How to Correct an Error on a Published YouTube Video

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Carla Marshall
July 1, 2022
How to Correct an Error on a Published YouTube Video

YouTube has launched a “Corrections” feature for creators, which allows them to 

submit timestamped text corrections to videos that have already been uploaded and published. 

Now creators can fix an error on a video without having to edit and re-upload it, an action that will result in a loss of likes, comments, and other engagement metrics generated by the video.

However, with the new “Corrections” tool, ​​YouTube is finally giving creators a much better way to correct a video without having to go through the tedious process of re-uploading it.

It’s a helpful feature that will help creators provide accurate information to a video that’s already gone live. Suppose something’s not quite right or someone else brings an error to their attention. This could be particularly handy for a creator who needs to update or add important context to news-related or videos that cover current events.

How does YouTube Correction Work?

With YouTube corrections, you let viewers know when a  specific moment in a video contains an error or needs updating. Creators can now easily add a link in the description for clarification.

While the content of a video itself doesn’t get replaced, a correction can be made in the form of this text pop-up.

Creators can activate this feature by typing in the word “Correction:” or “Corrections:” in the video description box, followed by the timestamp and explanation of the error being corrected. 

The example below shows the “View Corrections” card in a video with some text explaining the correction. Users can click or tap on the card to access the full correction in the description.

YouTube is rolling out the feature to enable creators “to call attention to corrections and clarifications in the descriptions of their already-published videos.” YouTube’s Creator Insider channel released an announcement of the new feature at the beginning of the following video:

You can see the full instructions for how to add corrections here. It’s not a complete solution, but the feature allows a creator to acknowledge errors and provide the correct details to the viewer.

Eligible creators will have access to it by the end of June 2022. Please note that the corrections feature won’t be available to creators if their channel has any active strikes or if the content is inappropriate.

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