A/B Testing Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

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November 4, 2022

Do you often find yourself waffling between one thumbnail and another? Or constantly struggling to settle on a title for your latest video? TubeBuddy’s A/B testing extension is here to help. 

Updated with an integrated workflow, the latest iteration of our tool compares two versions of your video’s thumbnail, title, description, or tags—all directly within YouTube. You’ll then gain insight into how each version affects your video’s performance. And the result? You’ll be able to make a more informed call on which option will earn the highest number of views and engagements. 

Getting to Know the New and Improved Extension

A/B testing isn’t a feature that’s natively available on YouTube, but a TubeBuddy Legend license makes it possible. TubeBuddy’s revamped tool allows creators to add an A/B test while uploading a video, without having to toggle to an external window. On your video’s details page, simply click the “Test Alternates” button in the top right corner and navigate through the pop-up to set up your A/B test. 

Caption: Navigating A/B testing just got easier. Click through the options within your video’s details page.

First, select which components of your video you want to test: thumbnails, titles, descriptions, or tags. While you have the option to combine your A/B test elements, we recommend sticking to just one variable per test for the most accurate results. If you run a test using a different thumbnail and title, for example, it’s more difficult to distinguish which component is driving a boost in performance. 

You’ll also have the option to select the length of your test. You can opt for a specific time period (a week, for example) or let TubeBuddy collect data until you have statistically significant results. Keep checking back on your test’s progress and results to see how version A and B are performing.

Creator tip: Once it becomes clear that one version is performing better, stop your test and update your video with the more successful thumbnail, title, or description.

As your test is running, TubeBuddy will automatically swap the variable elements in your video every 24 hours. The status display will keep you updated with progress and results on which version is performing better. And for each version, you’ll gain in-depth insights on how the variable affected click-through rates, average view duration, watch time, and so much more. 

Check out our example below: 

A Data Goldmine

Insight from an A/B test can reveal a lot about your overall approach to content creation—not just improve the performance of one piece of content. For example, a video with a high click-through rate but a short average view duration likely means viewers didn’t get what they were expecting based on your title. That intel can help reshape how you name your videos—and improve viewership overall. 

Creator tip: Running an A/B test can provide valuable insight for a specific video—but it can also inform your entire approach to content. What you learn from one test may have you rethinking how you name all your videos!

The data speaks for itself. If you’re looking to uncover the secret to better video performance, A/B testing is a tool you need to try. With TubeBuddy’s Legend license, you can take full advantage of this capability—and many more—to help grow your channel to new heights.