7 Tips for Growing Your Affiliate Sales Through Social Media

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September 14, 2020

TubeBuddy’s Affiliate program can be a great way to make some extra money as a creator. Some of our top TubeBuddy partners make over $5,000 per month in affiliate sales! We wanted to lay out some of the strategies that they use and how you can use them in your community. 

Having a good social media strategy is crucial when it comes to excelling as a TubeBuddy Affiliate. These tips will help you strengthen your online presence and expand your overall reach. Growing an engaged online community takes hard work and dedication but we know you are up for the challenge!

#1 Choose Your Most Engaged Platform

YouTube is a great place to talk about TubeBuddy. But that does not mean it is the only platform you should be focusing on. Choose your most engaged platform and focus the majority of your efforts there. You can always cross-promote across multiple platforms but it is always smart to focus your energy where you will have the most impact on potential affiliate sales.

#2 Identify Your Target Audience

It is very important to know who you are speaking to so that you can better connect with your target market. For example, if you are trying to reach beginner YouTube creators, you need to communicate in a way that is not overly technical and easy to understand.

#3 Don’t Just Sell – Tell a Story

Our top affiliates have found that the best way to promote TubeBuddy is by sharing how the tools have impacted their channel and workflow. Tell your audience about how TubeBuddy has impacted you personally and why you use it. This is your chance to connect with your audience on a personal level. Show them that you understand the pain points of creators and have a solution.

#4 Increasing Your Affiliate Sales: Engage Your Followers

Respond and engage with your followers to show that you appreciate them and are invested in your community. Everyone loves a team player and if you are not making an effort to respond to comments and direct messages, you are losing out on chances to make connections and expand your reach. Another great way to increase your engagement is by asking a question in your post so that others are prompted to comment and interact with you. Ultimately, it’s all about building relationships and trust that will lead to more affiliate sales.

#5 Always Include a Call to Action

Don’t forget to tell people what you want them to do with your content or your affiliate link. For example, you can say, “ Click here to download TubeBuddy” or “Download TubeBuddy by using this link”. People are cautious about clicking on random links so it’s important to clearly label what they are clicking on.

Another example is to ask your audience to like, comment, or tag a friend. These actions will help broaden your reach and grow your community. Be sure to do this in an authentic way and switch up your methods so that you do not sound salesy or repetitive.

#6 Define Your Value Proposition

Why do people follow you? If you haven’t asked yourself this question, it is time to start! In order to grow a loyal audience of engaged followers, brands and influencers must provide value. There are four main value categories – which one most resonates with you?

Educate: This type of content can range from how-to videos, articles, and useful tips that will answer the questions and pain points of your audience.

Inspire: Inspiring content captivates your audience. It is important to relate to your audience on a personal level and one way to do this is by sharing content that sparks joy, hope, or a sense of belonging.

Inform: Be the go-to resource for your audience. Share industry news and helpful information with your community. This type of information can quickly become outdated so it is very important to keep up with the trends and continue to share relevant information.

Entertain: Video and Infographics are typically the best way to succeed in providing the most captivating entertainment. Humor is often used as well since it is such a great way to connect with your audience and often leads to the content being shared with others.

Once you figure out what type of value you are currently providing or wish you were providing, it will be easier to set clear goals for your content and how you should communicate with your audience to achieve those goals.

#7 Create Top Quality Content

Now that you have pinpointed what kind of value you want to bring your audience, it is time to start producing high-quality content. Every social media platform is heavily saturated so you need to make sure that you are delivering content that stands out. Be sure to go over your captions, proofread everything, and always post high-quality images.
We hope these tips for affiliate sales are helpful and inspire you to create high-quality, engaging content that will maximize your influence and help you build an amazing online community. If you have any further questions, we would be happy to help! Just contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.