Demonetization Audit

the #1 YouTube demonetization audit tool

Check if your titles, descriptions, or tags use words that could cause demonetization. Keep your income steady by staying ahead of demonetization flags.

Secure your ad revenue by analyzing your videos’ metadata for risky words

When you upload a video, the last thing you want is for it to be demonetized over a simple oversight in your metadata. That’s where the power of Demonetization Audit comes into play.

By analyzing your video’s title, description, and tags for words that might raise red flags, you’ll protect your revenue stream. Keep focused on creating content that resonates with your audience and enjoy the perks of uninterrupted earnings. Thumbnails will get the most clicks. Combine advanced analytics with AI and watch your Click-Through Rate increase.

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avoid demonetization with Demonetization Audit

here’s how Demonetization Audit works

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How to run a demonetization audit

Step 1: Check the “Demonetization Audit” in the lower right side of your video detail page.

Step 2: See if the tool finds risky words in your video’s metadata.

Step 3: Remove any flagged words and update your video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to get a video demonetized?

Getting content demonetized on YouTube means that your video can no longer earn money from the ads the platform serves. When a video is demonetized, YouTube has determined that it doesn’t meet the guidelines for advertiser-friendly content. This could be due to various reasons, such as the use of inappropriate, violent, or shocking content in its metadata. It could also be due to the use of copyrighted content or the video’s controversial topic.

Will Demonetization Audit prevent my content from getting demonetized?

Demonetization Audit will help you remove any risky words used in your titles, descriptions, and tags associated with demonetization, making it less likely for that to happen. However, there’s more to demonetization than the words you use in your metadata. Your ultimate goal should be to publish content that doesn’t violate YouTube’s Partner Program and the Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines.f

Will I get demonetized if I swear on my videos?

Not really. Recently, YouTube has indicated that videos containing inappropriate language in the first five seconds won’t be monetized via the YouTube Partner Program. However, the company recently changed its policies, allowing for the monetization of videos that use moderate profanity. Just don’t go %@^!#& crazy with cussing and you’ll be fine.

Will I lose my channel if I get demonetized on YouTube?

No. Demonetization is only one way YouTube penalizes creators who violate their Partner Program and the Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines. However, if your content violates their Community Guidelines, YouTube will give you a strike. After three strikes, it may proceed with closing your account, assuming you haven’t fixed any of the issues it found previously.

Can I run a demonetization audit for old videos?

Yes, you can. Demonetization Audit works for both new and old videos.

Can I turn Demonetization Audit off?

Yes, you can. Although we recommend you use it, you can disable Demonetization Audit at any time on your video detail page.

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