14 Tips on How to Grow Fast on YouTube in 2023

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September 6, 2023
How to Grow Fast on YouTube

If you are an aspiring content creator looking for how to grow fast on YouTube, you’ve probably heard the timeless advice: “just be consistent!”

So, you take that to heart and upload video after video. You’re committed to being consistent for weeks and months. But despite your efforts, you don’t see the growth you’d hoped for. 

Why is that? Well, consistency is key but YouTube success is about more than just consistency. Plus, navigating the YouTube landscape can be challenging, especially when it comes to knowing which tools to add to your arsenal. 

Enter TubeBuddy — a browser extension and YouTube SEO solution that helps optimize YouTube videos and channels for better search visibility and audience engagement.

But that’s just the beginning.

Read on for 14 tips to help you grow fast on YouTube, showing how TubeBuddy can help. Follow these tips to get more subscribers, increased watch time, and higher rankings in YouTube search results over time. 

How to Grow Fast on YouTube

  1. Come up with strong content ideas
  2. Conduct SEO keyword research (with TubeBuddy SEO Studio)
  3. Optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags
  4. Create amazing thumbnails
  5. Stick to a consistent posting schedule
  6. Collaborate with other content creators in your niche
  7. Encourage audience interaction with a pinned comment
  8. Promote your videos on other social platforms
  9. Incorporate storytelling to captivate your audience
  10. Run contests or giveaways to increase engagement
  11. Produce compelling mini-trailers for upcoming content
  12. Improve video production quality
  13. Host live streams
  14. Embrace the journey of constant improvement

#1 Come Up with Strong Content Ideas

Every fantastic video starts with a powerful idea. No matter how fancy your production is or how often you upload, if your ideas aren’t hitting the mark, your video won’t either. 

YouTube superstar MrBeast has this to say about content ideas:

“The idea is so freaking important. Most YouTubers could pull triple the views with half the work if they have better ideas. Once you realize how important the idea is, you just obsess about how to get more ideas.”

The key takeaway here is that it’s not just about how often you upload content; it’s all about the brilliance of your ideas. One strong idea can take your channel to much greater heights than a dozen weaker ones. So, here are some creative idea-generation tips for your next video:

  • Twist a trend: Put your unique spin on a current trend to stand out.
  • Behind-the-scenes: Show your process or workspace to connect with your audience.
  • Myth busting: Debunk common misconceptions related to your niche.
  • Challenge accepted: Take on a fun or thought-provoking challenge relevant to your content.
  • Interactive polls: Let your audience decide on topics, products, or outcomes.
  • Day in the life: Showcase a day in your life, highlighting interesting moments.
  • Guest interviews: Invite experts or influencers for insightful discussions.
  • Visual storytelling: Craft a narrative using visuals, animations, or slideshows.
  • Mini learning series: Break down complex concepts into bite-sized educational episodes.

Brainstorming ideas may take time, but the payoff will be worth it. 

#2 Conduct Keyword Research for SEO with Tubebuddy

When you upload a video on YouTube, you want it to be easily discoverable by people interested in your content. Let’s explore how TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer feature can assist you in conducting keyword research for YouTube SEO.

Suppose you’re interested in creating YouTube content about smart security cameras. To begin your keyword research, you navigate to YouTube and access the TubeBuddy panel. From there, you click on the Keyword Explorer option. You should see the screen below.

How to grow fast on YouTube: the TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer interface, inviting user to input some keywords to begin exploring

Enter the term “smart security cameras” in the search panel to get started.

Once you do this, the tool will present you with some initial data that you can use to carry out research. This data includes information such as keyword competition, search volume, and optimization strength.

How to grow fast on YouTube: digging into "smart security cameras" as a keyword. TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer interface shows keyword difficulty, competition, volume and more as sliding heat graphs from red (poor) to green (excellent)

When you search for something using TubeBuddy, you’ll see two scores: Weighted and Unweighted.

The Unweighted Score is a general score, it’s quite broad and doesn’t consider your own YouTube channel. So, relying solely on the Unweighted Score might not give you the most accurate picture as it doesn’t consider your channel’s past content, metadata, and engagements.

To get a score specifically calculated for your channel, click Weighted.

Accessing the Weighted Score does require a paid TubeBuddy license,  but it offers valuable insights into what could work best for you as a creator on your channel. By using your Weighted Score, you can better understand whether you have a good chance of ranking well for a particular keyword.

The other important metrics you should pay attention to are competition and optimization strength.

  • Competition: TubeBuddy considers how many results appear when you search for a specific keyword and how many views those videos have. It also looks at how often your search term appears in the titles, tags, and descriptions of the videos in the search results.
  • Optimization: a score that shows how well the search results are optimized. TubeBuddy looks at whether the top-ranking videos use the keyword in their titles, descriptions, and tags. TubeBuddy also checks whether there are exact or partial matches for the keyword.

Lastly, in the bottom right corner you’ll find a list of long-tail keywords related to your seed keyword. These terms are helpful when you want to improve both your videos and your chances of being found in search results.

How to grow fast on YouTube: A screen showing related searches including "smart security camera for home," and "best smart security cameras."

By following these steps and using TubeBuddy’s Keyword Explorer feature, you’ll gather all the data you need to create your next stand-out video and ensure it’s optimized for better visibility.

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#3 Optimize Video Titles, Descriptions, and Tags

Optimizing video titles and descriptions is another helpful strategy to grow rapidly on YouTube and improve your video’s visibility to potential viewers. These elements serve as essential metadata that help YouTube’s algorithm understand and rank your content in search results and related content sections.

Here are some practical tips to consider when optimizing your video titles and tags:

  • Video title: A good title should be clear and concise, containing relevant keywords that users will likely search for. For example, a well-optimized title could be: “Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Athens in 2023 | Plant-Based Food Guide.”
  • Tags: Use a mix of broad and specific tags related to your video’s topic. Include specific and broad video tags related to the above content example, such as “vegan restaurants Athens 2023,” “plant-based food,” “Athens food guide,” etc. You get the idea. 
  • Description: Write a detailed and informative description expanding on your title. Include relevant keywords naturally, but ensure it reads well for human viewers. Here’s a great example, “Join us on a culinary adventure as we discover the best vegan restaurants in Athens, serving delicious plant-based dishes that will satisfy any food lover. Whether you’re a vegan or simply looking to explore the city’s thriving food scene, this guide will lead you to hidden gems and popular hotspots.”

Here’s an example of a clear and concise video title:

Great video titles are key to how to grow fast on YouTube. In this case, the video description reads: Cordon Bleu and Mashed Potatoes in a French Michelin Two-Star Restaurant with Giuliano Sperandio

Remember, you must always be honest in your metadata. Misleading titles or tags may lead to viewer dissatisfaction and hurt your channel’s reputation. Try out TubeBuddy’s Title Generator to come up with a list of titles for your next video. Just type in your title, and the generator will make it YouTube-friendly.

Also, you may want to update your video metadata after several months to ensure it remains relevant to search queries. Continuing with the above example, as time goes on, the popularity of vegan restaurants in Athens may change, and new establishments may open. For example, you might update the title to: “2024’s Top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Athens”.

Or revise your description. If you’ve featured seasonal dishes or special events from the restaurants, mention them in the description  to ensure it reflects the current state of the vegan dining scene in Athens.

Regularly updating your video metadata is a valuable time investment because it keeps your content up-to-date with what people are currently searching for on YouTube.

When your video stays relevant to search queries, it becomes more discoverable and contributes to the growth of your YouTube channel.

#4 Create Amazing Thumbnails

When viewers browse YouTube, your thumbnail is often the first thing they see. So, having a custom thumbnail allows you to create a visually appealing image that grabs their attention.

One powerful approach, though dependent on the nature of your channel’s content, is using human faces in thumbnails.

Human faces naturally evoke emotions and feelings of connection. If your channel focuses on personal stories, vlogs, or anything related to human experiences, featuring a person’s face can make the video more relatable.

Below is a good example of youTube thumbnails that feature the creator’s face.

How to grow fast on YouTube: Great thumbnails are key. In this example image, the content creator uses their face making a variety of expressions in their thumbnail

If you find it challenging to create amazing thumbnails or are struggling to decide which one to use for your next video content, TubeBuddy offers a helpful solution through its Thumbnail Analyzer feature.

This feature uses AI to generate a heatmap replicating how the human eye interacts with thumbnails. Using the Thumbnail Analyzer, you can gain insights into your thumbnails’ performance, understanding which areas attract the most attention and which might be overlooked.

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#5 Stick to a Consistent Posting Schedule 

By regularly uploading videos, you stay at the forefront of your audience’s minds and increase their chances of discovering your content. So, how do you do  this exactly?

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start with a schedule that you can realistically manage without sacrificing quality. Whether it’s twice a week or once every two weeks, make it achievable for yourself or your team.

Planning is key, so use a content calendar to organize your ideas and ensure a smooth flow of videos.

See the below example. “Moore’s Law is Dead” channel uploads a fresh video every 3 or 4 days. That’s some serious consistency, and consistency is the secret sauce for growing fast on YouTube.

#6 Collaborate with other Content Creators in Your Niche 

When you collaborate with like-minded creators, you tap into their established fan base, exposing your content to a potentially new and engaged audience. Here are some best practices for successful collaborations:

  • Relevance: Choose collaborators who share a similar niche or audience to ensure that your content aligns well and appeals to viewers.
  • Engagement: Interact with potential collaborators through social media or comments to build a rapport before reaching out. This helps establish a genuine connection.
  • Complementary skills: Seek out creators who bring different expertise to the table. This way, you can offer unique content that combines both of your strengths.
  • Plan together: Before collaborating, plan the content thoroughly. Decide on the theme and format to ensure engaging content.
  • Cross-promotion: Promote each other’s channels and the collaborative video across your social media platforms and community tabs to maximize exposure.
  • Have fun: Enjoy the collaboration process and let your enthusiasm shine through in the video. Authenticity between collaborators can make the content more enjoyable for viewers.

Check out the below example. It’s a collaboration between Teddy Baldassarre, a watch enthusiast, and Kevin O’Leary, the Canadian businessman and TV personality who collects expensive watches.

The great thing about this collab is that both creators are passionate about watches, so their content is engaging and valuable. And when you watch the video, you’ll see they’re both having a blast doing what they love.

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#7 Encourage Audience Interaction with a Pinned Comment

Pinning a comment at the top of your video’s comments is like waving a flag to attract everyone’s attention. You can use it to deliver a special message or get people to take action and join the discussion.

It works because a pinned comment sticks at the top, making it much more likely for viewers to notice it.

Let’s see a great example of a pinned comment that received 1.1K likes and 330+ replies. 

Lastly, if you really want to boost engagement, don’t just leave the pinned comment hanging there. Reply to the comments on that pinned message. Show your audience some love and let them know you care about what they have to say.

#8 Promote Your Videos on Other Social Platforms

Promoting your YouTube videos on other social platforms is an effective strategy because it allows you to tap into a broader audience base and maximize your reach. By leveraging the existing user base on platforms like Instagram, X (previously Twitter), Facebook, and TikTok, you can attract viewers who might not have seen your content.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to promote YouTube videos on Instagram.

We often see creators get lost when it comes to social media promotion. So, here are some things you should avoid:

  • Spamming: Avoid excessively promoting your videos, as it can annoy and turn off potential viewers.
  • Engaging in excessive self-promotion: Avoid bombarding your followers with constant promotional posts; it may come across as ‘spammy’ and turn them away.
  • Using clickbait excessively: While intriguing titles are okay, misleading clickbait will likely lead to viewer distrust.
  • Focusing on quantity over quality: Prioritize creating compelling content rather than rushing to publish frequent, mediocre videos.

#9 Incorporate Storytelling to Captivate Your Audience

When you weave a compelling story, you connect with your audience beyond just providing information. Stories trigger emotional responses and leave a lasting impact on viewers.

A well-structured narrative typically includes a beginning that hooks the audience, a middle that builds tension or presents a problem, and an ending that delivers a satisfying resolution or valuable takeaway.

Keep your storytelling concise and well-paced to maintain your viewers’ interest throughout the video. Use visuals, effects, and appropriate background music to enhance the narrative’s impact during your edit.

Imagine you’re a YouTuber discussing money management and personal finance topics. One of the logical approaches to storytelling in this niche would be sharing a personal story of overcoming debt and achieving financial freedom while mentioning the steps you took along the way. Such a narrative could inspire and motivate viewers who might be struggling with their finances.

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#10 Run Contests or Giveaways to Increase Engagement 

Running contests on YouTube is another effective yet overlooked way to grow fast because it encourages audience engagement and participation. When people see the chance to win something valuable, they are more likely to interact with your content, like, comment, and share it with others, boosting your video’s visibility and reach.

Here’s one example: the creator offers a $5,000 prize to the contest winner.

Best Cardboard Art Wins $5,000 Challenge!

Follow these steps to get the most out of your YouTube contests:

  • Targeted prizes: Choose prizes that appeal to your audience to attract the right participants.
  • Simple Rules: Keep entry rules straightforward to encourage more people to participate.
  • Promotion: Promote the contest across various platforms to maximize visibility.
  • Collaboration: Partner with other YouTubers or influencers to reach a broader audience and increase the contest’s impact.
  • Interaction: Engage with participants throughout the contest, responding to their questions.
  • Transparency: Ensure fairness by using a transparent and unbiased method to choose the winner.
  • Announcement: Publicly announce the winner and thank all participants for their involvement.

#11 Produce Mini-Trailers for Upcoming Content 

When you post teasers, viewers get intrigued and become eager to watch the long-form version when it drops. It’s all about building excitement and keeping them hooked. Plus, teasers are short and snappy, perfect for catching attention.

Add some flair to your teasers. Use visuals, cool editing, and catchy background music to set the mood. Make it impossible for viewers to look away.

Here’s an example by ASUS, an electronics company, teasing some upcoming exciting news. It got over 365K views.

Timing is key. Drop your teasers strategically before the full content release. It builds anticipation and keeps the momentum going.

And don’t forget to mention the release date of your full content in the teaser. This way, people know exactly when they can see the whole video.

#12 Improve Video Production Quality

When people watch videos on YouTube, they want to enjoy a good experience. Better video production quality means that your videos will look and sound more appealing and professional. This makes viewers more likely to stick around, watch the video, and subscribe to your channel.

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Think about it like this: Imagine watching a blurry, shaky video with bad audio. It’s not enjoyable, right? You would probably lose interest and click away.

But if you come across a video with clear visuals, smooth camera work, and crisp audio, you’re more likely to keep watching and come back for more.

Take the time to learn about lighting, camera techniques, editing, and sound recording. As you make these improvements you’ll attract more YouTube viewers and grow fast.

#13 Host Live Streams

Unlike pre-recorded videos, live streams allow you to connect with your audience immediately as they watch, just like chatting with friends in real life.

People care about live streams because it feels more personal and authentic. They can interact with you directly by leaving comments, asking questions, or even participating in polls and games you might run during the stream.

On the other hand, live streams offer a way to cover trending topics or breaking news, making your content timely and relevant. People tend to tune in for live events because they don’t want to miss out on anything exciting happening in real-time.

#14 Embrace the Journey of Constant Improvement

This is our last recommendation for your YouTube growth. No matter how many tips you’ve followed, there’s always room for improvement. That’s why regularly testing, experimenting, and analyzing data should be a cornerstone of your content strategy. 

Use TubeBuddy’s SEO Studio to optimize your videos and channels for SEO and increase your visibility. The SEO Studio checks your YouTube videos and channel. It then gives you recommendations on how to make your videos more searchable. This helps you write better titles, tags, and descriptions to ensure your videos show up higher in searches.

Finally, here are 5 questions you can ask yourself over time to refine your approach to Youtube growth:

  • Are my metrics aligned with my goals? Take a step back and review your channel’s performance metrics. Are they aligned with the goals you set at the beginning? Are you reaching your target audience, and are they engaging with your content as you envisioned?
  • What are My Viewers Saying? Engage with your audience, read their comments, and seek feedback. Are there common themes or suggestions that could help you enhance your content? Your viewers are your best guides.
  • Am I staying true to my niche? It’s easy to get lured by trending topics, but are they relevant to your niche and core audience? Ensure that your content remains consistent with your channel’s identity.
  • Have I explored new content formats? Experiment with different content formats to keep things fresh. From vlogs and tutorials to live streams and collaborations, diversifying your content can attract new viewers.
  • Am I using analytics and TubeBuddy data effectively? Dive into your YouTube Analytics and TubeBuddy data regularly to get insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Optimize YouTube Growth with TubeBuddy

Growing on YouTube requires serious effort and a solid game plan, which is why we provided you with the 14 tips above. Success on YouTube won’t come overnight, but with these tips in your arsenal, you’ll be well-equipped to fast-track your YouTube journey to success.

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension and YouTube management solution that content creators use to manage and optimize their channels. Download the extension today to see what TubeBuddy can do for you.