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Focus on what you do best (creating), and let us help you with all the back-end craziness.


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TubeBuddy is the perfect software to take your content to the next level. Increase your views with our click magnet tool, grow your subscribers with our advanced analytics, and create unstoppable thumbnails with our thumbnail analyzer.

With TubeBuddy you don’t need to fear the dreaded YouTube algorithm. Our software shows you the ins-and-outs of YouTube and lays out a roadmap for your success. Using our tools, not only can you conquer the YouTube algorithm, you can use it to your advantage and boost your channel

TubeBuddy AI tool thumbnail analyzer

Thumbnail Analyzer

You shouldn’t have to be a YouTube mastermind to create a killer Thumbnail. Our analyzer allows you to compare your current thumbnails to potential new ones and predict performance.

Title Generator

Sometimes a good title is just a few tweaks away from being a great title. Use our Title Generator to optimize your titles and increase your views.

Perfect your channel SEO

SEO Studio

Find out what makes people click. Combine advanced analytics with Click Magnet and watch your click-through rate increase.

Suggested Shorts

Creating YouTube shorts doesn’t need to be hard. Our AI will analyze your top videos and identify the most engaging parts so that you can create shorts that get views.

Keyword Explorer

Discover trending tags and keywords to get your videos to rank higher on more search results and grow your channel fast.

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For Creators starting their YouTube journey and wanting access to new tools for growth.

  • list icon of play button Access to search optimization features
  • list icon of diamond Limited access to video engagement tools
  • list icon of chat bubble with check Guides, insider tips, info, and more
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For creators looking for the maximum competitive edge for making data driven decisions and expanding their reach.

All features in Pro, PLUS
  • list icon of diamond Access to all 50+ tools & features
  • list icon of chart Unlimited search rank optimization and tracking
  • list icon of beaker Video A/B tests and title generators
  • list icon of target Predictive analytics and competitor scorecard
  • list icon of youtube Unlimited access to all of our AI features


Bundle Pricing

For brands looking to grow their channels with UNLIMITED TubeBuddy tools. Rank faster on YouTube, save time and money, get expedited customer service, and more.

All features in Pro and Legend, PLUS
  • list icon of play button For brands with 3+ channels
  • list icon of diamond White glove onboarding with custom plans
  • list icon of chat bubble with check 1:1 training sessions
  • list icon of play button Dedicated staff support from REAL YouTube Experts
  • list icon of diamond Quarterly strategy sessions with YouTube Pros
  • list icon of play button Channel Reviews
  • list icon of diamond Advanced AI analytics and coaching

No contracts, cancel any time.

*Pro and Legend are Creator License Packages available to Individual Creators only. Pro and Legend Creator License Packages are not available to Businesses, and is subject to TubeBuddy’s discretion, determined as having one or more of the following criteria: Multiple YouTube channels on TubeBuddy; 50k or more YouTube Subscribers; 3 or more Channel Managers; 50 or more employees.

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limited Can only create 1 Canned Response
limited Can only create one additional upload profile
limited Can only use Standard / Misc Ordering options
limited Can only add one custom image, cannot create templates, cannot download a copy of image
limited Maximum of 5 video topics and comment suggestions
limited Can only upload 5 thumbnails
limited Can only upload 10 thumbnails per video
limited Can only upload 20 thumbnails per video

Bulk Processing




limited One use per year
limited One use per quarter
limited 5 uses per month
limited One use per year
limited One use per quarter
limited 5 uses per month

Video SEO




limited 5 Video Suggestions
limited Can only see top 3 results
limited Can only see top 3 results in each category, limited searches per month.
limited Can only see top 3 results in each category, limited searches per month.
limited Maximum of 3 lists





limited Can not select custom backgrounds

Account Perks




limited * Limited results in Tag Explorer
* Limited results in Suggested Tags
* Limited Best Practice Checks
* Create limited Video Topics
* Create limited Canned Responses
* Create limited Tag Lists
* Cannot HIDE Comments