7 YouTube Growth Tools to Boost Your Channel Subscribers

We’re about to let you in on seven amazing YouTube growth tools that’ll help creators—especially smaller creators—grow YouTube watch time and every channel metric that matters.  The powerful YouTube growth tools will help you optimize your content, understand your audience, grow your YouTube watch time and subscriber base.  Growing a YouTube channel can feel like an uphill battle. But as we’ve said before, if you put in the work, your channel will grow. And (as we’ve also said before) if you use TubeBuddy, your channel will grow faster. Here are seven essential YouTube growth tools that can significantly enhance your channel’s performance. ViewStats – The YouTube Growth Tool from MrBeast’s Team So, there’s a YouTuber you may have heard of. He goes by the name of MrBeast. He’s pretty famous… and he’s super data-driven. With over 300M subscribers on his main channel, he would seem to know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to YouTube growth.  His team created a YouTube growth tool called ViewStats, which provides detailed analytics on YouTube channels. These are analytics and stats that aren’t available on YouTube itself. ViewStats offers insights into estimated revenue, views per hour, and historical… Continue reading 7 YouTube Growth Tools to Boost Your Channel Subscribers

Grow on YouTube for Small Channels: 11 Settings to Turn On (or Off) Now

Every creator wants to grow on YouTube, but it’s especially important for small channels. There are no shortcuts but there are definitely some YouTube channel tweaks, YouTube hacks, and YouTube shortcuts that can help.  While it can feel impossible, if you do the work, you will grow your YouTube channel… and if you use TubeBuddy, you’ll grow even faster.  With that in mind, here are 11 YouTube settings every channel that’s looking to grow should change. It won’t take long. These are all easy changes to make but they can have an outsized impact, boosting your visibility, engagement, and overall performance.  Our advice? Open your YouTube Studio in another tab or window and follow along with our checklist of settings every channel looking to grow on YouTube should change. Which checklist is that, you ask? Let’s get to it! Here’s a guide on the top 11 YouTube settings you must turn on to grow your channel effectively. 1. Disable Automatic Chapters YouTube’s AI-generated chapters might seem useful, but they can often misrepresent your content and harm viewer retention. Left to its own devices, YouTube won’t do a great job of optimizing your chapter names for YouTube SEO.  Instead, manually add… Continue reading Grow on YouTube for Small Channels: 11 Settings to Turn On (or Off) Now

Do YouTube Dislikes Even Matter? Yes… but Also No

Before you panic about dislikes on a recent video, learn more about what the YouTube dislike feature actually means. It’s actually less influential than you might think. Instead of driving away traffic from your channel, dislikes are a learning opportunity for creators to understand what content is resonating well with creators.

Consistent vs. Constant: 3 Tips For a Healthy Content Calendar

Even content creators face burnout. Despite being a dream job for many, the lack of structure can be overwhelming and lead creators to overcommit—and then burn out. Instead, try these three tips to build a thoughtful and robust content calendar that prioritizes well-being without sacrificing audience engagement.

Get Your YouTube Year in Review 2023

YouTube doesn’t offer a year in review for creators… but TubeBuddy does! Get a free YouTube year in review for 2023 to see how you stack up. Get your free YouTube channel Year in Review 2023 A TubeBuddy year in review starts out by turning back the clock to Jan 1, 2023 and how you began the year. You’ll see a snapshot of subscribers, views, and uploads. This is how you started the year. Next, your YouTube channel year in review pulls up your top three uploads of 2023 along with total view count. Then, you’ll see a snapshot of your last year’s performance compared with this year’s along with a percentage change. Finally, you’ll see a snapshot of how you ended 2023 in terms of subscribers, views, and uploads relative to the year before. Here’s hoping 2023 was your channel’s best year yet. Learn how TubeBuddy can help make 2024 even better with tools like YouTube Keyword Explorer, YouTube A/B Testing, and AI tools like our YouTube Thumbnail Analyzer, YouTube Title Generator, and YouTube Suggested Shorts.

Master YouTube’s New ‘For You’ Feature

YouTube creators, there’s something new on the block! YouTube’s ‘For You’ feature is the latest customization that’s shaking up the way viewers interact with channels. If you’re looking to boost your channel’s visibility and increase views and subscribers, understanding and setting up the YouTube ‘For You’ feature is your next move. Let’s cut through the noise and dig into how to customize your channel’s ‘For You’ settings to get the most out of this new feature. Decoding the ‘For You’ Section Imagine a concierge for your YouTube channel, one that knows what your viewers like and presents them with a platter of your videos they’re likely to enjoy most. That’s the ‘For You’ section. It’s a personalized line-up of your content, catered to individual tastes, directly on your channel page. Why the ‘For You’ Section is a Win-Win This isn’t just another update. The ‘For You’ section could become the engine that powers your channel to new heights. It’s about getting your content in front of people who are most likely to hit that subscribe button. Think of it as the matchmaker of YouTube, connecting your videos with viewers who are into what you’re creating. Fine-Tuning Your ‘For You’ Approach You… Continue reading Master YouTube’s New ‘For You’ Feature

YouTube: Brand Marketer’s Biggest Untapped Medium

An Untapped Platform Due to its extensive reach and popularity, a YouTube marketing strategy seems like a no-brainer inclusion in any campaign. However, less than 10% of businesses have their own channel, according to Brand Watch. That makes YouTube one of the most valuable, untapped marketing platforms available today. If you’re one of the many business owners or marketers who hasn’t yet taken advantage of YouTube, today is the day to get started. The platform requires minimal investment, precision targeting, simple viewer-to-consumer paths, built-in ROI tracking, and greater ad reach for 18- to 49-year-olds than all cable networks combined. In addition, it’s a great place for potential markets to better understand you and your brand. And if you’re needing some inspiration before you get going, we’ve got you covered. Read on for examples of various brands across the industry that all use YouTube to connect with their target audience and gain brand recognition. Brands That Are Succeeding Let’s take a quick look at some YouTube usage stats:  That’s a lot of traffic. It’s also true that there’s a lot of noise on the platform, with 500 hours of video being uploaded every minute. And while every brand must find their… Continue reading YouTube: Brand Marketer’s Biggest Untapped Medium

How to use TubeBuddy: Five things every TubeBuddy user should do right now

So you want to blow up on YouTube? A worthy goal. Creating content and building a community is a lot of work. But if you do the work and use TubeBuddy to optimize your videos and your YouTube workflows, you will get better results.  But don’t just take it from us. Take it from… ok, fine us, but with data from nearly 60,000 YouTube creators over a three-month period to back it up.  TubeBuddy users saw a 86% improvement in views (+170.85%) and a 55% improvement in subs (+89.40%) compared with other YouTube creators who are doing the work but not using TubeBuddy. With that in mind, here are five things every TubeBuddy user should do… and five things every new TubeBuddy user should start with.  1. How to use TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer can be a YouTube creator’s best friend. It takes the guesswork out of your video creation process and helps you tailor your content to match what audiences are searching for. This tool is particularly valuable for researching video ideas. When you input a keyword related to your niche, TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer offers an overall score, analysis, and related searches. It allows you to delve… Continue reading How to use TubeBuddy: Five things every TubeBuddy user should do right now

Why YouTube Success is all About Audience and Community

it’s vital to understand that your community and audience are everything if you want to succeed on YouTube.  Your community is the larger group of viewers who are interested in your content and follow you on the platform. Viewers who watch and interact with your videos comprise your audience. Here are some reasons why growing your community and audience on YouTube is the key to success: #1 The core of your channel is your audience. Your channel won’t have any viewers or active users if there isn’t an audience. The success of your channel depends on developing and retaining a dedicated following. #2 Your audience aids in your growth and expansion into new markets. When people appreciate and share your content, new viewers are introduced to your channel, further growing your following. This is why it’s crucial to concentrate on producing top-notch content that connects with your audience and motivates them to participate and share your videos. #3 Viewers who connect with you and your channel and are interested in your material make up your community. You should establish a personal connection with your audience and foster a sense of belonging and participation by creating a strong community. #4 You… Continue reading Why YouTube Success is all About Audience and Community

Trend Transcenders: 6 YouTube Creators That Have Stood the Test of Time

Every creator dreams of massive success. Sensations like “Gangnam Style” and the “It’s Corn” song are prime examples of how going viral on YouTube leads to a flood of new views and attention, which can give creators a serious boost. Yet while some creators one hit wonders find their fame fleeting, others manage to stick around in the public eye.  So what do creators who have lasted more than a decade on YouTube have in common? They’ve outlived internet trends and cultural shifts, and demonstrated the necessary business savvy to extend their brands to mediums beyond YouTube. Here’s how six creators have stayed relevant for the long haul. 1. Schmoyoho The “It’s Corn” song was inescapable online this summer. But you might not know that the audio used in several million short-form videos was created by longtime YouTubers the Gregory Brothers, who joined the platform with their channel Schmoyoho in 2006. The band is on a mission “to create a cosmic dance party that brings world peace to all.” They’ve made a name for themselves across the web with goofy songs (what they call “songify”-ing) made from  serious audio clips including presidential debates and news interviews. You might recall “BED… Continue reading Trend Transcenders: 6 YouTube Creators That Have Stood the Test of Time

Tapping Into the Trend: Education Content Is Getting a Makeover On YouTube

Even content creators face burnout. Despite being a dream job for many, the lack of structure can be overwhelming and lead creators to overcommit—and then burn out. Instead, try these three tips to build a thoughtful and robust content calendar that prioritizes well-being without sacrificing audience engagement.

3 Ways to Create a Killer YouTube Short

YouTube Shorts is a growing channel for content with lots of new possibilities. Whether you’re trying to gain new viewership or connect with your existing audience, the platform has much to offer. Original content and repurposed content alike have a home on Shorts so start creating now to take advantage!

Understanding Your Audience: How to Age Down or Grow Up 

YouTube is the most age diverse platform with audiences ranging from younger Gen Z all the way to baby boomers. Make the most of your content by understanding your audience: what generation are they and what makes them tick. Uncover tips for tailoring your content to each age group to expand your reach or connect with your existing viewers on a deeper level.

How to Use Events to Grow Your Creator Status

Different types of events offer creators an opportunity to connect with new audiences. Whether it be with fans, brands, or other creators, creators can leverage these opportunities to learn new strategies for their own content, discover brand deals, or gain an understanding of how their content is performing among viewers.