YouTube AI Tools from TubeBuddy Help Creators Grow Faster (with data)

Andrew Moore-Crispin
January 23, 2024
YouTube AI tools for growth

We know that YouTube AI tools can help us create better content and grow faster on YouTube. 

Every corner of society is feeling the influence of AI innovations, and the creator space is no exception. In fact, content creation is where some of the most interesting AI tool advancements are happening.

TubeBuddy, which has the benefit of BENlabs decade of experience in AI, is at the frontline, creating AI tools that help content creators do more and grow more on YouTube.

YouTube AI tools Tubebuddy AI tools

Suggested Shorts, Title Generator, and Thumbnail Analyzer are three examples and there’s much more in the works. These YouTube AI tools are available to all users with a TubeBuddy Pro or Legend license and simplify creating optimized content that gets discovered.

We’ve looked at how using TubeBuddy positively impacts channel performance and growth. We’ve broken it down to look at how using TubeBuddy impacts channels at different growth stages

Now, let’s look at how our top three YouTube AI tools help channels grow.

title generator tubebuddy ai tool

License holders who use Title Generator:

1. See their average views increase by 84.03%. 

2. Note their average Likes increase by 36.97%. 

3. Confirm their average comments grow by 24.58% 

Thumbnail analyzer AI tool

License holders who use Thumbnail Analyzer:

1. See their average views increase by 71.22%.  

2. Note their average Likes increase by 83.75%.. 

3. Confirm their average comments grow by 23.98% 

suggested shorts AI tool

License holders who use Suggested Shorts:

1. 1. See their average views increase by 16.25%.  

2. Note their average Likes increase by 6.88%. 

3. Confirm their average comments grow by 32.77% 

TubeBuddy AI Tools for Growth

While creating content is an art, growing on YouTube is a numbers game. Creators that use TubeBuddy’s YouTube AI tools consistently see more growth. 

For more information on results and the methodology our data analytics team uses to determine the average increase in engagement, take a look at our ‘Is TubeBuddy Worth It?” post for a deeper dive into YouTube view and subscriber growth.

Need more data? Read ‘By the Numbers: TubeBuddy Helps Creators Grow Faster on YouTube‘, where we confirm that channels that start using TubeBuddy when they have fewer than 1,000 YouTube views see an average of 354% growth in views. Channels that average between 1,000 and 10,000 YouTube views see 250% growth by using TubeBuddy.

The sooner a content creator signs up to use TubeBuddy (Chrome extension), the quicker they become comfortable with using our over 70 AI and other YouTube content tools, the higher their growth relative to non-TubeBuddy users. 

YouTube AI Tools for Efficiency

TubeBuddy tools help with everything from managing a channel to optimizing YouTube videos for discovery and the YouTube algorithm, to diving into and getting context on YouTube analytics, managing comments, A/B testing, bulk editing, and much more. 

Our featured AI tools offer practical help in real-time to help squeeze the most out of the content creators share on YouTube.

robots representing tubebuddy AI tools

Want to break down an existing video into YouTube Shorts content that is going to resonate with your target audience? Suggested Shorts makes it easy to build a Shorts strategy that complements and learns from your long-form content strategy.

Want to confidently create the best title for your video, one that’s going to attract the optimal click-through rate? AI YouTube Title Generator makes it easy to create killer titles that rank in search and boost your CTR.

Thumbnails are key to grabbing attention on YouTube, Our YouTube Thumbnail Analyzer is a powerful deep learning AI tool that helps creators compare YouTube thumbnails to find the best one for your video… before they even publish.

As a creator, creating content that viewers love is your job. Our job is to make the AI and other YouTube tools that make your job easier and that help your content get discovered.

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