Get a Head Start With These YouTube Tips for 2024

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Carla Marshall
January 11, 2024
YouTube Strategies and YouTube tips for 2024

When it comes to being granted three wishes, YouTube creators want their dreams to come true as much as the rest of us. We reached out to our community to ask which obstacles they’d remove when it comes to YouTube strategies for success.

While we don’t have a magic wand to offer, we do have some strategy advice, tips, and resources for those who want to reach their potential on the platform in 2024. Unsurprisingly, the two gnarliest pain points for YouTubers revolve around:

  • Monetizing a YouTube channel
  • Gaining YouTube subscribers

So, let’s go over some quick, actionable pointers (with links to more in-depth resources) you can use for your YouTube channel today.

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Monetization: How to Make Money on YouTube 

Let’s start with many YouTuber’s end goal – actually earning good revenue from their content. There’s a real opportunity to make money on YouTube. And while not every creator can say goodbye to the 9-5, many of them can (and do) earn money by treating YouTube as a side hustle. 

There are two distinct pathways to earning from YouTube. One is direct, and one is a little more indirect, but both use the same basic approach.

For most YouTube creators, making money on YouTube starts with getting access to the YouTube Partner Program.

If you’re a new creator embarking on your YouTube journey, the prospect of monetizing your content through the YouTube Partner Program (AKA the YPP) is hugely exciting.

YouTube Strategies to monetize

However, the road to monetization can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. The YPP has a pretty high barrier to entry, and there are some concrete goals in place that creators will need to meet or beat before their application will be approved. 

Our recent post,’ YouTube Monetization: What You Need to Know in 2024,’ clarifies the requirements you need to meet. More importantly, it tells you what you must avoid doing to keep on the right side of YouTube. If your channel is accepted into the YPP, depending on whether you qualify for full or reduced access, you can unlock the following income sources:

  • Adsense Revenue share
  • Channel memberships
  • Super Chat & Super Stickers:
  • Super Thanks
  • Shopping
  • Premium Membership revenue

Did you know – you don’t have to wait to be accepted into the YPP to make money on YouTube? Take a look at our ‘How to Make Money on YouTube as a Small Creator’ resource and start making money from affiliate marketing and sponsorships.

YouTube Subscriber Growth: How to Achieve It 

To successfully make serious money on YouTube, you need a goal – in fact, all creators should think about how they can capitalize on their presence and seize every opportunity to grow as their own little branded business. 
Generating views and subscribers on the platform is a massive subject but views and subs are the keys to success. Take a look at our resources on the TubeBuddy blog and YouTube channel for killer audience development strategies, and ways to organically grow your viewing and subscriber numbers. This video is a great place to start.

Some outliers may achieve massive YouTube success without putting in months (and often) years of hard work. But these creators are the exception that prove the rule. Most YouTubers start with nothing but a passion for their topic and consistently experiment until they find an approach that works for them.

As a new or small creator, you’re going to have to do the same.

YouTube is a creative platform but there really is a well-worn path to success that even the biggest channels have taken. Stick close to these basic principles, and we promise you, you can’t go wrong:  

1. Craft Exceptional Content:

At the heart of every successful YouTube channel is compelling content. Embrace your passion, let your creativity flow, and create videos that resonate with your audience. Remember, quality triumphs over quantity. Your unique voice and perspective will draw viewers in, keeping them coming back for more.

2. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize:

Give your videos the best chance to shine by optimizing your metadata. Craft compelling titles, detailed descriptions, and relevant tags. Don’t forget the visual allure – create eye-catching thumbnails that demand clicks. Optimization will make your content more discoverable, helping you reach a broader audience. TubeBuddy tools like Keyword Explorer, SEO Studio, and Click Magnet can be especially helpful here. 

3. Share the Love on Social Media:

Your YouTube content can’t exist in a vacuum. Share your content on social media platforms to expand your reach and build a community. Engage with your audience and fellow creators, turning your channel into a thriving ecosystem of support and shared enthusiasm.

Collaboration YouTube Strategies for engagement

4. Collaboration Magic:

The YouTube community is vast and filled with creators eager to collaborate. Join forces with fellow YouTubers in your niche, fostering mutual growth and exposing your content to new audiences. Collaboration opens new doors and strengthens your creative community’s bonds.

5. Embrace the Learning Curve:

Embrace the learning curve, and remember that success takes time. Analyze your YouTube Analytics regularly, understanding your audience’s preferences and adjusting your strategy accordingly. 

Every view, like, and comment gets you closer to your goals.

6. Set a Consistent Posting Schedule:

Consistency is key on YouTube. Treat it like the job it is by setting a realistic publishing schedule. Weekly might work for some, but if you’re juggling a full-time job, go for a schedule that won’t lead to burnout.

7. Make Small Improvements in Every Video:

Remember, your first video is going to suck, and that’s okay! Focus on making small improvements with each upload. Spice things up with a new title sequence background music, or try out a new editing software.

Just keep getting better.

8. Dive into YouTube Shorts:

Take advantage of YouTube Shorts. They’re perfect for promoting your channel, especially for new creators. Get creative and share short snippets from your videos.

Ready to kick off your YouTube journey in 2024? Dive in, stay consistent, and enjoy the ride! And hey, if you’re looking for a handy tool to manage it all, give TubeBuddy a try. Schedule, publish, and analyze your YouTube videos in one place. Start for free today!

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Free feature: TubeBuddy AI Agents generate new video ideas, completely customized to you, then help you bring your ideas to life.

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