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The TubeBuddy Express Podcast is hosted by YouTube expert Dusty Porter. Check out Dusty's channel on YouTube and take a listen to his other podcast below...

YouTube Creators Hub — A podcast focused on helping you with your Online Video presence. Each week, I interview an online video creator and chat with them about their strategies and journey as it relates to growing their YouTube channel.

Having A Plan As A Creator Is Half The Battle
Apr 12, 2024

In this week’s episode I talk about planning and structure as a creator. I talk about how recently I’ve really tried to improve my systems and short/long term planning for my content and the impact it’s had on my content AND my life as a whole. We often think that being a creator is easy and it’s a job we can just do any way as there really isn’t any “perfect blueprint, but this often leads to lack of motivation and possibly even eventually quitting.

You Could Be Leaving TONS Of Views On The Table By Not Doing This As A YouTube Creator
Mar 29, 2024

In this week’s episode, we discuss dubbing and what it means to bring over different communities that don’t speak and understand your normal upload language. Over the years, I’ve realized that opening my content up to different cultures and areas around the world has a huge impact, not just on my numbers but also on my circle of influence.

What Metrics Should You Be Looking At As A YouTube Creator In 2024 and Beyond
Mar 22, 2024

In today’s episode of the podcast, I discuss the “New” age of YouTube. Over a decade ago, when I started making YouTube videos, different things mattered to me as a creator. In current times, those things have changed drastically. I review a few things/metrics you need to look at as a creator. These things are Engaged audience, watch time, view counts, and more.

Stop Trying To Be Something or Someone You Are Not - Creator Identity Crisis
Mar 15, 2024

In this episode, we delve into a common struggle many YouTube creators face: the identity crisis. Often, creators feel pressured to conform to a particular style or persona that they believe will garner more views and subscribers. However, this approach can lead to a loss of authenticity and negatively impact their connection with their audience. We discuss the importance of embracing your unique voice and maintaining transparency with your viewers. By staying true to yourself, you not only foster a stronger community but also establish a consistent and trustworthy brand that resonates with your audience. Tune in to explore why authenticity beats imitation every time.

How To Not Upset The YouTube Algorithm
Mar 08, 2024

In this episode, I discuss the information we have about uploading videos that underperform and how that negatively impacts your channel as a whole. I talk about my personal experience and the people I’ve worked with. The YouTube algorithm can be tricky and seems to change with the wind. Listen to this episode to get ahead of the curve!

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