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Find opportunities for optimizing your videos. Add suggested tags, increase your watch time, and engage your audience with suggestions tailored to your channel.

Get a tailored list of suggestions to skyrocket your channel’s success

Imagine having a personal coach for every video you create, offering you specific, actionable advice to make your content shine. That’s what TubeBuddy Opportunity Finder is about.

Discover the exact tags to boost your video’s search visibility and attract a broader audience. Uncover conversations about your content on platforms like X/Twitter and engage directly with those talking about your videos.

Manage your content with the expertise of a seasoned professional and watch your channel soar. Thumbnails will get the most clicks. Combine advanced analytics with AI and watch your Click-Through Rate increase.

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Align your content strategy to what your audience loves most

Find out what videos have a high watch rate and double down on your winners. Focus on what keeps your viewers watching and ensure every new video you post has 1/10 potential.

Success on YouTube is more than a numbers game; it requires hard work and strategic thinking. Let your audience guide your video strategy, and watch as your channel becomes not just a platform but a destination.

Learn when to add Cards and keep YouTube viewers engaged

Discover the right time to add cards and what to share in end screens before you lose your audience’s attention. By anticipating when your viewers’ next move, you can boost channel engagement by ensuring their next move includes your channel and your content. Thumbnails will get the most clicks. Combine advanced analytics with AI and watch your Click-Through Rate increase.

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Optimize your videos with Opportunity Finder

Here’s how Opportunity Finder works

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How to find new optimization opportunities

Step 1: Open the TubeBuddy dropdown menu, click “Website Tools,” and select “Launch Pad.”

Step 2: Click “Select Video” and pick a video to optimize. Let the Opportunity Finder analyze your video.

Step 3: Get a complete list of suggestions to boost your views and engagement.

Checkout what other creators are saying

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Karl Oftebro

“Once it got my videos ranking #1 in search I was hooked.”


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Danie Jay

“TubeBuddy is VITAL for any YouTuber who is serious about making their channel a lucrative side-hustle or full-time job!”


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Karin Carr

“TubeBuddy is like having a YouTube expert on staff who will give you advice and direction whenever you need it.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ‘opportunity’ in TubeBuddy?

Opportunities are like helpful hints we find for you to boost your video’s success. We use data from your channel and social interactions to spot these tips based on what we’ve found to work best for the biggest YouTube channels as well as YouTube’s best practices.

What type of suggestions does the Opportunity Finder give?

The Opportunity Finder will give you the following suggestions:

– Add Cards Before Drop-Off: Add Cards before your audience drops off and redirect them to other videos.
– High Watch Percentage: This means the content of a given video has a high watch rate, which is based on Audience Retention. The higher the watch rate percentage, the more hooked viewers are… and the more of that type of content you should make.
– Low Watch Percentage: This means the content of a given video has a low watch rate. The lower the watch rate percentage, the less hooked viewers are. That means they leave too soon and don’t watch the whole video… and you should change your approach for future videos.
– Comments Awaiting Response: Reply to comments you haven’t responded to.
– Social Mentions: See if there are any X/Twitter mentions that should be retweeted or liked.
– Suggested Tags: See if any tags should be added to the video to boost its rankings.
– Blocked in Some Countries: See if your video is blocked in any country so you can take steps to fix the issue.

How does the Opportunity Finder find its suggestions?

The recommendations from Opportunity Finder are based on your past video performance. The data and suggestions are based on YouTube best practices, fully tailored to your channel, your audience, and your content.

How long does it take to receive a list of suggestions?

Opportunity Finder is tailored to your channel, audience, and content. You’ll see the most impactful opportunities and suggestions a couple of days after publishing your video, after YouTube has had a chance to present it to viewers and gauge their reactions.

How frequently is the data updated? I need real-time insights.

Videolytics updates the data every time you load a video on your browser. That means you get 100% real-time data every time you use it.

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