Bulk Card Editor

Bulk Card Editor

the #1 YouTube Bulk Card Editor

Update, copy, and delete your info cards in bulk and present a clean, consistent look across all your YouTube videos.


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streamline your info cards and maximize your traffic

Whenever you pop an info card, it's a direct invitation to your viewers to watch another video or visit your site. But if these cards are outdated or irrelevant, you could lead viewers astray.

With TubeBuddy's Bulk Card Editor, you can update, delete, or copy cards in bulk. Guide your audience to your latest video or promotion on your site by tweaking cards across multiple videos simultaneously.

No more missed opportunities; just crystal-clear paths for your audience to follow.

reclaim your time with bulk info card editing

Manually adjusting info cards video by video is a massive time sink. Every moment spent fiddling with card placement is time you could spend crafting your next video. But not with TubeBuddy.

Our Bulk Card Editor lets you update, copy, and delete cards across multiple videos in one go. The result? More hours freed up for creativity, strategy, or well-deserved relaxation. Time's precious; let TubeBuddy help you reclaim it.

copy, edit, and delete YouTube cards in bulk with TubeBuddy

here's how the Bulk Card Editor works

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* denotes limited uses (see FAQ)

how to update or copy cards in bulk

  • Step 1: In YouTube Studio, click on the "Bulk & Misc Tools" menu at the top, and click on any of the three options in "Bulk Cards."
  • Step 2: Select the videos and elements you want to copy or update the cards from.
  • Step 3: Select the target videos you want to update or copy the card for.
  • Step 4: Let TubeBuddy update or copy the cards automatically.

checkout what other creators are saying

Karl Oftebro

“Once it got my videos ranking #1 in search I was hooked.”


Danie Jay

“TubeBuddy is VITAL for any YouTuber who is serious about making their channel a lucrative side-hustle or full-time job!”


Karin Carr

“TubeBuddy is like having a YouTube expert on staff who will give you advice and direction whenever you need it.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bulk editing affect my already customized cards?

It doesn't. TubeBuddy's Bulk Card Editor only modifies or deletes the cards you choose. You can alter all of your cards if you wanted to or only a couple. It's your choice.

Is there a limit to how many videos I can edit at once?

There isn't. You can edit as many cards as you want. However, note that each video is processed 1 at a time and takes a second or two to complete the edit. So if you were to update, copy, or delete cards from 1,000 videos at once, it would take about 30 minutes to process.

We recommend limiting bulk copying to 2,000 or fewer videos. If you have more, consider breaking them up into playlists and running the tool for each playlist separately (although kudos for creating so much content!).

Are there any additional costs associated with using the Bulk Card Editor?

Not at all. Legend users can use the Bulk Card Editor at no extra cost.

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