This isn’t even my final form: Meet the New Tubebuddy Beta

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January 9, 2024
tubebuddy beta under construction

When TubeBuddy was acquired by BENlabs in 2020, we combined forces. BENlabs got a powerful tool built by content creators, for content creators. TubeBuddy got the benefit of more than a decade of experience in artificial intelligence (AI).

Tools like Suggested Shorts, YouTube Title Generator, and YouTube Thumbnail Analyzer were the first hints at what is possible when you combine a creator-first mindset with that TubeBuddy AI expertise. 

We’ve hinted at what’s in store as we bring that AI expertise to bear with TubeBuddy Beta. The new TubeBuddy experience will bring it home when it launches later this year.

Practice What You Preach

For months, we’ve been playing around with an alpha build of TubeBuddy’s evolution and using it to help hone our creative strategy.

The TubeBuddy YouTube Year in Review for 2023 tells some of that story.

YouTube channel year in review year-to-date changes thanks to TubeBuddy beta

We can’t credit TubeBuddy AI tools with all our growth in 2023, but the insights and ideas we’ve gleaned from having dedicated AI has been helpful.

We’ve been using the TubeBuddy beta to keep an eye on competitors (it’s all love), take inspiration from creators we admire, and to pull insights that TubeBuddy AI helps turn into new data-backed content ideas and inspiration for our own channel

Even in its current early beta state, the new TubeBuddy is a useful creative partner for YouTube creators. One that can help come up with new content ideas tailored to your niche, that has access to channel-specific data and performance metrics, and that can help understand and target your audience with new content. 

There are a lot of performance improvements and feature additions on the TubeBuddy beta experience roadmap…but even in this early stage (warts and all) it’s a helpful and flexible tool, again designed by content creators, for content creators.

Tubebuddy AI beta under construction

Chat with TubeBuddy AI

To use the TubeBuddy beta experience, creators start out by adding their channel 

Performance Data and Metrics

  • Dig into your statistics and learn everything there is to know about your audience so you can measure your success accurately and continually improve your content.

Competitive Analysis and Niche Understanding

  • Track your competitors and analyze key information that will help you spot relevant trends and differentiate your content.

Audience Understanding and Targeting

  • As you truly understand the desires, needs, and sentiments of your audience, you’ll be able to fine tune your content to match their preferences, thus increasing engagement and expanding your community through precision targeting.

Content Ideation and Strategy

  • Produce valuable content that resonates with your audience. Get automatically generated video topic ideas and scripts written at the click of a button. This tool helps you create a purposeful strategy for your content.

The TubeBuddy beta experience is beta in the truest sense of the word. It is not ready for primetime. There are errors and the overall UX isn’t where we want it to be, but it is ready for some creators to get in and start kicking the tires.

Get Access to TubeBuddy Beta

Sign up to join the waitlist for the TubeBuddy beta.

Subscribe to the TubeBuddy YouTube channel and keep an eye on the Community tab. We’ll announce TubeBuddy beta access there, as well as on Instagram, Facebook, X, and all the usual social suspects.

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