How to Use TubeBuddy to Jump on YouTube Trends 2024

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Carla Marshall
January 16, 2024
YouTube Trends 2024

No one knows what YouTube trends 2024 might have in store but whatever YouTube trends emerge, TubeBuddy can help you capitalize on them before they’re played out. 

It’s always useful (and frankly, fascinating) to look back on the recent past to see what trends and topics captivated the viewer’s attention with social video. YouTube confirmed the creators and genres that dominated the platform last year. We take a quick recap and confirm how TubeBuddy users can tap into up-and-coming trending topics to take advantage of the views available for their channel.

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From talking toilets to Barbie dresses and Mexican music hitting the charts, 2023 unfolded in diverse and unexpected ways in the YouTube landscape. 

In the US, YouTube’s trending topics showcased how fan communities transformed cultural moments into immersive phenomena across various content formats. 
Original series like “Skibidi Toilet” and the release of the insanely popular Barbie blockbuster sparked amazing fan creativity. Notable moments of 2023 included the rise of artificial intelligence challenges, the impact of an indie horror game, and the search for authoritative news about Israel Palestine.

Sticking with the US, MrBeast was the top creator for the fourth year in a row with his philanthropic and entertaining challenges. However, the landscape saw the rise of new faces across different verticals, from sketch comedy to sports. The creators experiencing the most substantial growth in US-based subscribers in 2023 included Topper Guild, Pink Shirt Couple, and VuxVux.

The breakout YouTubers of 2023 in the US included gaming and unexpected series creators. Channels in this category tripled their subscriber base compared to 2022. Among them were Pink Shirt Couple, JT Casey, and DaFuq!?Boom!

Creating videos around a trend that is related to your channel is an excellent way to grow your audience, and TubeBuddy users can tap into our tools to identify trends on YouTube. 

For example, creators can use fan-favorite Keyword Explorer to uncover what’s trending around the world or in a specific location like the US or the UK. You can explore them in more depth by opening them up in a Google Trends dashboard to discover their trending history, or you can type in your own keywords to see the interest in them.

This is particularly helpful for products, gaming, and general entertainment topics.
A useful feature of Keyword Explorer is the autocorrect tool, which throws up many possible ideas as you start typing in your initial keywords. For example, as I write this post, New England Patriots manager Bill Belichick is trending in the US.

Bill Belichick keyword explorer for YouTube Trends 2024

Typing his name into Keyword Explorer throws me some extra content ideas. If I click on ‘Bill Belichick dog,’ a new dashboard opens that will give me further information on this keyphrase’s potential for views.

Bill Belichick keyword for YouTube trends 2024

I’m using the ‘unweighted’ option to give a balanced perspective so that it’s not influenced by my channel. The Unweighted Score is a general score; it’s quite broad, so relying solely on the Unweighted Score might not give you the most accurate picture as it doesn’t consider your channel’s past content, metadata, and engagements. However, it gives you an instant snapshot of how popular the key phrase is. Click on the Weighted Score to see how the keyphrase may perform against your specific existing content.

bill belichick dog example for YouTube trending topics

Cross-Reference Results

I’m getting a score of ‘Excellent’ on this search, which tells me it’s a topic I could make a video on. However, cross-referencing this particular term on Google Trends tells me there really isn’t that much current interest in it. This is actually great news for me as a creator, as I’ve just saved myself some time and effort by looking for a more viable Bill Belichick topic to explore. I may rank highly for the term “Bill Belichick dog,” but not many people are searching for content about it, so is it really worth it?

Keyword Explorer is a must-have tool for YouTube creators to save you time and uncover amazing content ideas. We take a deep dive into the tool in this post and unlock some expert features in this video:

Need some extra video ideas? Try our YouTube idea generator and see how many you can think of. 

Our Competitor Analysis Tool also lets you track your competitor’s latest videos. If they have a knack for creating killer content around trending topics, you could pick up some fantastic ideas for your own strategy.

Alongside Keyword Explorer and Competitor Analysis, don’t forget to take advantage of our Click Magnet tool, designed to effortlessly uncover your top-performing content. See how your videos stack up against the competition so you’re armed with the best information you need before you even pick up your camera and start recording.

Don’t forget to optimize your titles with YouTube Title Generator, an AI feature from TubeBuddy that helps you craft the best title for your videos based on the keywords you’ve researched. Title Generator can turn a boring title into an amazing one. It will be optimized for visibility and engagement and give the potential viewer every reason to click through to your content.

Unlock Explosive YouTube Growth with Trendjacking Strategies

Have you heard of trendjacking? It’s a powerful technique where content creators leverage ongoing trends to craft compelling content around popular topics and associated keywords. Riding the wave of a trend can significantly amplify your video views and subscriber count, and you just need to be ready to take advantage of a new trend to try it out on your own content. 

Some of the biggest creators on YouTube have harnessed this strategy to achieve remarkable growth on their channels. While there are various methods to increase watch time and subscribers, trendjacking stands out as a particularly effective approach. 

So, how do you master trendjacking? This three-step formula will give you the basic guidelines:

#1 Identify YouTube 2024 Trends:

Spot rising trends or anticipate regular ones early on. Keep your eyes and ears open when browsing Reddit, watching the news, or scrolling through TikTok. Anticipating regular trends is straightforward – examine the calendar for big events, holidays, or upcoming releases that capture people’s interest.

#2 Tailor Your 2024 YouTube Trendjacking Content: 

Now, tailor the trending topic to fit your unique niche or audience. Even if the trend seems unrelated, creativity can help you make it interesting to both your existing audience and the broader target audience. Connecting the trend to your niche and creating engaging content is key.

#3 Timing is Everything: 

Identify trends that will attract viewers seeking more information and then act swiftly – success often depends on being one of the first creators to cover a trend. Don’t procrastinate when something goes viral or starts trending in your niche. Publish your video on the same day if you can to capitalize on the heightened interest. 

Remember, trendjacking doesn’t have to be a long-term strategy. It’s an excellent way to quickly garner attention to your channel, especially if you’re just starting out. 

Read our post on ‘How To DOUBLE Views and Subscribers On YouTube with Trendjacking!‘, or watch our video below for more insights:

2023 on YouTube was a year of breathtaking creativity, diversity, and unexpected trends that engaged and entertained different audiences across the platform. 2024 promises to be just the same, so every creator needs to be aware of what’s capturing the viewers’ attention and how to jump on the bandwagon if they see an opportunity to create their own videos about it. 

A good mix of evergreen and trending content will give your channel the absolute best chance of success when it comes to audience development. Evergreen content will keep year videos relevant for a long time and keep ranking for holiday or tentpole events. Trending topics will drive immediate interest and hopefully bring many new viewers to your channel. A trending video should attract interest, and your evergreen content should encourage viewers to stick around and subscribe.

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