creators across TikTok and YouTube who are consistently creating helpful CapCut tutorials. Whether you’re a CapCut and video editing newbie or a seasoned pro, these creators are worth a follow. 

Read on for TikTok creators or jump down to see YouTube CapCut creators. 

capcut tutorial for content creators

Five Amazing TikTok Creators Creating CapCut Tutorials

Looking to get the most out of the free video editing software CapCut? Here are five TikTok creators to follow:

CapCut Tutorial Creator: stevenwommack


1.2M followers as of May, 2024

Steven Wormack has built a dedicated TikTok following of over 1M with his tips and tricks with CapCut tutorials. If you’ve ever seen a clever cut on TikTok and wondered how the creator made it happen, Wormack probably has the answers — and clear instructions on how to do it yourself — you’re looking for.

@stevenwommack #CapCut how to do this insane jump video effect? 🎥✨#edit #videotutorials #CapCutTrends #capcutedits #videoidea #creative #iphone #cccreator ♬ Puff – Hany Beats

CapCut Tutorial Creator: Emma Content Strategy

TikTok | 57.2K followers as of May, 2024

UK TikToker Emma’s doesn’t just offer CapCut tutorials that show creators how to use the free video editing software to achieve incredible effects. She also teaches budding creators how to build a successful online presence with their content:

@ugcwithemmap How to place text behind you on Capcut! @CapCut #editingtutorial #capcutedits #capcuttutorial #ugccreator #ugccommunity #ugctips ♬ original sound – Emma | Content Strategy

AR edit


31.1K followers as of May, 2024

AR Edit gets into some pretty advanced CapCut editing tricks… with very niche focus on Manga content. Featuring step-by-step tutorials, if you can follow along with AR Edit, you’ll be a CapCut pro in no time.

@ar_edit01 Tutorial In CapCut 💯 #tanjiro #foryoupage #kimetsu_no_yaiba #demonslayeredit #capcuttutorial #newtrend #capcut #tutorial #edit #capcutedit #tanjirokamado #nezukokamado #enmu #enmuedit #nezukoedit #tanjiroedit ♬ Footprints – Mini Version – tobi lou & FARADA



187K followers as of May, 2024

This creator features well produced, well organized content specifically around using CapCut to achieve specific editing results like placing text behind a subject, getting the glow effect that’s all the rage (at the time of writing) and many more. Worth a follow for anyone looking to learn the best CapCut hacks:

@duekneel "Cinematic" Dreamy Glow Effect Tutorial using Capcut give your videos that dreamy look by following this easy tutorial #duekneel #mobileediting #capcut #tutorial ♬ original sound – duekneel



44K followers as of May, 2024

If you can get past the text to speech videos, this faceless creator (I mean, they probably have a face… it’s just that you’ll never see it in their videos) can help you up your CapCut editing game. 

@__capcut.tutorials__ Velocity Tutorial! #capcut #capcuttutorial #charlidamelio #tutorial #foryoupage #fyp #velocity #velocitytutorial ♬ original sound – Capcut Tutorials

CapCut Tutorials on YouTube: 4 Creators to Follow

There are a huge number of YouTube channels dedicated to the art of video editing for every kind of software and app. The following accounts are our four favorites for the latest and greatest tips and tricks for the free video editing software CapCut: 



306K subscribers as of May, 2024

It doesn’t get much more official than this: CapCut’s own YouTube account is a must-follow if you’re serious about learning all you can about the tool. It’s a goldmine of information about how to transform your footage from basic to engaging:

Luka B


167K subscribers as of May, 2024

Luka B has carved out a great niche on the platform with his guides and tutorials on CapCut and other apps. His tutorial content focuses on achieving a specific editing outcome; he shares his own editing experimentation then guides you through the process step-by-step. 

Collin Michael

282K subscribers as of May, 2024

Collin Michael is one of the best-known video-editing experts on YouTube, and his content covers all the major editing software available to creators.  We highly recommend his Complete CapCut Collection playlist, which he keeps updated with the latest advice you need to know.

New to Edit 


49.9K subscribers as of May, 2024

New to Edit’s focus is on Shorts content about CapCut – quick, snackable content about how to use the app, but their longer videos are great as well:

BCStrike Productions


21K subscribers as of May, 2024

BCStrike is YouTube Shorts-focused creator who teaches other creators how to achieve the latest editing trends using CapCut:

If you want to learn how to edit videos, CapCut really is a fantastic place to start. Aside from anything else, it’s free video editing software. For simple edits, the learning curve is small and as these CapCut tutorial creators demonstrate, there’s tons of room to grow into the software.

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