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Chapter Editor

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Create and edit video chapters without switching between the video and description box. Attract and retain more viewers by making your videos easily searchable.

create video chapters faster for a better viewing experience

Imagine a world where your audience can effortlessly navigate your YouTube videos, finding exactly what they need when they need it. That's the power of well-placed video chapters.

With the Chapter Editor, you can easily add chapters by reviewing your video, choosing your desired timestamps, and giving it a relevant name. The result? An organized, viewer-friendly video that invites your audience to explore every segment with ease.

See your viewers' engagement and satisfaction soar with well-organized videos that keep viewers engaged and eager for more.

create video chapters efficiently with the Chapter Editor

here's how Chapter Editor works

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how to edit video chapters on YouTube

  • Step 1: Under the video description field on the video detail page, click "Add Chapters."
  • Step 2: Play your video until the desired time frame and click the small play button underneath it to create a chapter.
  • Step 3: Name the chapter and alter the time frame if needed.
  • Step 4: Once you have created at least three chapters, click "Add to Video" and save your video to publish the changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Chapter Editor?

We designed The Chapter Editor tool to make it easier for you to organize your videos into sections, known as "video chapters."

Normally, when you want to add chapters to a YouTube video, you have to manually input timestamps and titles in the video's description box. This can be time-consuming and a bit cumbersome. Alternatively, you can use automatic timestamps, but these can be lousy.

Chapter Editor streamlines the whole process, making it quicker and more intuitive. Just play the video inside your YouTube Studio, pause it at the point where you want to start a new chapter, give that chapter a name, and, if needed, adjust the timestamp. Then, save it and publish the changes.

What is a video chapter?

Video chapters are timestamps that break up a video into sections, each with an individual label (or title) that describes it, much like a book chapter. According to YouTube, "video chapters add info and context to each portion of the video and let you easily rewatch different parts of the video."

Why do I need to use video chapters in my YouTube videos?

Video chapters can significantly enhance the viewer's experience. By breaking your video into labeled sections, you make it much easier for viewers to navigate to the exact content they're interested in. This can lead to viewers spending more time with your video, as they can easily skip to parts they want to see or rewatch their favorite segments.

In a way, you're tailoring the viewing experience to each individual's needs and interests, making them more likely to engage with your video, share it, and return to your channel for more.

Can video chapters help me boost my rankings?

It can likely help, although it's not clear how much. YouTube video chapters can help you show up on the first page of Google as a "Video Featured Snippet," otherwise known as a "Suggested Clip." Unlike other video search results on Google, these snippets will lead searchers to a specific timestamp where the answer to the user’s search query appears.

Google has indicated that they are information from video chapters to return content in search results. However, it's unclear how much weight that plays in the algorithm and whether optimizing a video chapter can help you rank as a featured snippet.

Whatever the case, you should add video chapters to help your audience explore your content with ease rather than to boost your rankings (but if that happens, great!).

How many chapters can I create per video?

With Chapter Editor, you can create as many chapters as you want (although we wouldn't recommend it).

The only limit is that each video chapter must be at least 10 seconds long and have a title. That means you can only have up to 6 chapters per minute (which you wouldn't want in any case).

Can I change my video chapters if I change my mind?

Yes, of course! Once you have saved and added your chapters, you can alter them at any time and as many times as you want inside the tool.

What should I call my video chapters?

We recommend you approach writing your video chapters much like your video titles, in a descriptive, compelling way. Chapters could potentially help you improve the way YouTube understands your content, so use relevant keywords that explain what each section is about.

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