The Best AI Lip Sync and Dubbing Tools for Video Creators (2024)

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Derek Malcolm
May 2, 2024
Gear Review: best lip sync AI tools

If you’re a video creator or a business looking to maximize the reach of your videos beyond your own linguistic backyard, video dubbing or lip syncing is a frontier you can explore to deliver your videos to a greater audience, around the world and in multiple languages.

But gone are the days of manually translating video scripts, hiring voice actors, and painstakingly syncing voiceovers to your videos. Nowadays, AI lip syncing and AI dubbing software has come a long way, making it easier than ever to get your content to as many markets as possible. And while these tools are far from perfect, there’s AI lip sync and AI dubbing software available now that’s relatively inexpensive, can accurately analyze your video’s voice tracks, generate stunning AI voices, and can support dozens of languages.

But don’t waste your time trying out every lip sync video AI or AI dubbing tool out there. We’ve found some of the best tools so you can spend more time creating and less time messing around.

Rask AI

Plans ranging from $50/month to bigger plans for businesses

Best AI dubbing and lip sync app for translation 

Rask Lip sync ai


  • ✅Supports 135 languages
  • ✅Features voice cloning and AI-generated voices
  • ✅Auto-generated captions
  • ✅Can create shorts of your videos automatically
  • ✅Fully automatic and manual features


  • 🚫On the pricey side
  • 🚫Cloned voice isn’t the best
  • 🚫No free tier

Time and time again, our research led us to Rask AI. It’s the current darling of the video dubbing, lip sync, and AI translation world. First of all, Rask AI boasts some of the widest language support of any of the AI translation tools for video creators, with 135 available languages. The tool makes it easy for you to create versions of your videos for just about any market with the press of a button. OK, a few buttons… still. 

For the voice itself, you have a couple of options — you can select one of the program’s library of AI-generated voices, or you can have the software clone the voice in your video to keep things consistent. This is a feature not found in many other AI sync and translation tools. Choosing this option cuts your available translation languages down to about 30 though.

Rask Features

Additionally, Rask can not only accurately lip sync translated voice tracks to your video’s speakers, but it can do it with multiple speakers in your videos, each with different voices. Somehow, it’s still easy to use for beginners, which is why we’re calling it the best option, even though it’s relatively costly.

Long-form content creators and brands will appreciate that Rask allows uploads of up to five hours, making it perfect for those looking to add overdubs and captions to docs or even movies.. 

Rask AI is also friendly to various upload methods, including Google Drive and YouTube URLs, making the process as simple as it can be. And the software can also transcribe speech to text, useful for podcast show notes or a more accurate transcription. 

Rask is also teasing a new video generation tool, too, which it suggests will create complete videos from just text prompts.


Free tier, Plans starting at $13/month

A robust online AI video-dubbing tool


  • ✅Online collaboration feature
  • ✅Supports more than 60 languages
  • ✅Fine-tune editing 
  • ✅Easy to use


  • 🚫No voice cloning
  • 🚫Some AI voices sound robotic

So, you’ve got a library of video content in your home language that’s just begging to be capitalized on with a global audience. It doesn’t get much easier than Dubverse AI and it could be just the tool you need. With a simple user interface that’s all online, Dubverse lets you quickly dub your videos into more than 60 languages, opening up that worldwide audience.

Dubverse is a little more bare bones and doesn’t offer a voice cloning option like our top pick Rask. However, it does boast a library of 450-plus AI voices to choose from, including a range of genders, styles, dialects, and tones, which we’d call “close enough.” Dubverse also features automatic subtitle generation.

Dubverse Features

At the time of writing, you can’t upload to Dubverse from Google Drive, but you can drop in a link from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or Vimeo. And if you want to take things a step further, Dubverse even offers collaboration tools so you can work with your team seamlessly on the project in an online interface.

While upload lengths might be a bit limited, and the lip sync isn’t perfect (few of them are), Dubverse does have the ability to pull off multi-speaker lip sync as well as fine-tune editing of minute parts of the video to get the dialog matched up to the video as close as it can be.


Free tier, plans starting at $5/month

Best all-round suite with the most realistic AI voices

AI lip sync elevenlabs


  • ✅Offers full suite of voice and dubbing tools
  • ✅Most realistic-sounding AI voices
  • ✅Excellent voice cloning
  • ✅Subtitle and caption generation
  • ✅Highly tweakable


  • 🚫No AI lip sync
  • 🚫Only 29 languages of translation

If you’ve seen a video on social media anytime in the last two years or so with a mildly-annoying male AI voice, that’s Adam and, love him or hate him, you can thank software company ElevenLabs for him. ElevenLabs offers a suite of voice AI software tools that have risen to stardom along with Adam. ElevenLabs helps creators generate some of the most realistic sounding AI voices around.

Not just a pretty voice, though, ElevenLabs offers a diverse suite of tools for creators, including text-to-speech and speech-to-speech voice creation that let you type and/or record what you want your voiceover to say. The AI generates it in hundreds of amazingly lifelike voices that are rich in nuance, emotion, and natural intonation.

ElevenLabs Features

If using the speech-to-speech voice cloning tool, all the nuances of your performance can be kept intact, but you can also then customize for context, choose from 50-plus accents, change emotions, and more, choosing from “1000s of premium AI voices.” And, of course, you can have it all translated in up to 29 languages.

And that’s just the voice capabilities of ElevenLabs. Of course you can use any of the voice tracks generated by the software to add to your videos or podcasts as you see fit, but ElevenLabs also includes AI dubbing and video translation in its suite that allows you to upload videos or paste in YouTube video links for instant translation and dubbing in those 29 languages. Then, you can use ElevenLabs’ Dubbing Studio editing tool to fine-tune the transcript, translation, timing and more. 

Sadly, though, ElevenLabs does not yet have an automated AI sync tool like Rask AI, but it’s also cheaper, offering a limited free tier as well as feature-rich plans starting at $5 per month all the way up to $330 per month for its Scale plan, best suited to big publishers and companies. 



Best stupid-fun AI dubbing app for smartphones

Best stupid-fun AI lip sync and dubbing app for smartphones


  • ✅Dead simple to use
  • ✅Has a large community
  • ✅Large library of existing clips


  • 🚫Less for creators, more for fun
  • 🚫Editing tools could be better

Not that we need to add to the seemingly endless sea of sometimes ridiculous video clips already on TikTok, Reels, X (formerly Twitter), and other social media platforms… but sometimes, you just have to make Yoda or a screaming gopher say whatever inane thing that’s just popped into your skull. 

MadLipz Features

Enter MadLipz, a free app for iOS and Android that lets you upload a video, or pick from/search its huge library of existing TikTok-style videos, hit “Dub” and record your own audio to the clip. Once recorded, there’s all kinds of fun effects you can add to the voice (chipmunk, monster, giant, megaphone, robot, genders, and more), you can trim the track, move it around, and translate it into dozens of languages for maximum coverage around the world. 

Before uploading, you can even add music, type in subtitles, and add a description for sharing to the community or your friends. Is it for serious creators? Well, that depends on how serious you are about creating memes and making people laugh. One thing we know for sure about MadLipz is that Yoda will never be safe again.     

The Best Lip Sync AI Tools

When it comes to AI sync, translation, and dubbing apps and tools for video creators, it’s still very much a growth category with quite a way to go. But for creators looking to get the most out of the videos they put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating, it’s good to know that there are now better tools than ever to get them out to audiences around the world. 

Thanks to the help of AI and machine learning, these AI tools make it possible to translate, generate, dub, and sync entirely new voice tracks for videos faster and easier than ever, and at a fraction of the cost… and they’re only getting better and more accurate as time goes on.

And if you’re looking for a top-quality video recording apps before you get around to lip-syncing and dubbing, we’ve got you covered.

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