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Get AI and Coaching to Scale your YouTube Channel

Crack the creator code with customized gameplans and support to maximize your YouTube Channel.

"Join millions" of brands and
creators scaling with TubeBuddy

It’s Not Magic…It’s TubeBuddy Coaching

Increase Your Channel’s Metrics, No Sweat Required

With turn key actionable insights and our proprietary Channel Review system, boosting metrics is a breeze.

Quarterly Channel Strategy Sessions included with your TubeBuddy Coaching license, an $8k value!

But there’s more. Get competitor metrics, learn their secrets, and dominate your space.

Use AI to Create Content Your Audience Will Watch

We’ve got the secret sauce. From trend identification, tag suggestions and much more, you get the recipe to create content that resonates with your audience.

Plus, leverage our SEO tool, A/B testing platform, and advanced keyword research so your brand’s content is always found.

Unlimited Support from REAL YouTube Experts

Get your brands moving with premium customer support from real YouTube experts.

We ensure that your team masters our product and can leverage the Youtube algorithm to gain an unfair advantage over the competition.

And More

Advanced tools to 10x your teams productivity

Understanding the YouTube algorithm is the single most important skill brands can have.

Every Year, We Help Over 10 Million
Brands Increase Their Content ROI

Family Feud American television game show

“TubeBuddy’s bulk processing tools have literally saved us hundreds of hours managing the Family Feud YouTube channel.”

Derral Eves YouTube Certified Expert

"TubeBuddy has completely transformed the way I manage my clients’ YouTube channels"

Sara Beth Yoga 1m+ subscribers

I credit TubeBuddy for the success of my YouTube SEO strategy.

Enterprise Pricing

Everything you need to scale your brand’s channels


Manage Your Brands and Channels With:

Additonal channel sold at a custom pricing

Increase Views and Content
Monetization for Your Brands

If you manage multiple YouTube brands, have 50k+ YouTube Subscribers or 50+ employees, fill out the form to:

Enterprise offers unmatched training and strategic support.

Use AI, SEO Tools, and testing to reach and engage audiences.

Custom channel reviews identify opportunities for growth.

Go from good to GOAT with TubeBuddy Coaching and unlock one-on-one guidance, white glove service, and more to fully optimize your YouTube channel!





  • SEO
  • A/B Testing
  • Time Saving Tools
  • AI Tools


  • SEO
  • A/B Testing
  • Time Saving Tools
  • AI Tools
  • Monthly Coaching Webinars - $5k value
  • Quarterly Channel Strategy Sessions - $8k value
  • Product Onboarding
  • First in line premium support
  • Custom Onboarding
  • Access to Youtube Success Strategist

Optimize Your Influencer Channel with Our In-Depth Analysis

As an influencer, you know that your channel’s success is built on engagement and reach. But how do you ensure that you are maximizing your potential? At [Company Name], we offer a comprehensive review service that provides you with the insights and guidance you need to take your channel to the next level.

Our service includes a detailed analysis of your channel’s content, engagement rates, audience demographics, and more. With our help, you can identify areas for improvement and develop a strategy that aligns with your goals.

For only $8000 per year, you will receive four in-depth reviews of your channel, each worth $2000. With our real-time guidance and support, you can take your channel to the next level and achieve your goals faster.

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