How to Film CRISPY iPhone Video

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December 27, 2023
shoot clear video on iPhone

Looking for that extra crispy clarity from your iPhone videos? Shoot clear iPhone video by following these simple steps:

  1. Open your Settings.
  2. Click on Camera.
  3. Click on Record Video
  4. Select 4k at your desired fps (frames per second).

Here’s Enrico to walk you through it:

A Word on Frame Rate

30fps, or frames per second, is the recommended default setting when shooting in 4k. It also works best for uploading to YouTube and other platforms.

For a more cinematic feel, go for 24fps. The slight difference of 6 frames per second is minimal, but don’t say that to a cinephile. Most movies use 24fps, whereas broadcast TV tends to use 30fps. By increasing frame rate, you risk getting into the “soap opera effect.”

Mountain biker photo to demonstrate how to shoot clear iPhone video

However, if you want smoother Ultra HD video, select 60fps. This is especially helpful when shooting lots of movement and will result in more fluid action. Keep in mind that this setting requires more light. 

And of course, higher resolution and higher frame rate both equate to larger file sizes, so keep an eye on your storage capacity.

A Few More Tips for Shooting Clear iPhone Video

With iPhone 14 and later, you can stabilize video with Action Mode. Simply click on the running man icon and shoot away.

Action Mode to shoot clear iPhone video

As is the case for most video, the more light the better for Action Mode. Just check out this example shot on iPhone 15.

The Pro Max camera also boasts the equivalent of seven pro lenses, from 13 mm on the Ultra Wide camera to 120 mm on the 5x Telephoto. And to avoid storage capacity issues, videographers can record directly to an external drive via the new USB-C connector.

As far as updates go, Apple also announced that iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max can now record spatial videos. The format is touted as an immersive experience for viewing with Apple Vision Pro.

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