The Best Wireless Lavalier Mics for Video and Podcast Creators (2024)

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Derek Malcolm
May 16, 2024
best wireless mic and cavalier

A stick mic is great if you’re going for the rock star or badass-standup-comic look. But for most creators, the best wireless lavalier mics are a better choice. 

If your content is such that it requires your hands to be free, your hosts or guests to roam, or that you can fit your mic kit in your pocket or backpack, then a wireless lavalier is the only way to fly.

Lavalier, you say? That’s a funny word. What is it and what does it mean? Well, the word lavalier takes its origins from around the 1900s. It was used to describe a small piece of jewelry or a pendant that was often worn around the neck. The lavalier (or lav) microphone dates back to the 1930s when professionals such as telephone operators and air traffic controllers began suspending their mics around their necks to free up their hands while speaking.  

Nowadays, lav mics are tiny, portable, and inconspicuous with the ability to be clipped to lapels (“lapel mic” is another name for them), hidden under a shirt collar, or even nestled up in your hair. They come in all kinds of configurations. From those wired directly to recording devices, transmitters, cameras, and even our smartphones, to those that are completely wireless all-in-one systems that have batteries that last for hours. 

Lavs Are (usually) the Best Wireless Mics for Creators

Lavalier mics are a game-changer for video creators, podcasters, and roaming journalists alike. They can be clipped just about anywhere. ASMR creators also love them because they’re small and can get into many up-close positions (check out the amazing OCchiropractor’s use of lavs). The latest wireless lav mics have all kinds of great tech, including noise cancellation, companion apps, and more.

Here, then, are some of our favorite lavalier mics. We consider each a wireless mic best buy (except the one wired one… that’s a wired mic best buy. The point stands).

DJI Mic 2


The best wireless lavalier mic kit for pros


  • ✅32-bit float internal recording
  • ✅Noise canceling
  • ✅820-foot range
  • ✅Strong magnets
  • ✅8GB of storage in each mic
  • ✅24 total hours of battery


  • 🚫Expensive
  • 🚫Charging case is a bit big
DJI Mic 2 best wireless mic for pros

DJI doesn’t just make some of the best video drones for creators. It also knows what’s up when it comes to mics (and gimbals, but that’s a topic for another day). The DJI Mic 2 is a wireless mic best buy and our top pick for the best wireless lavalier mic. 

The DJI Mic 2 is an improved iteration of its excellent (and very successful) original model. It offers a solid solution for content creators looking for a portable, high-fidelity wireless lavalier mic system.

DJI Mic 2 Additional Features

This refined second-gen boasts several key improvements, the most notable being its 32-bit float internal recording. This tech allows the DJI Mic 2 to, as DJI puts it, “adapt better to complex sound environments,” meaning that it can capture a wider dynamic range — everything from quieter ASMR soundscapes to erratic, loud volume changes. This new feature helps to reduce clipping and distortion (maybe you got too excited and screamed) giving you greater flexibility during post-production. 

“Intelligent” noise cancellation also does a great job at suppressing unwanted background noise. This ensures clear and intelligible vocals and dialog even in noisy environments. And the DJI Mic 2, like its predecessor, can record in mono and stereo.

DJI Mic 2 best wireless mic option for pros

DJI Mic 2 Redesign

The redesigned charging case (4.5 x 1.6 x 2.3 inches, 7 ounces) is slightly bulky but still very portable. It holds everything you need, including two transmitters and one receiver. A unique feature; each mic has 8GB of internal storage for direct recording, which is a handy failsafe. Included Lightning and USB-C adapters mean seamless integration with iPhones and other smartphones. And the built-in hot shoe mount enables direct connection to DSLR cameras for professional video recording applications. 

The redesigned receiver features a larger touchscreen display for intuitive control and monitoring as well as a physical control wheel for adjustments on the fly. The transmitters (mics) can either clip on to clothes and lapels, or their strong magnets mean that you can basically attach them anywhere you need them. The transmitters and the receiver each have six hours of battery life as well as an additional 18 hours in the charging case.  

Additionally, there are tons of accessories from DJI (extra charging cases, adapters for Sony cameras, for example), and you can even connect a wired lav mic to one of the transmitters if you find the Mic 2 wireless lavalier mics a bit conspicuous.

JBL Quantum Stream Wireless


Best affordable wireless lav mic for iOS or Android devices


  • ✅Super-compact case
  • ✅Affordable
  • ✅Excellent sound
  • ✅6-hour battery life (24 with case)
  • ✅Noise cancelation
  • ✅Great companion app


  • 🚫Only one mic
  • 🚫Range could be better
JBL Quantum Stream Wireless

If a single-mic wireless lavalier setup that works with your iOS or Android device is what you’re after, and you don’t want to spend a fortune, then it’s hard to beat the JBL Quantum Stream Wireless. Not only does it come from one of the most trusted names in audio with JBL, but for under $100, it’s another wireless mic best buy and you can’t really go wrong.

One of the most compact wireless lav mics we’ve seen, the single flip-top case is comparable to most wireless earbud cases making it super pocketable. Flip it open and inside you’ll find the single, tiny clip-on mic that measures roughly 1.8 x 0.8 inches (LxW) and a half an inch thick, and it’s equally tiny transmitter that has either a Lightning connector for iOS devices or a USB-C connector. It also comes with a furry windscreen (a “dead cat” in industry parlance) that you attach to the mic to minimize wind noise on outdoor shoots. 

JBL Quantum Stream Wireless Additional Features

Connecting the Quantum Stream to your device is easy with the dongle. Not only does it make the mic compatible with any of your device’s the best smartphone video recording apps, but pairing with the JBL Headphones app gives you control over mic gain, the brightness of the mic’s LED, the Quantum Stream’s excellent environmental cancelation (ENC), and three different EQ presets (Bright, Powerful, and Natural). 

Recordings on the JBL Quantum Stream Wireless sound clear and balanced, and can be done in either 16-bit/48kHz with ENC off and 16-bit/16 kHz with it on. The Quantum Stream’s 328-foot (100 meter) range should be more than sufficient, though range is a strike against, relative to our top pick.

Lastly, the Quantum Stream features a 6-hour battery (24 including the charging case) and has a quick-charge feature that nets one hour of recording time after just a 15-minute charge. The only real con here is that this is a single mic, not a pair.

Rode SmartLav+


Best bare-bones wired lav mic for smartphones


  • ✅Budget friendly
  • ✅Simple to use
  • ✅Broadcast-quality recording
  • ✅Small and discreet 


  • 🚫Cable is short
  • 🚫Needs adapter kit for use with DSLRs
Rode SmartLav+

We know that this list is technically called the “best wireless lavalier mics,” but hear us out: the Rode SmartLav+ may not be wireless but it is affordable and it consistently tops best lav mic lists for good reason. It’s a workhorse… oh, and it’s $79. 

First off, the SmartLav+ is a cinch to setup with any smartphone, mobile device. Just connect the 3.5mm TRRS connector (with appropriate adapter, if necessary) and launch your preferred audio recording app – Rode’s own Rode Reporter is excellent, too, offering a waveform display, level meter, and recording format options. With an options connector kit, you can even use it with your DSLR camera.

Don’t be fooled by its miniscule size, which is perfect if you want your subjects to be heard but their microphones not seen. The SmartLav+ is an omnidirectional condenser capsule microphone that can record broadcast-quality audio. Omnidirectional means that it captures clear, natural sound from all directions, and its included pop filter minimizes unwanted plosives (in case you’re particularly heavy on the “p’s” and “b’s”).

Rode SmartLav+ Additional Features

The SmartLav+ is a true pocket powerhouse. It draws power from your smartphone, eliminating the need for batteries. While the 4-foot (1.2 meter) cable might limit movement for some users, others appreciate its simplicity. Also, if you want more length you can always add an extension cable accessory, and if you want to make it wireless you can connect it to a transmitter-based system, too. 

Ideal for those seeking a simple solution, the Rode SmartLav+ is a budget-friendly favorite for mobile content creators. Its straightforward design and excellent audio quality make it a top contender among smartphone lavalier microphones.

Hollyland Lark M2


The best mid-range wireless lav mic kit


  • ✅Great value for price
  • ✅Kit has everything you need
  • ✅10-hour battery
  • ✅Works with smartphones, cameras, and PCs
  • ✅Comes with two mics
  • ✅Noise cancellation


  • 🚫Case is a little cumbersome
  • 🚫No 32-bit floating
  • 🚫No internal recording
Hollyland Lark M2 is best mid-range wireless mic

If you’re not ready to drop the extra cheddar for one of the more top-tier wireless lav kits like the DJI, the Hollyland Lark M2 portable wireless microphone kit is a great bet. We liked it so much that we’ve also included it in our list of the best mics for podcasters

The versatile Lark M2 system features two button-sized clip-on devices equipped with high-quality omnidirectional mics, that capture pristine 24-bit/48kHz audio from up to 1,000-feet away. Whether you’re recording a podcast interview on a train, are rolling around on the yoga mat for your followers, or capturing a live performance at a conference, the Lark M2 delivers great results and won’t kill your bank account.

Hollyland Lark M2 Additional Features

Flexibility is paramount with the Lark M2. The included kit features three interchangeable transmitters – a Lightning connector for older iPhones, a USB-C connector for newer iPhones and Android devices, and a standard connector for cameras and computers. This allows seamless integration with your preferred recording device.

Additionally, the LarkSound app provides precision control over your recordings, including gain adjustment and environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology to eliminate unwanted background noise.

With a single charge, each microphone boasts up to 10 hours of recording time, further extended to 40 hours with the included charging case. This ensures you’re always prepared to capture audio gold.

The Hollyland Lark M2 caters to content creators of all shapes and sizes, from podcasters and vloggers to filmmakers and mobile journalists. Its pocketable size, solid audio quality, and $180 price tag make our mid-range wireless mic best buy.

The Best Wireless Lavalier Mics

As you’ve probably learned by now, there’s an ideal tool for everything when it comes to creating the best content you can for your audience. We’ve covered everything from cameras and lights to tripods,  lip sync tools, and, yes, podcasting microphones. The podcasting mics we covered are excellent but they’re designed for the studio. The best wireless lavalier mics are designed for the field and are the best choice for on-the-go creators who need to be untethered to do their thing. 

Wireless lavalier mics are just the right tool. They’re hands-free, discreet, offer excellent wireless range and long-lasting batteries. All while delivering sound quality that can rival that of stationary or stick mics. 

You might even find that once you go lavalier you never go… posterior? 

I’ll see myself out.

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