5 Strategic YouTube Takeaways from International Creator Day

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Carla Marshall
May 11, 2022
YouTube Takeaways

On April 23rd, we invited you to join our International Creator Day live stream on YouTube to celebrate the impact of the creator community. During our 8 hour marathon, we were lucky enough to host many YouTube experts and creators who gave out some fantastic advice on how to grow as a creator, how to build a community, and how to stay focused on your goals.

We’ve pulled out five of the best takeaways for you below. Don’t forget to visit our live streamed video for many more tips and tricks!

#1 Show Your True Value as a Creator

YouTube is a competitive space. A huge number of channels are chasing views and subscribers, especially in the most popular niches of gaming, beauty, cooking, and entertainment. YouTube expert Derral Eves recommends creators tackle that challenge head-on and give their audience and community something they can really get behind. Give value, and you’ll position yourself for real success.

#2 Your Videos Probably Suck

Who made this outrageous claim? None other than YouTube and pop culture superstar MrBeast. He started out thinking his content was fantastic, but he soon realized it really wasn’t. It took the creation of hundreds of videos until he truly understood what makes one go viral on YouTube. Work on your craft and aim to improve with every piece of content you publish.

Cross-platform creator Neekolul made a name for herself by jumping on the 2019 “OK Boomer” trend. Her now-deleted clip generated over 6 million views on TikTok in 4 days and garnered 30 million views on Twitter. She strongly encourages creators to identify trending topics according to each platform. What works on Twitch may not work on YouTube or TikTok and vice versa. Reading the room when it comes to your videos and audience will go a long way to ensuring your content works.

You can watch the interview with Neekolul here at the 06:37:00 mark.

#4 Harness the Power of Short Form Video

With YouTube Shorts generating more than 5 trillion total views and TikTok attracting 1 million views per day, short form video is truly having its moment in the sun. Creators are tapping into the thirst for snackable content with a huge range of topics and niches. Savvy creators are keeping a close eye on trends and spotting opportunities with short form content to help them grow. You should be doing the same.
Watch the panel discussion on the power of short form video at the 02:00:48 mark.

#5 Bump Your Income Stream With a Killer Merch Strategy

There are several ways to earn income from social video platforms like YouTube, and selling merch is one of them. However, to really make a profit from the items you sell, you absolutely need to have all your ducks in a row when it comes to your business strategy. 

Want to learn more about how you do that? Check out the strategy discussed here.

Our International Creator Day live stream was full of strategic advice from YouTube experts and successful creators. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for more guidance and inspiration for your creator journey!

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