Discover Six Essential YouTube Channel Growth Tools

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February 29, 2024
Six Essential YouTube Channel Growth Tools

Standing out in a vast ocean of YouTube content can feel impossible.  Fear not, aspiring creators, for today we’re diving deep into a treasure trove of YouTube channel growth tools that can help (does six constitute a treasure trove? IDK, details…).

Embrace the Power of LinkTwin

First off, if you’re still sharing direct links to your YouTube videos and wondering why your view count isn’t moving, it’s time for a change. Enter LinkTwin which ensures your links open in the YouTube app rather than a browser window. Why does this matter, you ask? Engagement!

Viewing in-app increases the likelihood of likes, comments, and those precious subscribes… because the fewer clicks between your viewer and the action you want them to take, the better for everyone. Your Shorts’ Best Friend

Next, we tackle the bane of every short-form content creator’s existence: cropped and cut-off graphics in YouTube Shorts. The solution? Simple and incredibly useful templates from that guides your editing process. Grab the editing template and ensure your text and graphics are always in view and not being hidden but the user interface. In other words, keep your audience’s eyes where they should be—on your content. The Muse You Didn’t Know You Needed

Writer’s block sucks. TextCortex can help. Whether scripting your next video or brainstorming talking points, TextCortex acts as your personal muse, helping you craft content that speaks in your voice, to your audience.

Ever wished you could predict the future? To find out not just what people are searching for right now but what they might be searching for next? Google Trends is as close as we creators can get. 

While we’d never advise chasing trends, identifying what’s hot in your niche and tapping into those trends can catapult your channel from obscurity to the spotlight. Google Trends can help. Unearth the Questions Begging for Answers

Create the kind of content that people are looking for and your channel will grow. AnswerThePublic can help. Enter a topic that relates to your niche and see the kinds of questions people have around that topic. Create videos that answer those questions and growth is all but assured.

TubeBuddy: The Sidekick Every YouTube Hero Needs

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if you do the work on YouTube, your channel will grow. If you do the work and use TubeBuddy, your channel will grow faster

The TubeBuddy browser extension is key to unlocking the secrets of SEO, thumbnail and title optimization, and other key viewer engagement strategies. The free version does a lot, paid TubeBuddy licenses let you do even more, like A/B testing for titles, descriptions, and thumbnails with more granularity and depth than YouTube’s own (slowly rolling out) A/B testing.

YouTube Channel Growth Tools

Your Toolkit for Success: YouTube Channel Growth Tools

Embarking on the YouTube journey can feel daunting, but with the right set of tools, success is not just possible; it’s within reach. Strategy is the difference between making a content and making a living with content.

So, equip yourself with these lesser-known secrets to growing your YouTube channel and keep on working at it. Success will come.

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