How to Grow your Small YouTube Channel in 2023

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Carla Marshall
October 11, 2023
Five Ways TubeBuddy Can Help Grow a Small YouTube Channel Right Now
Five Ways TubeBuddy Can Help you know how to Grow a Small YouTube Channel in 2023

While many of our tools and features are essential for larger YouTube channels, data shows that TubeBuddy can also help new or smaller channels too. Big or small, TubeBuddy aims to make you a more productive creator by saving you time and resources. Let’s take a look at five TubeBuddy tools that can help you know grow your YouTube channel in 2023.

First things first though, install TubeBuddy and connect us to your YouTube channel. We have a range of pricing options available, but the following features are all available with our free Starter license, the only exception being the recently released Chapter Editor which requires a Pro license.

Once installed, you’ll find our drop-down menu next to the upload button when you sign into YouTube. This menu includes links to a range of features, analytics, and more, including these five stand-out tools.

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#1 Find the Best Keywords with Keyword Explorer

As a new YouTube creator, you want to give your potential viewers (and the YouTube algorithm) every chance to find your content. Eventually, you’ll build up a solid subscriber base to help build viewing momentum, but until then, you have to find the right keywords and phrases that best describe your videos. This helps YouTube include your videos when a viewer searches for content using specific words and phrases. It’s that simple.

Use our Keyword Explorer to find keywords with less competition to give you a better chance of ranking your videos. If you’re a small channel, you’re not going to rank for ‘chocolate cake recipe’ right off the bat. Hundreds of thousands of creators are trying to rank for the same term. However, if you niche down and create a ‘vegan low-carb chocolate birthday cake’ video, you boost your chances of search visibility.

You can find more tips and tricks about keyword research here:

#2 Generate the Most Engaging Custom Thumbnails

Have you ever clicked on a video by a creator you aren’t subscribed to just because the thumbnail caught your eye?

For several reasons, it’s very important to have clear, consistent custom thumbnails if you want to grow your YouTube channel. It will help distinguish your content from others, help improve your click-through rate, and give your channel a cohesive look. 

Use our Thumbnail Generator to build custom thumbnails that pop!

#3 Manage Your YouTube Comments Like a Pro

As your views and subscribers grow, so will the comments you receive on your videos. While comment moderation may be manageable at first, the process can soon feel overwhelming if you have hundreds of comments coming in a day.

Our Comment Formatting tool lets you quickly filter your comments to find any questions or encouraging messages you may have missed. That way you can give top priority to your engaged audience and keep them coming back for more.

TubeBuddy can also help filter out profanity or hateful comments for a better moderating experience.

#4 Create a Solid Content Calendar with Topic Planner

Planning out possible content over the next few weeks or months will save you a massive headache as a creator. No longer will you be scrambling for ideas or filming content out of sequence. 

If you have a TubeBuddy account, you can use our Topic Planner to research topic ideas, capture your notes, and keep them all in one handy place. Find out more about Topic Planner, and never forget an idea again!

#5 Create and Edit Video Chapters the Easy Way

Released just last year, Chapter Editor makes creating and editing YouTube video chapters a breeze.

Chapters help your viewers find specific content without making them skip through the entire video. Our tool now allows you to add chapters to your video without switching between the video and description box. You can easily edit existing chapters too.

If you are a small channel, or even a brand new one, using TubeBuddy helps you know how to grow your YouTube channel the smart way.

Keyword Explorer takes the guesswork out of keyword research to help YouTube and potential audience members find your content. Thumbnail Generator helps you to create engaging thumbnails to increase your click-through rate. Comment Formatting helps you to prioritize comments and questions from your most loyal fans. Topic Planner helps you plan and organize your content calendar. And Chapter Editor helps your audience pinpoint key moments in your videos.

All in, TubeBuddy frees you to do what you do best – create the content your audience loves.

Give your channel, and yourself, the help you deserve. Install TubeBuddy today, or upgrade to a Pro, Star, or Legend license to unlock even more amazing features.

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Carla Marshall

Carla Marshall is the Content Marketing Manager at TubeBuddy. She has 10+ years of experience in video marketing, social media management, content marketing, DRM, & SEO