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December 14, 2023
YouTube idea generator tool from TubeBuddy

If you’re stuck for a video idea, try our YouTube idea generator. 

Consistency is key on YouTube, and you can’t always count on inspiration to come at the right time. If you’re looking to fill out your content calendar, or if you’re struggling with an idea for what topic to tackle next on your channel, we hope you’ll find what you need below.

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YouTube Idea Generator: For Beginners

If you’re just starting out on your YouTube creator journey, the following tried-and-true content ideas might help you get unstuck. Adapt them or use them as inspiration to create content that fits the vision you have for your channel.

YouTube idea generator for beginners

Introduce yourself

Create a warm welcome for your viewers by sharing who you are, what you do, and what they can expect from your channel.

Introduce your brand or company

Give a detailed overview of your brand or company, its mission, and what sets it apart in the industry.

Meet the crew

Introduce your audience to the people behind the scenes, be it your camera operator, your mentor, or your family.

Share a personal story

Connect with your audience by sharing a personal story or experience that has shaped who you are.

Share a vlog of a day in the life with you

Take your viewers along for a typical day in your life, showcasing your routines, hobbies, or work process.

Explain your product, niche, or brand

Delve into the details of your product, niche, or brand, explaining what makes it unique and why it matters.

Let viewers take a tour behind the scenes

Show the behind-the-scenes of your workspace, studio, or creative process, providing an insider look.

Introduce your family or friends

Bring a personal touch by introducing your family or friends, sharing how they support or inspire your work.

Share 15 facts about you

Let your audience get to know you better by sharing 15 interesting, fun, or unique facts about yourself.

Come film a video with me

Invite your viewers to collaborate or suggest ideas for your next video, making them part of your creative process.

YouTube Idea Generator: Educational

Turn your channel into a hub of knowledge with these educational content ideas. Whether you’re teaching a skill, sharing tips, or debunking myths, educational content can both inform and engage your audience.

YouTube Idea Generator for education channels

How-to or tutorial

Create a step-by-step guide or tutorial on a specific skill, process, or project that your viewers can follow along.

Show viewers how to use [specific product or tool]

Demonstrate the use of a specific product or tool, offering tips and techniques for getting the best results.

Everything you need to know about [blank]

Provide a comprehensive overview of a specific topic, covering all the essential information and details.

Address a common misconception

Clear up common misconceptions or misunderstandings related to your niche, backed by facts and research.

X lessons you’ve learned from your experience

Share valuable lessons you’ve learned in your field, offering insights and advice from your own experiences.

One actionable tip with [outcome]

Offer a practical and actionable tip that promises a specific outcome or improvement.

Share easy tips and tricks about [action]

Provide simple yet effective tips and tricks related to a particular action or task, making it easier for your viewers.

Answer viewers’ questions

Respond to questions from your viewers, covering a range of topics related to your niche or personal experiences.

Bust some myths

Debunk popular myths in your field, using evidence and expertise to set the record straight.

Share how to make something from scratch

Guide your viewers through the process of making something from scratch, be it a craft, recipe, or DIY project.

YouTube Idea Generator: Product Focused

Showcase and review products in an engaging and informative way. Whether you’re unboxing the latest gadget or comparing different brands, product-focused content can be both entertaining and useful for your audience.

What’s in my bag?

Reveal the contents of your bag, sharing the products you use daily and why you choose them.

An unboxing video

Unbox a new product, sharing your first impressions and thoughts on its features and performance.

Come shopping with me

Take your viewers on a shopping trip, sharing your process for selecting products and giving insights into your choices.

Honest review of [product]

Provide an honest and detailed review of a product, discussing its pros and cons and whether it’s worth the purchase.

Your top X list (movies, books, shows, podcasts, etc.)

Curate a list of your top recommendations in a specific category, such as movies, books, or podcasts.

How to assemble [product]

Demonstrate how to assemble a product, offering tips and advice for a smooth and successful setup.

Make a budget-friendly video on [product]

Create a video focused on budget-friendly options for a specific product, offering affordable alternatives.

An “am I doing this right?” video

Attempt something new or challenging related to a product, and ask your audience for feedback or advice.

A shopping haul video

Showcase a collection of items you’ve recently purchased, giving your thoughts and first impressions.

Compare different products and prices

Compare similar products, discussing their features, prices, and overall value to help viewers make informed choices.

YouTube Idea Generator: Entertaining

Entertain your audience with content that’s fun, engaging, and sometimes unexpected. From reaction videos to pranks, entertaining content can capture the interest of a wide range of viewers.

YouTube Idea Generator for entertaining ideas

A reaction video

React to a trending topic, video, or event, sharing your honest opinions and emotions.

Give your opinion on something

Share your opinion on a controversial or popular topic, inviting viewers to engage in a discussion.

Share bloopers

Show the lighter side of your video production by sharing bloopers, outtakes, or funny moments.

Come on holiday with me

Take your viewers on a virtual holiday, sharing your experiences, adventures, and insights from the trip.

Create music covers

Showcase your musical talent by creating covers of popular songs, adding your own unique style and interpretation.


Experiment with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) content, creating videos that trigger relaxing and soothing sensations.

Run an experiment and share your results

Conduct an experiment related to your niche or a topic of interest, and share the findings and conclusions with your audience.

Prank a friend

Play a harmless prank on a friend or family member, capturing their reactions and the fun aftermath.

Swap lives with someone for a day

Experience and document a day in the life of someone else, highlighting the differences and new perspectives gained.

Learn how to make this

Challenge yourself to learn a new skill or craft, documenting the learning process and sharing the end result.

YouTube Idea Generator: Engaging

Engage your audience with content that prompts interaction, reflection, and laughter. This section focuses on creating videos that involve your viewers directly, be it through Q&As, polls, or sharing opinions on controversial topics.

Do a Q&A session

Host a question and answer session, addressing queries from your viewers about your life, work, or any topic of interest.

Ask people what they’re currently struggling with

Engage your audience by inquiring about their current challenges and offering advice or solutions.

Walk people through a process/tutorial

Create a step-by-step tutorial or process guide, helping viewers learn something new or improve a skill.

Make viewers think how you did [magic]

Showcase a magic trick or a surprising skill, leaving viewers intrigued about how it was done.

Go viral with comedy

Create a comedic sketch or video that has the potential to go viral, using humor to engage and entertain.

Create a tutorial on [tool, product, etc.]

Offer a tutorial on how to use a specific tool or product, providing valuable information and tips.

Share a controversial topic that encourages conversation

Stimulate discussion by sharing your thoughts on a controversial topic, encouraging viewers to share their perspectives.

Share an unpopular opinion about [niche]

Voice an unpopular or unique opinion about a topic in your niche, sparking debate and engagement.

There are two types of people – which one are you

Create a fun and relatable video discussing the two types of people in various scenarios, asking viewers which type they are.

A poll about products

Conduct a poll on different products, inviting viewers to vote and discuss their preferences and opinions.

YouTube Idea Generator: End of the Year Content

Reflect on the past year and look forward to the next with this series of content ideas. Perfect for wrapping up the year and setting the tone for what’s to come.

YouTube Idea Generator for end of year content

Your 2023 overview/recap

Recap your year, highlighting significant events, achievements, and lessons learned in 2023.

New skills you learned this year

Share new skills you acquired over the year, inspiring viewers to consider their own learning journeys.

Lessons learned from failures

Discuss the failures you faced and the valuable lessons learned from them, encouraging resilience and growth.

Your favorites of the year (books, products, tools used, podcasts, etc.)

List your favorite things from the year, including books, products, tools, and podcasts, offering recommendations to your viewers.

Your biggest accomplishment

Highlight your biggest accomplishment of the year, sharing the journey and impact it had on you.

How it started vs. how it’s going

Create a comparison video showing how things started for you at the beginning of the year versus how they are now.

What’s coming in 2024

Share your plans, goals, and predictions for 2024, setting the stage for the upcoming year.

Your 2024 predictions

Offer your predictions for trends, events, or changes in your niche for the year 2024.

YouTube Idea Generator: General/Other

This section is a collection of diverse and versatile content ideas that can fit into various niches and interests. From DIY projects to fitness routines, these ideas are great for when you need a change of pace or a new angle.

YouTube content Ideas for general topics

Challenge video

Take on a challenge, be it a popular internet challenge or something unique to your niche, and document the experience.

Interview someone in your niche

Conduct an interview with a person of interest in your niche, providing insights and perspectives to your audience.

Collab with another creator

Collaborate with another content creator, combining your talents and audiences for a unique video.

Share your fitness routine

Showcase your fitness routine, offering tips and motivation for viewers interested in health and wellness.

DIY/craft tutorial

Create a DIY or craft tutorial, guiding viewers through a creative project step by step.

Share a motivational speech

Inspire your viewers with a motivational speech, touching on themes of perseverance, success, or personal growth.

How you organize [blank]

Provide organizational tips and ideas, showing how you organize a specific aspect of your life, like your desk, apps, or video setup.

Share your routine

Document and share one of your routines, be it your daily routine, skincare, video filming, editing, etc., offering insights into your process.

YouTube Idea Generator: Life lessons

Share your experiences and insights on life, aiming to connect, inspire, and educate your audience. This category includes reflections, reactions, and personal growth content.

YouTube Idea Generator for life lessons

React to old videos

Look back and react to your old videos, reflecting on your growth and changes over time.

Discuss a trending topic

Share your thoughts on a current trending topic, offering your unique perspective and inviting discussion.

Virtual tour of your space

Give a virtual tour of your workspace, home, or any other personal space, sharing details about your environment.

React to fan art or messages

Show your appreciation by reacting to fan art, messages, or comments, highlighting your community’s creativity and support.

React to funny memes or videos

Share your reactions to humorous memes or videos, adding a light-hearted and entertaining element to your content.

Highlight your community

Showcase your community’s achievements, stories, or contributions, strengthening the connection with your audience.

Discuss your future plans

Share your future plans, aspirations, and goals, giving your viewers a glimpse into your journey ahead.

Review a local business

Offer a review of a local business or establishment, sharing your experience and supporting your community.

Share your bucket list

Reveal your bucket list, discussing the dreams and goals you wish to achieve, and inspire others to think about their own.

Share a Spotify playlist

Create and share a Spotify playlist that’s meaningful to you, offering a musical insight into your tastes and moods.

And there you have it! 60+ YouTube video ideas to help get you unstuck when inspiration is hard to come by.

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