By the Numbers: TubeBuddy Helps Creators Grow Faster on YouTube

Andrew Moore-Crispin
November 28, 2023
TubeBuddy Helps Creators grow faster on YouTube

If you’re looking to grow faster on YouTube, TubeBuddy can help.

TubeBuddy helps YouTubers at every stage of their creator journey but the earlier creators start using TubeBuddy, the more powerful the impact. We examined the overall impact of using TubeBuddy across a group of nearly 60,000 creators in Is TubeBuddy Worth it? Let’s Look at the Data. But when we dig a little deeper and break it down by number of channel views, the picture becomes even more clear. 

We’re talking 354% more growth for channels that start using TubeBuddy when they’re sub-1,000 views relative to channels that don’t, and 250% more growth for channels with between 1,000 and 10,000 views.

We’re going to back all of our findings up with data but, as a YouTube creator, you know a good hook is key… and research methodology does not make a good hook. 

But before you jump down to fact check us, let us say this.

TubeBuddy helps creators at every stage of their YouTube journey. It’s kind of our thing. 

Tubebuddy tools to help you grow your channel faster

How TubeBuddy Helps

At the earliest stages, we help YouTubers optimize their videos, titles, descriptions, thumbnails, tags and so on so that viewers click and the YouTube algorithm takes notice. Basically shortcutting years of trial and error by focusing in on what will make the most difference… and leading to those +354% and +250% growth numbers that we’re about to support.

As creators grow their channels and their YouTube chops, TubeBuddy continues to help creators with that all-important content optimization. But as they get serious about content calendaring, exploring new ideas within their niche, managing their community and keeping an eye on what competitors are up to, TubeBuddy grows into this role with them. Tools like Video Topic Planner, Card Templates, Default Upload Profiles, and many others become invaluable workflow helpers. 

When creators have turned their YouTube ambitions into a fully-fledged business, using the optimization and other tools that helped in the early days becomes routine. But workflow optimization tools like Scheduled Go Live, Scheduled Video Update — and especially bulk processing tools like Bulk Cards Editor, Bulk Endscreen Editor, Bulk Find and Replace — really come into their own. These and other TubeBuddy tools save creators countless hours of drudge work.

But for channel growth, and going by the numbers, TubeBuddy helps early-stage YouTube creators the most.

Grow on YouTube – Channels with <1,000 views

grow faster on YouTube for a channel with less than 1k views

Creators that start using TubeBuddy when they’re below the 1,000 views mark for their content saw an extra 354% growth by using TubeBuddy’s suite of tools compared with creators that didn’t.

It’s not that YouTube creators below 1,000 views can’t grow on their own. They certainly can. In our sample set of 59,366 creators over three months (May 1 – July 31, 2023), creators in the sub-1,000 views bucket that didn’t use TubeBuddy grew their views an impressive 837.83%.

It’s just that creators that used TubeBuddy grew views 1,191.27%. An extra 354% growth. In other words, by using TubeBuddy, creators in our sample grew their channels one-third more (34.83%) just by using TubeBuddy. 

For every 1,000 views the control group received, the TubeBuddy group got 1,348.

Grow on YouTube – Channels with <10,000 views

grow faster on YouTube for a channel with less than 10k views

From our sample set, creators, channels with more than 1,000 but fewer than 10,000 views also saw even greater results: Non-TubeBuddy users saw 204.37% growth over the three month period. That’s fantastic and demonstrates that by doing the work as a YouTube creator, new channels will see results. 

It’s just that active TubeBuddy users saw 453.80% growth. In other words, active TubeBuddy users in the 1,000 – 10,000 bucket grew their views by three quarters (75.80%) more than their non-TubeBuddy using counterparts.

For every 1,000 views the control group received, the TubeBuddy group got 1,758.

Grow on YouTube – Channels with >10,000 views

grow faster on YouTube for a channel with more than 10k views

For creators that discovered TubeBuddy a little later in their creator journey, the difference in views growth between active and inactive users is less stark but still significant. For channels with more than 10,000 views, active TubeBuddy users saw 49.97% growth compared with 37.59% for non-active users. TubeBuddy users saw +12.38% growth which, calculating the percentage difference, these two numbers, translates to nearly a third (28.28%) more growth for TubeBuddy users 

That makes sense; to grow on YouTube, creators need to put in the work. They need to learn, try stuff, and learn some more. The data shows that both active and non-active TubeBuddy users see incredible growth in the early stages of their journey (with active TubeBuddy users seeing more explosive growth). But that explosive growth has a way of normalizing. 

Creators that find TubeBuddy later in their journey have figured out some of the things that TubeBuddy helps early-stage creators uncover. 

And while we’re no fans of wondering “what if,” we have to wonder how different those >10K views creators journeys would have been if they’d found TubeBuddy earlier and could capitalize on that early-stage growth vector.

Use TubeBuddy More to Grow More

Tubebuddy impact by the numbers

The previous data is pretty clear but as mom always says “correlation is not causation.” 

Looking more broadly, we see a significant difference in overall results based on how many times a creator used TubeBuddy tools over the three month period.

When we say “use,” “used,” or “uses,” we mean getting a suggestion from TubeBuddy and implementing it. So using Title Generator to come up with a better title based on provided keywords, then implementing that title in a video would equal one use. 

For channels that used TubeBuddy tools five times or fewer, we see 14.35% growth relative to non-users.

Using TubeBuddy tools more than five but fewer than 10 times, we see 19.91% growth for relative to non-users.

Using TubeBuddy tools more than 10 but fewer than 20 times, we see 29.56% growth relative to non-users. We took a deep dive that considers creators with 20 or more uses vs. those with 0 uses in this blog post: Is TubeBuddy Worth it? Let’s Look at the Data

Use TubeBuddy, Grow Faster

All in all, we see a pretty clear picture: all else being equal, using TubeBuddy equates to faster growth. The early stages of the journey are where creators will see the most impressive results.

TubeBuddy is more than just a collection of tools for creators. It’s a growth partner for YouTube creators. And creators who use TubeBuddy get better results, faster.


We looked at the anonymized results for creators that joined TubeBuddy between May 1 and July 31 2023 and who posted at least five videos to YouTube in that period. Our total sample size was 59,366 active creators.

All creators in our sample were active, and as the data shows, all creators saw growth. The findings shared in this blog post are based on the difference in growth between the active and non-active TubeBuddy users, as outlined above. 

This blog post is backed by data and insights reflecting the performance of channels using TubeBuddy. All growth percentages are derived from internal analytics and represent the average increase in views and subscribers for the specified creator segments.

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