How To Reach 1,000 YouTube Subscribers With Live Streaming

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November 19, 2020
How To Reach 1,000 YouTube Subscribers With Live Streaming

Getting 1,000 YouTube subscribers is one of the first major milestones you should celebrate as a content creator. It isn’t always easy to reach that number but live streaming can help!

How To Get Subscribers on YouTube

Rob Balasabas, our former Partnership Manager, here at TubeBuddy, reached a thousand subscribers after 18 months but was then able to double that number in just three months! The secret to getting those numbers? Several content and technical ”tests.”

After trying out a few things, figuring out and focusing more on his niche helped him gain more views and essentially attract more subscribers on his personal YouTube page. He also started doing more live streams to connect with his community. That, and creating tutorials and videos that answer people’s questions helped him to go from 0 to 1,000 on his channel!

But how did he reach this milestone? He shared some awesome tips below.

From 0 YouTube Subscribers to 1,000!

To reach a thousand subscribers on his personal channel, Rob went through a lot of hurdles. He experimented on several content types and editing styles to find out which ones attracted more views and subs.

Testing these things helps creators learn what their audiences prefer more. It’s important to understand what viewers want to be answered for your videos to organically gain attention.

Some videos may not gain momentum in the first few hours of uploading but they will catch their intended viewers’ attention soon.

Tip #1 Think of Longevity for Your Videos

Longevity and shelf-life of videos on YouTube are powerful, as long as you answer your viewers’ questions. One video may not do as well now but if it’s peppered with keywords that viewers want to know more about, then it will naturally gain more attention.
Then those people who gained insight from that one video will seek out more answers from your other videos.

And once they see you as a reliable channel, then 1,000 YouTube subscribers will come naturally.

After creating different kinds of videos, Rob realized that tutorials gain much more attention on his YouTube channel. Evergreen content will help your videos accumulate views organically.

Tip #2 Organic Sharing with Live Streaming

Live streaming became an effective lead magnet for Rob’s channel. People watch the live stream then, eventually discover the other videos on his channel.

Most notably, interviewing guests in the live stream is an easy way to draw in new eyeballs to the channel. Collaborations benefit both the host and interviewee by exposing their followers to new ideas in each other’s channels.

To start live streaming on YouTube, you need to activate the feature on your desktop. After 24 hours of activation, you can start meeting your audience live on your channel.

Are you just starting your YouTube journey? Consider doing live streams to build your branding as well as engage with your community on the platform.