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Identify the perfect keywords and tags to use in your videos. Get to the top of search results and capture a larger audience.

boost your video rankings in Google and YouTube search results

Imagine: every video you post gets traction, your channel grows month-on-month, you build a loyal fanbase that eagerly anticipates each new release. Now stop imagining and master your YouTube SEO game to get there.

With Keyword Explorer, you can pinpoint high-traffic keywords, integrate them into your titles and tags, and watch as YouTube recommends your videos and you appear at the top of Google searches. Thumbnails will get the most clicks. Combine advanced analytics with AI and watch your Click-Through Rate increase.

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discover what your audience truly craves and create content that resonates instantly

Creating epic content is one thing; aligning it with what viewers actively seek is game-changing.

Keyword Explorer isn’t only useful for optimizing your videos for search, it’s also a great content ideation tool.

Dive deep into what your audience is already searching for and identify gaps to guide your content strategy. Deliver the content an audience wants, optimize it, and you will show up in recommended videos and on search pages.

leverage trending tags to supercharge your video visibility

Tags work like a compass, guiding YouTube’s algorithms to find the right content for their users. Use them correctly, and YouTube will reward you. Get a curated list of tags that are both trending and directly tied to your niche. Add them and see your videos reach the top of the search engine results faster than you ever thought possible. Because the Keyword Explorer is not just about finding keywords; it’s about helping your videos get found. Thumbnails will get the most clicks. Combine advanced analytics with AI and watch your Click-Through Rate increase.

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Find keywords and tags with Keyword Explorer

Here’s how Keyword Explorer works

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How to access Keyword Explorer

Step 1: Select Keyword Explorer from the TubeBuddy drop-down dashboard located in the top right corner.

Step 2: Enter a specific keyword that you would like to receive insights on.

Step 3: Receive an overall keyword score calculated by search volume, competition, strength and other important metrics.

Step 4: Analyze related keywords and searches in order to optimize your titles, tags, and descriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find keywords with Keyword Explorer?

Finding a keyword with Keyword Explorer is easy. Just add a keyword related to your niche or content and start exploring the results. Look at the search metrics for each result and see if they are a good fit for your channel.

Is TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer free?

Yes, it is. However, free users can only see the top 3 results in each category and have limited searches per month.

One of the key features of Keyword Explorer is its ability to provide detailed information on the volume and competition level of keywords. With this tool, you can see how many searches are conducted each month for specific keywords, as well as see how difficult it is to rank for those keywords. This can help you identify keywords that are worth targeting, as well as see which keywords may be too competitive to rank for.

Another important feature of Keyword Explorer is its ability to provide related keyword suggestions. With this tool, you can see related keywords and phrases that are related to your target keyword, which can help you identify additional keywords to target in your content. This can help you expand your keyword strategy and reach a wider audience.

Finally, Keyword Explorer includes a range of optimization features that can help you optimize your videos for maximum reach and engagement. These features include the ability to optimize your video titles and descriptions for specific keywords, as well as the ability to analyze your competitor’s keyword strategy. By using these optimization features, you can ensure that your videos are optimized for maximum reach and engagement, leading to improved performance metrics and better overall results.

How does Keyword Explorer determine which keywords are trending?

Keyword Explorer identifies popular keywords by analyzing YouTube and Google searches over a given period. This data is sourced directly from YouTube’s API.

How often are the recommended keywords and tags updated in Keyword Explorer?

Keyword Explorer pulls data directly from YouTube’s API so the information you see in Keyword Explorer is always up-to-date.

Is there a limit to the number of keywords or tags I can retrieve with Keyword Explorer?

Only for TubeBuddy Free users. For every keyword or tag search, you’ll get dozens or hundreds of recommendations. You can keep searching related keywords to get even more suggestions without any limitations.

What type of information do I get in the Keyword Explorer?

When you do a search with the Keyword Explorer, you will get the following metrics for each keyword:

– Overall Score: Tells you whether the keyword has a good balance of high traffic and low competition. It can also be adjusted to your channel’s content, metadata, views, and engagement rates, so you get a clearer picture of whether a given keyword is a potential winner for your channel.
-Search Volume: A scale ranging from “Poor” to “Excellent,” giving you a better idea of the popularity of the keyword, i.e. how many people are searching for it.
-Competition (Weighted): Identifies the opportunity for a given keyword for your channel specifically. This is based on search volume, competition, relevancy, and how you compare to others currently ranking in search.
-Optimization Strength: Shows you how well optimized the top-ranking videos are for the search phrase. # of Videos in Search Results: This is the number of videos that are already ranking for the keyword.
-# of Monthly Searches (estimate): How often people search for this keyword based on data provided by Keyword Tool.
– You vs. Top Ranked Videos: Compares your videos with the highest-ranked videos for a given keyword.
-Search Trends: The 30-day or 12-month trend for this keyword on YouTube and Google allowing creators to catch trends early or know if a trend is played out.
-Video Topics: A super helpful list of potential video ideas that you could create to rank for a given keyword.
-Common Tags: A list of tags used in the top videos for the keyword.

Can I see historical data or past trends for certain keywords?

Of course. Keyword Explorer gives you a 30-day and 12-month analysis of your keywords from Google and YouTube search engine page results.

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