How Small Channels can Make Big Money on YouTube

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February 5, 2023
How Small Channels can Make Big Money on YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel is a fun and potentially lucrative way to share your interests, hobbies, or experiences with a large audience. Although the most popular YouTube channels frequently have millions of subscribers, it is still feasible for smaller channels to succeed on the platform and earn some revenue

Here are some pointers for tiny YouTube channels looking to monetize their content and generate income:

#1 Turn on YouTube channel monetization:

The first step to earning money on YouTube is to turn on channel monetization if you are eligible. Your channel will need to have generated at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to unlock this feature, but once you can apply, you’ll get paid for a percentage of the revenue generated from ads run across your videos. If you are falling short of the target, here are six ways to generate 4000 Hours of YouTube Watch Time FASTER!

#2 Publish high-quality content:

Sorry, there’s no getting around this one. You need to have an active audience on YouTube who watch and engage with your videos in order to monetize your channel. It’s crucial to create and publish high-quality material that is educational, entertaining, or both in order to draw in and keep viewers. To acquire as much exposure as you can, you should also promote your content on social media and perhaps even repurpose it so you can upload it to other platforms.

#3 Work together with other creators:

Working together with other creators is a terrific way to increase your exposure, grow your audience, and gain revenue from your YouTube channel. You can cross-promote each other’s videos and expand your subscriber base by working with other creators. You can even collaborate to create sponsored content or product evaluations, which can help both of your channels’ financially.

#4 Sell merchandise:

If your audience is devoted and engaged, you might be able to make a profit by offering t-shirts, hats, and other goods that feature your brand or channel. Without having to keep any inventory, you may make and sell personalized goods using websites like Teespring. Read our four steps to a successful merch strategy for more information.

#5 Offer paid promotions or sponsorships:

As your channel expands, you may be contacted by businesses or individuals who are interested in using your audience reach to promote their goods or services. You can monetize your material by providing compensated sponsorships or promotions. Just remember to follow YouTube’s rules and declare any paid content to your audience.

#6 Utilize Super Chat and Super Stickers:

Viewers can pay to have their messages highlighted in the chat during a live stream on YouTube using the Super Chat and Super Stickers features. For creators who routinely stream their work live, this can be a reliable source of money.

Small channels can absolutely monetize YouTube and convert their hobby into a successful company. It’s crucial to keep in mind that success on YouTube requires time and effort and that figuring out what works best for your channel may require some trial and error. But with commitment and effort, you can create a lucrative YouTube channel and do what you love for a living.