Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

and of course, the answers to the most common TubeBuddy questions

getting started

What is TubeBuddy?

Good question!

TubeBuddy is a browser extension (aka browser plugin) that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube's website.

After installing TubeBuddy, simply go to and you'll see our features right inside their site designated by the TubeBuddy logo.

In addition to the extension, we offer a bunch of other tools which can be found on Your Account Page after linking a channel.

Which browsers does TubeBuddy support?

Currently TubeBuddy is officially supported on Chrome and Edge. Opera can be used as well with an additional extension to add support for Chrome extensions.

Do you have a "Getting Started" video?

Yes, watch it HERE

using TubeBuddy

Where can I get help on specific tools?

Simply head over to the Features page to find tips, tricks, info and more for each tool.

Do you offer any tools outside of the plugin?


Log into your Account Page and you'll find a list of tools in the Channel area next to each channel.

Where can I submit feature ideas?

Yes, please do!

Many of our tools came directly from requests by Creators like you. You can submit your ideas here:


How much does TubeBuddy cost?

Start Free, unlock more features later
You can upgrade your account to a paid license for advanced features and functionality at any time.

Do you offer any discounts?

Head over to the Pricing Page and you'll see that we offer discounts for smaller channels, first time buyers, network partners, and annual upgrades.

Do you offer free upgrade trials?

Sure, everyone loves a free trial. Simply head to (no credit card required)


Is TubeBuddy secure?

The short answer is, YES.

The long answer is...

We have been building products in the YouTube space for 8+ years now — since before YouTube was even owned by Google. We know the in's and out's of YouTube and secure authentication through Google. We take security very seriously. We have many high profile YouTubers and brands using TubeBuddy and it is vital to ensure their protection.

All transmission with TubeBuddy is made over the secure HTTPS protocol and your private information remains private. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

When you link your channel to TubeBuddy, it is done through Google's secure OAuth 2.0 mechanism which is the industry standard. At any point in time, you can revoke TubeBuddy's access to your channel by visiting the following link: . When you link your channel with TubeBuddy, we ask for the bare minimum of permissions required to perform tasks on your channel.

We do not collect or store credit card information on payments — all details are stored securely on our credit card processor's servers at

If you have any specific questions, please email us directly at

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