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Carla Marshall
August 1, 2023
Title Generator

An AI YouTube title generator can help you hone in on the best title for your videos. A great title can be the difference between your video getting shared with viewers and racking up watch time or going unnoticed.

What Makes a Great YouTube Title?

A great YouTube title is one that…

  • The YouTube algorithm understands
  • Search engines see and understand,
  • Potential viewers click on

If you’ve ever struggled to come up with the perfect title, TubeBuddy’s AI YouTube Title Generator tool can help.

Following YouTube’s own best practices for titles and descriptions and established SEO methods along with data on what drives viewers to click, The TubeBuddy AI YouTube Title Generator makes it easy to create killer titles that rank and convert.

One of the tools in the TubeBuddy SEO Studio, Title Generator can take a mediocre title and turn it into a killer title, optimized for visibility and engagement.

Title Generator is available to all TubeBuddy users. Free users can experiment with our AI YouTube title generator to create five titles but to reap the rewards of a perfectly optimized YouTube title, consider becoming a TubeBuddy Legend.

Meet TubeBuddy Title Generator

Choosing a winning title is essential for getting the most clicks on your content as possible. Title Generator not only gives you a crazy amount of title options, but it also provides recommendations based on data. 

Users who upload a brief description or phrase for a specific video will receive a list of titles based on AI insights, mined from successful videos across YouTube, to offer the best possible title for your video.

Like all good implementations of AI, the TubeBuddy AI YouTube Title Generator is easy to use and feels a bit like magic. Just input your initial idea or keyphrase and Title Generator will create optimized titles for you to choose from. You just pick the one that feels most on brand for your content and channel.

If you’re not ready to trust an AI YouTube title generator entirely (give it time), you can run an A/B test within TubeBuddy to see which title performs best.

How to Use Title Generator

  • In TubeBuddy Title Generator, input your current video title or the keyphrase you’re targeting
  • Click “Generate Ideas” to have AI generate eight different title ideas for you to choose from
  • If you don’t love any of the AI-generated YouTube titles, click on “Generate Ideas” again to refresh the list
  • When you see a title you love, click “Apply” to automatically update the title of your video on YouTube

TubeBuddy AI YouTube Title Generator in Action

How to Access Title Generator

Here are three ways to access Title Generator:

  • From the TB Tools dropdown icon, click on Title Generator under Misc. tools
  • In the Video Details section on YouTube, click on the Title Generator button under the Title box
  • On YouTube, open the TB Tools menu from the icon on the right of the screen and choose Title Generator

TubeBuddy Free and Pro licensees get five free searches to experiment with our AI YouTube Title Generator. TubeBuddy Legend and Enterprise licenses get unlimited access to all TubeBuddy tools.

TubeBuddy Offers Way More than an AI YouTube Title Generator

TubeBuddy provides over 70 tools for creators to manage, optimize, and promote their YouTube videos. Title Generator can be incorporated into your workflow by:

  • Generating a list of title ideas
  • Using Keyword Explorer to help you decide which title to use
  • A/B Testing to track the results of your variation

Creating content that people want to watch is your job. Creating the AI tools to get your videos noticed and simplify your YouTube workflows is ours.

Upgrade to TubeBuddy Legend and get unlimited access to Title Generator and many more useful AI YouTube tools.


Title Generator Feature

Logan Parke
April 21, 2023

Title Generator

the #1 YouTube title generator tool

Create attention-grabbing video titles in seconds with AI. Get more clicks and views with AI-generated titles that drive both.

transform your video titles into click magnets

Think of your title as the ultimate hook. Without a great hook, even the best content would go unnoticed. Title Generator is your new secret weapon, churning out optimized titles that complement your thumbnails and attract viewers.

In just a few clicks, Title Generator will give you dozens of titles made with one goal: to get people to click on your videos. Once you find a title you like, you can apply it to your videos immediately.

generate click-worthy titles with an AI YouTube title generator

Writing an attention-grabbing title is a skill that takes years to develop. Our AI YouTube title generator is a shortcut. TubeBuddy Title Generator writes persuasive copy that’s optimized for search with just a few clicks.

Just tell it what your video is about and you’ll get a bunch of awesome AI-generated YouTube title ideas. If none seems quite right, simply click to generate more until you find a title you — and the YouTube algorithm — will love.

Write titles like a professional copywriter and see your CTRs soar.

Let AI write the perfect titles for your videos

Ever had a brain fart? Yah, we get them all the time. With our Title Generator you can enter a line of text that has to do with your content and then get a list of different titles that you can use to select your next killer video title!

get unique video title ideas with Title Generator

How TubeBuddy’s YouTube Title Generator works

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* denotes limited access

how to generate titles with AI

Play Video

Step 1

While in YouTube Studio, select Content from the menu list.

Play Video

Step 2

click on the video you would like to write a title for.

Play Video

Step 3

select Title Generator from the TubeBuddy pullout menu

Play Video

Step 4

write an example title or prompt and then select generate ideas to see different title suggestions!

step 1

select your content from the YouTube Studio dashboard.

step 2

click on the video you would like to write a title for.

step 3

select Title Generator from the TubeBuddy pullout menu.

step 4

write an example title or prompt and then select generate ideas to see different suggestions!

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Karl Oftebro

“Once it got my videos ranking #1 in search I was hooked.”


Danie Jay

“TubeBuddy is VITAL for any YouTuber who is serious about making their channel a lucrative side-hustle or full-time job!”


Karin Carr

“TubeBuddy is like having a YouTube expert on staff who will give you advice and direction whenever you need it.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How does TubeBuddy's Title Generator AI work?

TItle Generator sends prompts that are customized to your content to ChatGPT via API access. That means the latest version of ChatGPT — not the public or free version — is creating your titles.

The goal of TubeBuddy’s YouTube Title Generator is to give you awesome, optimized titles for your YouTube videos easily, so you can spend your time doing something else… like making amazing content.

Can I customize the title suggestions provided by TubeBuddy's Title Generator AI?

Of course! You can change your video titles as much as you want, mix multiple titles in one, and add your keywords. The TubeBuddy AI YouTube Title Generator is like an assistant, not a substitute for creativity. Its goal is to help you brainstorm titles faster than ever before.

Is TubeBuddy's Title Generator AI suitable for all types of YouTube content?

Yes. Our AI YouTube TItle Generator can create video titles for any type of content in any niche. You only need to tell it what your video is about, and you let Title Generator do its job. If you want more ideas, you can get more in one click.

Does TubeBuddy's Title Generator AI work for existing videos?

Yes. In fact, coming up with better titles for your older videos is best practice… and our AI YouTube Title Generator is here to help.

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