The Best Video Editing Software for Creators: Suggested By You

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Carla Marshall
February 6, 2024
the best video editing software

The best video editing software is the one that makes it as easy as possible to bring your vision—and raw footage—to life as a finished video.

YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are powerful. They provide creators with an incredible platform to showcase their talents, ideas, and stories and potentially reach a global audience. With millions of hours of content uploaded each and every day, standing out in a vast sea of videos requires more than just a compelling script and a charismatic on-screen presence. 

Editing is the often unsung hero of content creation. Whether you’re using free video editing software or the best paid video editing software, it’s the end result that people will see.  

Skillful editing can make all the difference and like any other skill, video editing skill takes time and effort to develop. 

Video editing is not just a technical skill. It is an art in its own right. Video editing allows creators to shape their narratives and enhance the visual appeal of their content.

In other words, video editing matters.

So with that in mind, we reached out to the TubeBuddy community to ask for their top picks for video editing software they’d recommend to other creators. From the best free video editing software options to the best paid video editing software options, here’s what the TubeBuddy community said:

Best Video Editing Software: Free and Paid

Adobe Premiere Pro

$22.99/mo for individuals

Adobe Premiere Pro is an industry-standard used by some of the top professional video creators in the world. 

Part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite, it plays nicely with other Adobe software such as After Effects (motion graphics software), Illustrator (vector graphics software), and Photoshop (AI photo editing and image design software).

Adobe Premiere Pro has a steep learning curve but if you’re going to invest time to learn video editing, Adobe Premiere is an industry standard and a great place to invest that time. 

There are other options from Adobe that are more accessible for beginners and that lessen the monthly cost: Premiere Elements for computers and Premiere Rush for mobile editing.


Free (limited)

Filmora is a great option for basic video editing as it offers a free version to try before upgrading to a paid subscription. The app can create videos for numerous platforms, with a drag-and-drop functionality that’s easy to use. 

Filmora offers both mobile and desktop video editing software with prices starting at $50 per year.  



Capcut is owned by ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, and asserts that it is the “free all-in-one video editor for everyone to create anything anywhere.” And that’s true as its reach extends beyond TikTok to Facebook, Instagram, and also YouTube. 

Is Capcut the best free video editing software? It probably is… and because burgeoning creators are always looking for free video editing software, there are many Capcut tutorials available to help creators learn and make the best use of Capcut. For example, check out video editing expert Collin Michael’s 40 invaluable tips on how to make CapCut work for you:

Apple iMovie


iMovie is Apple’s free video editing app for the Mac, the iPhone, and the iPad. Used by tens of thousands of creators, the software is basic but user-friendly and is perfect for those looking to do basic editing while keeping production costs to a minimum.

DaVinci Resolve

Free and paid options

DaVinci Resolve has become a firm favorite with creators. This video editing software has both free and paid versions, but the free version doesn’t lock necessary features behind a paywall. It allows editors to add visual and sound effects, animations, and green-screen compositing to their clips in post-production, as well as providing near professional-level color grading and correction. YouTubers can also use the app to upload their finished videos directly to the platform.

Master editing with the best video editing software options

Why creators should master the art of video editing

Good editing helps creators turn good ideas into compelling, shareable content that drives watch time on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and wherever you share video. Creators who invest time to master in this essential skill unlock a huge range of benefits that extend beyond mere technical proficiency, such as:

More captivating stories

Video editing allows creators to shape and refine their storytelling. Through the careful arrangement of clips, transitions, and effects, creators can build narratives that capture the audience’s attention from start to finish. 

A well-edited video ensures a seamless flow of ideas, maintaining viewer engagement and enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Credibility through content

Polished videos reflect a commitment to quality and professionalism. Learning video editing demonstrates to your viewers (and potential brand partners) that you are dedicated to delivering content that goes beyond the basics. 

In a competitive YouTube landscape, where millions of videos are vying for attention, a professionally edited video can be a huge differentiator.

Adapt to new content trends

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and trends in content creation are no exception. Creators proficient in video editing can easily adapt to emerging trends, whether it’s incorporating new visual effects, editing styles, or leveraging the latest software features. 

This adaptability ensures that your content stays relevant and resonates with contemporary audiences. For example, the quick transition cuts on cosplay videos such as Uncanny Valley and Five Nights at Freddy’s often seen on TikTok. Thousands of creators, such as makeuppbyruthie, have tapped into this editing style and gained millions of views along the way.

@makeuppbyruthie praying u guys arent bored of this yet bc…. I this is my best fnaf look so far 👀 #fnafcosplay #sfxmakeup #sfxmakeupartist #fnaf ♬ below the surface by griffinilla – el⸆⸉

Monetization opportunities

Creators looking to monetize their channels often find that well-edited videos attract more advertisers and sponsorship opportunities. Advertisers and brands appreciate polished videos’ professionalism and engagement, making them more likely to invest in collaborations and partnerships.

Knowledge of video editing opens the door to a world of creative possibilities, allowing creators to make their content truly distinctive.

Great editing can transform raw content into a polished masterpiece. Whether it’s the artful use of transitions, choosing the right audio track, learning about the magic of color correction, or the seamless integration of graphics, video editing is the secret ingredient that transforms a good video into an unforgettable one.

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