3 Engaging Topics for Your First YouTube ASMR Video

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January 23, 2023

Videos on ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Responses) keep getting a lot of views on YouTube and other social video sites. This content is intended to provide the viewer with a sensory experience, particularly in the spine and scalp. This is frequently referred to as a “brain massage,” and ASMR videos are an incredibly popular kind of soothing and calming entertainment.

They could make a great topic for your debut YouTube video. The following are three excellent topics for your first ASMR upload:

#1 Individualized Roleplaying

Roleplaying for personal attention is one of the most popular ASMR video topics. You pretend to be a masseur, hairdresser, or makeup artist to give the audience a relaxing, private experience. Use soft speech, gentle touch, and different sounds of grooming, like scissors snipping or brush strokes, to create a calm and immersive environment.

This 5-role play ASMR from DiamondASMR uses different scenarios to soothe the viewer through a series of sensory experiences. To date, it’s generated over 396K views for its creator.

#2 Speaking Quietly or Softly

Soft speech or whispering is another reliable ASMR initiator. In these films, you talk in a soothing, soft voice and frequently make mouth movements and lip smacks that are intended to make the viewer’s scalp tingle. You can talk about anything that interests you, from your hobbies and daily life to your deepest feelings. They even lend themselves well to the counting of vintage jewelry…..

#3 Ambience and Music

Speaking or one-on-one attention aren’t necessary in all ASMR videos. Numerous noises, such as the sound of rain, a fireplace, or a quiet stream, are excellent ASMR triggers for certain people. By recording these sounds and adding a calming visual element, like a peaceful scene or a cozy room, you can create an immersive atmosphere that fans of the genre will love.

When making your first ASMR video, it’s crucial to keep the following in mind, regardless of the topic you select:

  • Utilize recording tools and microphones of the highest caliber. It’s crucial to spend money on high-quality microphones and recording equipment since ASMR videos depend on clear, crisp sound.
  • Try out various triggers to see which one suits you the best. It’s vital to attempt a number of tactics to determine which ones work best for you and your audience because some people are more sensitive to particular ASMR triggers than others.
  • Keep everything sincere and true. The goal of ASMR videos is to establish a close, personal relationship with the viewer. Let your personality shine through in your video by being authentic.

Use these tips to make an ASMR video about something interesting or unusual that will keep your viewers interested and even calm them down.