Want to Get Verified on YouTube? Here Are 3 Insights For Creators

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May 23, 2024
how to get verified on YouTube

When you look up celebrities and public figures on social media, how do you know which account to follow? Chances are, you keep an eye out for a verified account. This post is all about how to get verified on YouTube.

That badge, checkmark, or little blue circle have become literal status symbols in the digital realm. Verification indicates that the platform has authenticated the identity of the account holder. (And on some platforms, looking at you X, it simply means someone has shelled out $8.)

But to internet users, verification means much more: It conveys credibility and legitimacy. People know that verified accounts are real, not impersonators, and trust what they post and share. Plus, verified creators tend to rank higher in search results, and appear higher in comments sections, driving more viewers to their channels.

So how do you get verified on YouTube, and how will it help your channel growth? TubeBuddy has the official instructions. We’re for real—we promise. 

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Subscriber count and channel quality are equally important  

We’ll get the hard part out of the way first: you have to reach 100,000 subscribers. This threshold exists to ensure that only prominent, well-known channels receive verified status. Jenn Jager, a creator who makes videos about video production, said it took her more than three years and 173 videos to amass 100,000 subscribers. 

To receive verification, your channel also has to be public and posting actively. You must have a channel banner, description, and profile picture. 

If you don’t already have these features, it’s a smart idea to put them on your to-do list for growing your channel. Verified or not, a banner and profile picture make YouTube channels look more polished, engaging, and (yes) credible. 

YouTube approves channels that are authentic and active

The next step towards verification is to apply for review by YouTube staff. This option will become available after you cross the subscriber threshold. Once you apply, YouTube will review your channel to ensure that you are who you say you are. 

YouTube reviews every channel manually, but they’re not looking to give your content a grade: YouTube wants to ensure that verified channels are genuine creators actively posting quality content. The process can include requests for more information or documentation, so keep an eye on your email. Beware of scammers, and never send your personal information to someone you don’t know or trust.

Channel verification improves growth and performance 

In a world where fake social media accounts abound, verification sets your channel apart. 

“For some people [verification] is entirely cosmetic,” James Dancey, whose channel offers commentary on current affairs, told the Verge. “But for a lot of people I think it definitely plays into feeling like you’ve become a great established person on the website making content.” 

As a result, verification can drive serious growth for your YouTube channel. Think about it this way: Subscriber count doesn’t appear alongside recommended videos, but the verification symbol does. Whether or not your channel is verified can mean the difference between gaining a view or even a new subscriber, and missing out on that opportunity. 

If you’re still on the fence about getting verified on YouTube, consider taking the plunge. Verification could be the boost your channel needs to grow even further. Who doesn’t want that?