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Analyze your competitors and learn what your niche likes with in-depth video analytics

craft viral content with competitor insights

Do you know what makes some videos gain massive traction? With Videolytics, you'll uncover what sets the top videos apart and how to infuse that magic into your own content.

Dive deep into what your competitors are doing right, sidestep their blunders, and use what you learn to make your content stand out in your niche.

It's like having a behind-the-scenes pass to YouTube's top creators. Improve, adapt, and let your videos soar!

feel the vibe of your niche and stay ahead of trends

If you can catch a trend while it's hot, your channel will grow faster than you'd ever imagine.

Use Videolytics to stay on top of what's trending in your niche and position your channel as the go-to spot for fresh, unique content.

Become the trendsetter, not the follower.

boost your video's visibility with actionable recommendations

Ever feel like your videos are hidden gems, just waiting to be discovered? With our insights, your videos won't stay in the shadows any longer.

See where your SEO is lacking with a detailed breakdown of everything you need to rank your videos high in YouTube's search engine results. Discover what tags you (or your competitors) use and how they rank.

With Videolytics, the YouTube algorithm will finally see and recommend your videos.

see what's working in your niche with Videolytics

here's how Videolytics works

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how to analyze any YouTube video in seconds

  • Step 1: Open a video and see the metrics on the top right side of the screen
  • Step 2: Hover the SEO score to see what improvements you can make
  • Step 3: Click on "Upvotes" and "Mentions" to see who's talking about it on Reddit and X (Twitter)
  • Step 4: Click "Compare" and add another video to contrast it with

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Danie Jay

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Karin Carr

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Videolytics free to use?

Yes, it's 100% free. In the free plan, you get all the information, from traffic volume to the SEO score and social shares.

The only limitation to the free plan is that you can only compare a video against the most popular video of its channel. For Pro and Legend plans, you can compare it against any video you want.

How is Videolytics better than YouTube analytics?

YouTube analytics provides data for videos you upload. However, it can't help you analyze the performance of your competitors' videos. YouTube doesn't give you SEO recommendations either or information on social shares.

Videolytics lets you see the performance of any video uploaded to YouTube. From the traffic volume to their SEO performance and social media popularity, Videolytics helps you keep an eye on your competitors and stay on top of your niche's trends.

The result? You create videos that rank high on YouTube and get shared by your viewers. More views + more shares = faster growth. What's not to love?

What information can I get from Videolytics?

Videolytics gives you access to the following information:

  • Views
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • SEO score
  • Social shares on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter
  • Best practices to improve the visibility
  • Tags used and their rankings on YouTube search

Will Videolytics improve my video performance?

Yes, indirectly. Videolytics insights will show you clear opportunities for creating viral content on YouTube. Your results will depend on how well you capitalize on those opportunities. There are many factors that can influence performance. To name a few:

  • Your video production quality
  • The thumbnails you use
  • The SEO optimization of your videos (title, description, tags)
  • How well you retain your audience's attention in the video
  • Your promotion strategy outside of YouTube
Videolytics gives you the tools for creating videos on topics your niche and audience likes. It also helps you optimize a video for YouTube SEO. If you use them right, Videolytics will increase your videos' performance over time. Videolytics will speed up the process of building a successful, profitable channel. But as with all things in life, success takes time. Be patient, work hard, and YouTube's algorithm will reward you.

How frequently is the data updated? I need real-time insights.

Videolytics updates the data every time you load a video on your browser. That means you get 100% real-time data every time you use it.

Is there a steep learning curve to use Videolytics effectively?

Not at all. Videolytics distills all the information you need and makes it easy to pull actionable insights you need to get to work.

Try Videolytics for free by downloading TubeBuddy's Chrome extension and see it for yourself. It will take you 5 minutes to master. But it will give you a lifetime of insights that will transform your channel.

Is TubeBuddy Videolytics safe?

Absolutely. The TubeBuddy Chrome extension is verified in the Chrome Web Store and TubeBuddy is certified by YouTube. TubeBuddy is GDPR-compliant and uses OAuth 2.0 authentication. So you can use it knowing that the data is safely stored and managed.

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