YouTube Monetization News: Make More Money from Your Content

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Carla Marshall
September 11, 2023
YouTube Monetization Update: Make More Money from Your Content

In November 2023, YouTube is updating its monetization policies around ad formats, which is potentially excellent news for creators. Monetization on long-form videos and live streams will also be different, and how much money you make from your videos, yeah, that’s going to be different too. 

What are these changes exactly? Read more or watch our fact-filled video on the news:

YouTube Monetization Update: November 2023

Long-form videos: At the moment, if you go to turn on monetization on a long-form video, you have control over which ad formats show, like pre-roll, post-roll, skippable, and non-skippable ads. Starting in November, YouTube is removing these individual controls. Instead, when creators choose to turn on monetization, their viewers may see any of these ad formats that YouTube deems most appropriate.

This should make monetizing your videos a lot easier. 

No more trying to figure out which ad formats to turn on or off or where to place them. Instead, you just toggle it all on or all off with the click of a button. YouTube will handle it all for you in a very intelligent way by using the information they have on each viewer to decide which ad format is most appropriate. So if a specific ad type is likely to push a viewer away, YouTube won’t show it, but if the ad is likely not to bother that specific viewer, YouTube will show it. It’s all based on internal data that YouTube has on the ad tolerance level of each individual viewer. This approach should help you to make more money. 

According to YouTube’s data, creators who had non-skippable ads enabled in combination with other ad formats saw an average of over 5% greater YouTube ad revenue at the cost of less than a 1% decrease in watch time compared to creators who did not. In that same experiment, creators who had pre-roll ads enabled in combination with other ad formats saw an average of over 15% greater YouTube ad revenue only at the cost of less than a 5% decrease in watch time compared to creators who did not. 

Live streams: YouTube is also introducing new options for live stream ads. When this update rolls out, creators will have the opportunity to select the frequency of mid-roll ads in intervals of 6, 12, 18, 24, or 30 minutes. You can also choose to have YouTube display them when they feel is best, and if you decide to let YouTube decide for you, you can fine-tune things by selecting from conservative, balanced, or aggressive ad frequencies.

While streaming, you’ll see a 60-second countdown before the ad plays and have the option to skip it or delay it. If you need to step away for a moment, maybe to grab a drink or address a technical issue, you’ll soon be able to use the “Insert Ads” button to insert a mid-roll anytime you want manually. 

These are big updates. Overall, we like these changes because they have the potential to help you as a creator make more money from your content than ever before!

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