25 YouTube Video Ideas That Will BLOW UP Your Channel

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Carla Marshall
February 9, 2023
25 YouTube Video Ideas That Will BLOW UP Your Channel

Are you short on inspiration for video content ideas? Whatever type of channel you have, we have 25 ideas for you to pick from to get started. Read through our amazing list or watch our video below:

25 Video Ideas That Will BLOW UP Your YouTube Channel

#1 Share your top recommendations for a topic or category. For instance, the five magical apps that changed my life, the top 10 video games you need to play at least once, or seven places you have to visit in Japan. Choose your favorite things from any category, then write a title that will spice it up and make it stand out from the rest. 

#2 Teach others how to do something you’re skilled at yourself. This could be baking, playing an instrument, or editing videos. Even something super unique, like solving a Rubik’s Cube or doing a one-handed push-up, can count.

#3 Review a product or service you love or hate. What are your thoughts on the latest iPhone, your gym membership, and a recent software release? Plus, if you’re one of the first to review something that’s gaining in popularity, you’ll attract a lot of viewers. Think about KSI and Logan Paul’s hydration drink or MrBeast’s chocolate bars. 

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#4 Film yourself trying something new and document the experience. Like a first ride in a driverless car, learning a new language, or eating really strange foods. 

#5 Share a day in your life. This video could show off your job, hobby, or something interesting about you. Think about what makes you stand out and what others might find intriguing. Are you a nail tech, athlete, or full-time student? You can be a mom, mailman, or musician. The list goes on. Show a day being in your shoes and let others see what it’s like. 

#6 Reaction videos – you’ve all seen these. Pick a movie, TV show, song, product announcement, or just some funny clips. Many creators will package these as try not to laugh challenges or insert something popular for the first time. Believe me; it works for any creator. Look at lawyer reacts, plumber reacts, doctor reacts, vocal coach reacts, kids react. It literally works for every niche. 

#7 Share your tips. These could be about saving money, planning a vacation, organizing your closet, or designing your own website. Educate others about something you know a lot about. 

#8 Take on a challenge or transformation. This could be a physical transformation like losing weight or gaining muscle, or maybe challenging yourself to try yoga for 30 days, or breaking a bad habit like procrastination. 

#9 Make a tutorial about something creative or helpful, such as a DIY project, hairstyle, furniture makeover, or computer H\hack. 

#10 Share an event or trip. Share your current or past experiences from different cities or countries. If you’re local, share a concert, festival, or weekend getaway. 

#11 You could always start by introducing yourself on your channel, or it could say channel trailer. Now, these videos don’t get a lot of views when you’re new, but they’re still great for getting to know you and what kind of content to expect from your channel. Plus, they’re really cool to look back on to see how much you have grown. 

#12 Unboxings and hauls. This works really well for fashion, beauty, and tech channels but can be applied to other niches like cooking, fitness, and design. 

#13 Share a video of your routine. It can be your morning routine, nighttime skincare routine, weekly meal prep, workouts, or anything else you do regularly. Getting a glimpse into someone else’s daily routine inspires viewers to find new ideas and inspiration for their own. 

#14 Create a storytime video. Share a personal, funny, embarrassing moment or interesting experience. Humans have been captivated by stories for centuries. We love hearing about other people’s unique experiences. Plus, good stories are highly shareable and watchable without a lot of planning or editing. 

#15 Do a comparison or versus video, iPhone versus Android, calisthenics versus weightlifting, budget hotels versus luxury hotels, what college is like in Germany versus the USA. 

#16 Share a video that starts with why, followed by a belief, choice, or another topic you feel strongly about. It could look like this. Why I don’t wear makeup, why I started waking up at 5:30 AM, why I became vegan, why I’m leaving New York City. These ideas can be applied to any niche.

#17 Start your video with how I followed by the skill or accomplishment you have. How I learned to speak French fluently. How I saved $10,000 in one year. How I lost 50 pounds. How I got into my dream college. How I video not only share valuable information with your audience but also demonstrates your experience and expertise in your niche. 

#18 Make a video about things. Things I learned in my first year of college. Ten things you need to know before playing Modern Warfare II. Five things to do before you sell your car. Thirty-two things I wish I knew before getting braces. 

#19 Video essays. Describe your argument, thoughts, research, and opinions on the topic related to your niche. It can be serious and educational or silly and lighthearted. Look at these two essays for inspiration. Why MrBeast is a genius and why Bohemian Rhapsody is the best song ever written:

#20 Share your favorite resources related to your niche. Think about books, podcasts, apps, websites, tools, etc. Besides providing valuable information for your viewers, it could open up some great affiliate marketing opportunities if you use resources with referral programs. Some cool ones are my favorite photography apps. four writing tools I can’t live without. ten cheap gaming PC accessories you need for your computer desk. 

#21 Share a video talking about the biggest failures related to your subject. If you’re a filmmaking channel, share mistakes from movies or TV shows. Fitness channels could share gym mistakes. Entrepreneurs could talk about failed business ventures or mistakes you made starting out. 

#22 Create a top five or top ten video list. This could be the top five places to visit, top ten products, or top five ways to save money. 

#23 Share a video that discusses misconceptions. With these videos, you can educate and inform your audience about common misunderstandings and inaccuracies in your area of expertise. Misconceptions about mental illness, fashion industry misconceptions, 14 facts you heard growing up, but which are myths. 

#24 Talk about the latest news. New cars, science breakthroughs, or fashion trends could all be included here. 

#25 Answer frequently asked questions. Videos like this typically rank well in search too, increasing your views and subscribers over time. Some great examples are, how much money do YouTubers make? What should I eat before a workout? What is the best camera for vlogging? How to improve your credit score. 

We hope you find these ideas inspiring and kickstart your next batch of content.

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