Beginner’s 5-Minute Guide to Setting up Your Brand New YouTube Channel

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January 18, 2023

So you’ve decided to launch a YouTube channel – congratulations! Whether you want to share your passions, use it as a platform to start a business, or simply have fun creating content, YouTube is an exceptional way to reach a large audience. Our step-by-step guide to making a YouTube channel in 2023 goes into more detail, but here’s a quick read to getting your brand new YouTube channel up and running:

#1: Choose a memorable and catchy name for your channel:

Because this will be the public face of your channel, choose a name that reflects the content you intend to create. Avoid using long or difficult-to-remember names, and consider including keywords related to your content to make it easier for people to find your channel.

#2: Customize the look and feel of your new YouTube channel:

Including an engaging profile picture, banner image, and channel trailer will help you stand out and make your channel look more professional. Your profile picture should be a clear headshot or logo that represents your brand, and your banner image should be appealing and representative of the content you create. Your channel trailer should be a brief video that explains what your channel is about and why people should subscribe (see more below).

The Living Big In A Tiny House channel ticks all the boxes when it comes to branding. It has a very unique selling point, which is reflected in its name, and strong, engaging channel art that makes its content clear to anyone who might be interested in subscribing.

#3: Configure the privacy settings for your channel:

You have the option of making your videos private, unlisted, or public. Private videos can be viewed only by you and those you invite; unlisted videos can be shared with a link but will not appear in search results or on your channel page, and public videos can be viewed by anyone and will appear in search results and on your channel page. When choosing which privacy setting to use, think about who your channel is for and what it is for. If you want to build a successful presence on the platform, make your content public.

#4: Make a trailer for your new channel:

As previously stated, your channel trailer is a short video that will be shown to visitors to your channel for the first time. It should be a catchy clip that gives a quick overview of your channel’s content and why people should subscribe. Keep it under two minutes long and include a call to action at the end to encourage viewers to subscribe.

One trailer from Babish Culinary Universe (which used to be called Binging with Babish) is a great example of a short but informative trailer. The channel publishes content that recreates meals from movies and TV shows, and the trailer gives the viewer every reason to subscribe if that’s something that interests them.

#5: Begin creating and publishing content:

The most important thing is to create content about which you are passionate and which your audience will enjoy. Choose a niche in which you are knowledgeable and that has a high potential for growth, and create a content calendar to plan out your videos ahead of time. When it comes to growing an audience on YouTube, consistency is key, so aim to upload new videos on a regular basis.

#6: Promote your new YouTube channel:

Share your videos on social media, write about your channel on your blog, and interact with your audience via comments and live streams. You can build a strong subscriber community if you work with other creators and respond to comments and questions. You can also use YouTube’s promoted video feature to reach a larger audience and get your videos in front of people who might be interested in what you’re saying.

#7: Analyze your results:

YouTube offers a wealth of information about how your videos are performing, such as views, likes, comments, and audience retention. Use this information to figure out what works and doesn’t, and then adjust your strategy accordingly. You can also learn more about YouTube’s creator academy and how to optimize your content for success.

Starting a YouTube channel can be a fun and rewarding experience, but building an audience takes time and effort.