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Save hours of manual work. Edit all or some of your YouTube video descriptions and titles at once.

Bulk edit YouTube descriptions and titles

The more videos you have, the harder it is to make changes across your video library.

The scenario: you’ve got a new affiliate opportunity, you need to change your merch link (or Amazon shut you down again and you need to update)… or you just created a new TikTok account… or whatever.

You want to update your video descriptions to include this new info, but that means literally hours of mind-numbing, carpal tunnel syndrome-inducing, copy/pasting.

With TubeBuddy Bulk Find, Replace & Append, you can make this change to all of your videos, a specific playlist, or a hand-picked selection. All at once with a few clicks and a few minutes.

Merch store link changed? Great, find the old link and replace it with the new one. Affiliate ID changed? Great, just find the old affiliate ID and switch it out for the new one. Got a new social account or affiliate deal? No problem. Just add it to your video descriptions with just a couple of clicks.

No more dead links, old promotions, or other irrelevant text. Overhaul your video titles and descriptions and let your creativity flourish without being bogged down by manual updates. Thumbnails will get the most clicks. Combine advanced analytics with AI and watch your Click-Through Rate increase.

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Edit video descriptions at scale with Bulk Find, Replace & Append

Here’s how Bulk Find, Replace & Append works

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How to bulk edit YouTube descriptions

Step 1: In your YouTube Studio dashboard, open the “Bulk & Misc Tools” tab and click “Find & Replace Text.”

Step 2: Select the editing action. Input the text to find and add the text you want to replace it with.

Step 3: Select all videos, a playlist, or search for and manually select specific videos.

Step 4: Select the videos, preview the changes, and confirm the changes to start the bulk editing.

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Danie Jay

“TubeBuddy is VITAL for any YouTuber who is serious about making their channel a lucrative side-hustle or full-time job!”


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bulk Find, Replace & Append?

Bulk, Find, Replace, & Append allows you to update titles and descriptions across multiple videos in bulk. Find specific text, replace it, append new text, or even delete parts you don’t need anymore. Change everything you want in any way you want without any hassle. Bulk, Find, Replace, & Append helps you spend less time editing your video descriptions and titles and more time creating your content.f

What do I need it for?

Bulk, Find, Replace, & Append is about saving time and keeping your YouTube channel up-to-date. Quickly adjust your video titles and descriptions, whether for SEO optimization, updating information, or keeping up with trends.

It’s about giving you the freedom to focus more on creating great content and less on the tedious task of editing each video individually. Keep your channel fresh and your audience engaged with minimal hassle.

Can I make changes to my video descriptions after I edit them in bulk?

Yes. You can do so manually in YouTube Studio or you can bulk edit YouTube descriptions any time you like, providing you have bulk tools credits in your TubeBuddy license.

How many videos can I edit in bulk at a time?

As many as you have. There is no upper limit. We recommend limiting bulk copying to 2,000 or fewer videos. If you have more, first off wow and second, consider breaking them into playlists and running the tool for each playlist separately.

Can I choose what videos I can bulk edit?

Yes, you can. In the second step, you can choose whether to find and replace the copy of:

-All your videos
-Those within a specific playlist
-Those with a specific Video ID
-Those that match a search phrase

How many bulk actions can I use to edit my video descriptions?

When you open the Bulk Find, Replace & Append tool, you can carry out the following actions:

– Find Text
– Find and Replace Text
– Insert After Text
– Insert Before Text
– Remove/Delete Text
– Add Text to End of Description
– Insert Text at Beginning of Description
– Replace Entire Description

How long does it take to update all my videos?

While you only have to click, each video must be processed individually, and editing each one takes a second or two. 100 videos might take three minutes to process. 1,000 videos might take 30 minutes to process.

Can I preview my changes before I make them?

Sure thing! You can preview the changes before they go live by clicking the search icon next to each video in step 3.

Is Bulk Find, Replace & Append case sensitive?

It can be but it doesn’t have to be. Just select the “case sensitive” option in step 1, and let the tool match the word exactly how you want it so you only modify the desired text.

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