TubeBuddy’s Creator Celebrations – Demian Ross

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December 22, 2020

Meet Demian. 

A digital nomad entrepreneur, Demian just completed a daunting task of uploading a vlog every day for 1000 days – one THOUSAND vlogs – what a feat!

We had a chance to talk to Demian and learn a bit more about his life as a creator.

Tell us a bit more about your channel.
It’s a daily D’s thoughts. A 1,000 days to be exact.

Why did you become a creator?
Actually to have a creative outlet while working for a company that didn’t want us to be creative. 

Where do you get inspiration for your videos?
For the daily, it was just whatever was on my mind when I pressed record. No scripts, no planning. 

Who are some of your favorite YouTube creators?
I enjoyed Casey and Peter…before it became a business. 

What one piece advice would you give to your fellow creators?
Focus on the uploads. That is all you control. 

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YouTube: Demian Ross