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Suggested Shorts

make viral YouTube Shorts from AI insights

turn your best long form content into viral shorts

let AI show you the most engaging parts of your videos

AI might one day rule the world but today is not that day. Today our advanced AI identifies the most engaging parts of your YouTube videos and automatically recommends them to be made into YouTube shorts.

you shouldn’t have to guess what will work as a YouTube Short

When creating YouTube shorts it may feel impossible trying to figure out what is going to perform well ahead of time. This could cause you to waste hours on end guessing and strategizing your shorts gameplan. Our AI does all of that work for you so you can feel confident the Shorts you are creating are going to work.

Shorts can be the fastest way to organically grow your channel

As a creator you are trying to grow, grow, and grow some more. YouTube shorts is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to grow your channel organically but not if you have to invest the hours and money into creating great Shorts. Instead get TubeBuddy and we will cut out the middleman helping you grow your channel through viral YouTube shorts.

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how to access feature

Play Video

step 1

While in YouTube Studio, select Content from the menu list.

Play Video

step 2

Select the video you would like to analyze.

Play Video

step 3

Select Suggested Shorts from the TubeBuddy pullout menu.

Play Video

step 4

Sit back and relax as our AI goes to work identifying the most engaging part of your video.

step 1

Select content from the YouTube Studio dashboard.

step 2

Select the video you would like to analyze.

step 3

Select Suggested Shorts from the TubeBuddy pullout menu

step 4

Sit back and relax as our AI goes to work identifying the most engaging part of your video.

frequently asked questions

What is TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts?

TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts is a tool offered by TubeBuddy, a popular YouTube channel management and optimization platform. It is designed to help YouTube creators find and capitalize on the trend of "shorts" or vertical videos, which are typically 60 seconds or less in length and optimized for mobile viewing.

How does TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts work?

TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts works by analyzing your existing YouTube content and providing you with a list of potential "shorts" based on your channel's performance and audience engagement. The tool can also provide insights and data on how to optimize your shorts for maximum impact and visibility, including tips on titles, descriptions, and tags.

Can TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts help me grow my YouTube channel?

Yes, by using TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts to create engaging and optimized shorts, you can potentially reach a wider audience and increase your channel's visibility on YouTube. Additionally, shorts are a relatively new and less saturated format on the platform, meaning there may be less competition and more opportunities for growth.

Is TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts free?

Suggested Shorts is limited in our free plans to five uses; however, you can gain unlimited access to Suggested Shorts by purchasing any of our paid plans.

Can I use TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts for any language or country?

Yes, TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts is designed to work with all languages and countries where YouTube is available. However, the tool's performance may vary depending on the availability of shorts in your region and the level of data provided by YouTube's API.

How accurate is the data provided by TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts?

The data provided by TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts is based on TubeBuddy's own proprietary algorithms and analysis, as well as data from YouTube's API. While the data is generally accurate, it's important to remember that results and rankings can fluctuate over time based on a variety of factors, and no tool can guarantee specific results. It's always a good idea to use multiple sources of data and information to inform your content strategy.

Can I use TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts for any type of content?

TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts is designed to work with all types of YouTube content, including gaming, beauty, music, and more. However, the tool may be most effective for channels that are already performing well and have an engaged audience, as the data and insights provided may be more meaningful in that context.

How do I get started with TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts?

To use TubeBuddy Suggested Shorts, you'll need to sign up for a paid TubeBuddy subscription. Once you've done so, simply navigate to the Shorts tab in your TubeBuddy dashboard to access the tool and start generating ideas for your next short video.

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