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The TubeBuddy Express Podcast is hosted by YouTube expert Dusty Porter. Check out Dusty's channel on YouTube and take a listen to his other podcast below...

YouTube Creators Hub — A podcast focused on helping you with your Online Video presence. Each week, I interview an online video creator and chat with them about their strategies and journey as it relates to growing their YouTube channel.

Easy To Create Doesn’t Mean Easy To Create Great Content
Dec 01, 2023

In this week’s episode, I talk about a Tweet I saw. It’s the concept of just because the barrier to entry to create content is much lower (more accessible) doesn’t mean that it’s easy to create GREAT content. We don’t fully understand how good we have it creating in 2023 and beyond, BUT with that being said, it’s going to be even harder to stand out due to the NOISE that’s out there as well as the AMOUNT of content being released.

All About The ABOUT ME Section On Your YouTube Channel
Nov 24, 2023

Today, we're getting into the nitty-gritty of spicing up your YouTube channel, starting with your 'About Me' section. It's more than just a few lines about who you are – it's your chance to really connect with your audience and get noticed. We'll share some simple yet powerful tips on how to make your 'About Me' pop, from showing off your personality to using the right keywords.

The Reasons New and Small YouTube Creators Fail
Nov 10, 2023

Do you want to be a successful YouTube creator? If so, it's important to avoid the common mistakes that new and small creators make. In this episode, we discuss the top reasons why new and small YouTube channels fail, and offer advice on how to avoid these pitfalls.

The Benefits Of Repurposing Long-Form Content To Multiple Streams Of Content
Nov 03, 2023

As a YouTube creator, you know that creating high-quality content takes time and effort. But what if you could get more mileage out of your long-form content by repurposing it to multiple streams?

How To Create MORE YouTube Videos Quicker and More Efficiently
Oct 27, 2023

Learn how to produce more YouTube content, grow your channel, and reach more viewers by creating videos quicker and more efficiently.

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